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Frog traps and grill, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 64

Frog traps and grill, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 64

The little sunbeams of the day The stream water level is lowered so much This position is suitable to set the traps up The Amphibians always live in wet place Water is almost no longer in here A few squirrels are playing together but it is higher than crossbow’s ability An earthworm It is a good sign The trap maybe deep enough for the prey not to escape They will jump into the trap for a belief that in a rocky landslide area there will be a lot of food (earthworms) A strange fruit There are many bite and scratch marks Perhaps some animals had come and eaten this fruits’ seeds There are totally larva of flies inside Good taste! A white bone These bones are homogeneous in color even inside the bones It is certain that next time it will not rain much

98 thoughts on “Frog traps and grill, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 64”

  1. Woah my favorite exotic food.but i use to remove the skin,head and its internal organ first,b4 cooking it w/ coconut cream and spices.loveit! More videos to upload man…God bless!

  2. 😋 Sp yg nnton smbil garukin bujur,, narik2in bulunya.. Gasruk gasruk! Sampe leceeettt..
    Trus lus elus pler, klenyet klenyet nikmatt coyy!

    Di bujur dpt bulu, di pler dpt daki..
    ,,ambus ambus Mmmmm smell is goooddd.. Like chocolatozzz

    Jilat sitiiikk,, NyooossSs !!
    Mantap anjirr.. Lgsung ngegrigidig!

    Ini adlh candu terkuat dimuka bumi mlebihi narkoba dan ikeh2! 😝

  3. Ya esta mucho tiempo el joven parese questuviera cunpliedo una sentencia se lugar aprincipio era una maravilla pero ahora nolo veo asi meda pena veo quese sacirfica mucho

  4. Boy o my boy
    With your skil impossible to die.Whats his race..most of his skills I used to do during my younger years.
    Wondering why he has the habit of looking up from time to time.
    My late father thought me to look at the sun to tell the time maybe he does with similar purpose.The breaking of the frogs legs is done to make sure they cant escape yet can stay alive for long.

  5. If this guy will drink beer now he will pass out after the 2nd beer can. Majority hard working people will only understand

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  7. Sejak melihat ni saya lansung x ada dengar suara org nya, bangsa apakah org ini dan asal negara manakah dia ya????????

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