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Hi folks hows it going welcome to another food fear with my virgin kitchen and today it’s frogs legs now I don’t mind frogs legs I don’t really have a fear of them it’s more of a visual thing I can taste it and enjoy it but it’s more like the waist and leggy thing so we’re gonna get over that ok. so I
managed to get hold of 100 frozen frogs legs from my local Chinese supermarkets the same one that got me the durian fruit in fact let them thaw out and cooked them up in some butter with a bit of parsley I did that just to give a teeny bit of flavour don’t want it too bland but just enough so that I would eat it and my friends would ok it kinda
freaked me out at one point when it was cooking because the legs were moving not cool called I Phoebe to have a go but she wasn’t keen luckily she doesn’t know who kermit the frog is what are you holding? frogs legs are you excited to try one?…. no….. why? I don’t like the look of them they smell like nice stuff don’t they well they smell like roasted chicken so if it smells like chicken why don’t you want to try one? I dont like the look of them alright mate I can’t convince you this time can I? No maybe next time? yeah but my friends and I
tried and we were pretty chuffed with the taste it’s a little bit rubbery like a cheap chicken breast from a cheap pub i’ll eat it protein good times smells like chicken tastes like chicken it’s no nandos tastes like chewy chicken looks even worse now now that i’ve eaten it tap dancing like a trooper slightly fishy it’s like a fishy chicken yeah it’s like a texture of chicken with a fishy tang hmmm got any more?! frogs legs hmm fishy chicken it’s nice there’s no reason why anyone should go hungry go down your local pond have a frog that’s the bit I don’t like gooooaaal looks like alien when you’ve eaten them they get a bit tap dancy crazy legs if you can get over the way it looks that’s the main fear it tastes good but let’s see what my family think there you go…. dinner is served what you thinking? smell like chicken …… smells like fishy chicken what does it taste like? nothing would you eat it again? if it wasn’t like this if it wasn’t like an actual frog because that’s the worst bit that bit tasted gross the first bit was really nice but that bit urghhh thankyou refusing to do it why? because I don’t like the idea of it and I think i’d throw up that’s the fear though the taste is great I don’t care it’s the thought of it …. then my Mum gave it a try and she freaks out when she’s eating vegetables and stuff so it was really good of her to have a go too ooooh there you go come on take a bite it’s chewy!!….. it’s chewy bland chicken tastes alright though? not as bad as you thought? no it’s just the look of it got a picture in my mind of this green kermit just reminds me of a frog! I can’t have anymore yeah? looks like it’s gonna walk off in a minute it’s cheaper than chicken… not surprised it’s catching them though isn’t it ooh what’s that green bit?
I just felt bad when she sent me a
text message afterwards saying she had a nightmare about a frog whoops on the whole frogs legs for me are in no way shape or form a food fear and I cooked them really bland so i’m excited to use them in future recipes remember if you’ve got a food fear for me, my friends or family to try let me know and perhaps I’ll give it a
go if not i’ll see you again next time cheers for watching look it’s the beach I live by the beach there’s Wales over their and stuff….right i’m going home so my food fear question for you is definately frogs legs related have you ever eaten an awesome frogs legs recipe I cooked them up pretty bland and I know you can do like garlic and stuff in some countries you eat it raw I know there
are some countries that do that you crazy crazy people but if you’ve ever eaten a really cool frogs legs recipe and you want me to try it send it over and i’ll check it out or I could always grab one of these seagulls in the background crazy and annoying things flying past and stuff…. hate seagulls cheers for watching see you again


  1. I've been slightly addicted to your videos now. You sir earned yourself another subscriber.

    P.s I love your guys accents

  2. This makes me giggle, because I've eaten my share of fresh frog legs.  When I was a little girl, our neighbor used to gig frogs.  He'd bring us a batch regularly.  Loved them! My sons have never had frog legs.  They'd probably react like your kids (or your mum).

  3. am i the only one thinking that i'd rather taste the guy in the blue shirt rather than those frogs legs? 😛

    not that i'm against frogs legs mind you.

