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Friday the 13th: The Game Parody 1

Friday the 13th: The Game Parody 1

I’ve got to get out of here, by which I mean search drawers in all of the cabins……. I should be safe now….. Empty Also empty empty as well Empty again ….*empty in devils talk* oh look Hairspray(spraying noises) Is anybody out there, please help us bring a gun I’m here to help You idiot we can’t kill each other anymore. oh well That’s no fun Seriously CHAD(aka momma’s boiii) how hard is it to pour gas into a car, I should be doing that anyway! I have a much higher intelligence There I think i did it right….. you THINK you did it right??? How can you not do it right? It would have helped if I had opened the gas cap…. Did you hear that Yes, It was like ch ch ch.. ha ha ha.
it was more like chill chill chill ah ah ah It was clearly… Cat cat cat meow meow meow . *talking over each other* Everyone gets it wrong, Hi kids I’m composer Harry Manfredini, and there’s actually Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma It’s meant to resemble Jason’s voice saying kill kill kill Mom Mom Mom not canon With movies (Jason like whatever) Is that a person no it’s a dog hi AJ I’m a dog woof woof, Give me a treat Oh my god are they dead. Are you gonna? Do this every time we find a dead body oh My god it started. I’ll give directions What are you doing I’m trying to find a good song just drive fine here we go Hello, please, please send help, I’m screaming very loudly even though Jason’s outside Nevermind. Stay back I have a cooking pot *Jason chuckling* Oh my god the exit What the hell is this cabin in the woods, I’m saved! I’m okay. I’m okay! Well Nevermind Don’t worry, I’ll save you shoot that Mama’s boy I knew I should have brought more than one round. Yeah, you should have

100 thoughts on “Friday the 13th: The Game Parody 1”

  1. Ha empty also empty empty aging ALSO EMPTY 5 MONTHS LATER

    EMPTY EVERY THING !!!😆😆😆😆😅😂🤣

  2. When has Jason not been able to teleport he carry’s all that stuff and is very stuff how else do you think he kills people 10x faster than him

  3. Pam: That Jason! Bad boy,Bad,You should be out making Mommy proud! Jason:Ouch Mom! I wership you!

  4. Jason Can teleport in part 8 Jason takes Manhattan (it's cannon) he teleports around the disco floor

  5. Tiffany-walks into a cabin and locks door
    Tiffany-I should be SaFe iN HeRe
    Tiffany-Hmm empty
    Tiffany-Empty again
    Tiffany-Empty Again
    Tiffany-Empty As Well

  6. Does the even still play on ps4 I wanna learn how to play I've had it since release and it was so bad I haven't played since. Is it any better or should I not even reinstall?

  7. Share Gif:

  8. Everyone: it shall be known that from now on,ki ki ki ma ma ma shall now be known as CAT CAT CAT MEOW MEOW MEOW

    It was Betsy Palmer saying kill her mommy. They just took the "ki" and "ma" from it Abe made it sound creepy

  10. I knew I should have brought more than one round
    yes you should have
    *Jason nods*

    me: nope nope nope nope
    *sillysnowman5 left the game*
    other players: we win!

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