  4. Lol yer mom is hilarious 10 points for the little girl too LOL i dont like how it looks either…. But id so eat some.

  5. Hi barry, It is you that really need to go to China to explore what is called eat everything…..! Hope you can make that journey someday.

  6. Cant say I'd eat them as they are, now if the meat was separated from the bones then id absolutely try them, maybe with a bit of BBQ dip, props to your mum for trying them!

  7. I don't get it. What is the visual difference between frogs legs and a whole chicken?
    I specially like the light transparent look of the raw meat, it's perhaps this clear/pure appearance which makes me believe that is the best meat ever.

  8. Alot of my friends freek when me and my dad cook aligator its realy good i live in the back wooks of texas so frog legs aligator and deer meat are nothing new to me it just seems to weird alot of my friends out

  9. Obviously you don't know how to prepare frog legs. Nothing wrong with that, as its not really a part of your culture. Here in Oklahoma we have fish fries with catfish, frog legs, hushpuppies, Mountain oysters, hog head cheese, etc. and buttermilk.

  10. my dad use to dredge them in flour salt and pepper and fry them I was afraid to try them the first time but they were very good the way he use to fix them some other things you might want to try are crawfish and alligator tail

  11. they taste like fried chicken if you deep fry them with salt and pepper with some bread crumbs… itss sooo good

    To be fair the chewy and blandness is from the fact that its frozen.

  12. In France, we usually cut the dorsal parts, only to keep the legs. There are other countries in which they keep it, though. Also, you might want to rub them in a little bit of flour before cooking them in butter, adding parsley and garlic 5 minutes before the end of the cooking.

  13. I'm vegan. Much of what you eat in the food fear videos give me shivers and nightmares. Your mother is quite charming, though, in the videos I've seen that feature her. 🙂

  14. One of the best things in the world to eat. They do not taste like chicken, they taste more like alligator and if cook correctly are tender and moist.

  15. Deep fry it like KFC style and eat it with sweet tomato sauce! That's what we do where I came from, and it tastes really good!

  16. Had 'em in France 21 years ago (well, 21 years come monday, my 31st), loved 'em, dunno how they were made, but I liked them, and watching this makes me want to cook some up if I could find some… 😀

  17. Idk whats wrong with frog legs??? This video just made me hungry, and I've never had frog legs in my life, but i'd like to! I just dont know where to get them here in Finland…

  18. My great fear is simply: what happens to the rest of the frog? You never see them, do you? I have a theory that somewhere, in a bunker under the Nevada desert, massed ranks of paraplegic Amphibia are waiting. Waiting until they are all fitted with bionic limbs. Waiting to rule… The World!

  19. Lord Have Mercy…. Already eating them (cooking them wrong!) No Wonder . First Off, your not going to get much in buying (Frozen) From China Frogs legs. Taste has been Froze out before you got em. No. 2 , Your supposed to rinse, pat dry and Dredge in Flour AND THEN pan fry in an Oil. Not deep fried. Just fry like you would chicken, just not as long and salt and pepper them. 3. Yes, those little veins in the legs (nerve endings) will sometimes move. No Worries. It's not alive. Just means they are fresher than you thought, which is good. (If you ever really cook and eat them right)…'ll want more occasionally and Never forget how good they really are. Want good ones-come to the USA, in the Southern Region. (Nothing) grown or fed from (c h i n a ) there. Good Golly. No wonder they probably tasted the way they did.

  20. If it tastes like a fishy chicken (ewwww, and I say that as a French), it means you failed to know how to cook ! You have to put them in
    -milk, then in flour, then in the frying pan with butter/garlic/pearsley/salt for the French receipe
    -milk, then in flour-seasoned-with chili-pepper, then in the deeep fryer for the Louisiana receipe
    No wonder your people disliked it ^^

  21. I ate frogs legs before and liked them. Just imagine them as chickens because they do taste similar, at leat the ones I ate.

  22. Since the miracle berry alters the taste of things try that then see if you can tackle the dreaded durian fruit..😓😓😓😓

  23. Bro. I love in the northeast USA, I just shot a frog in my backyard and cooked his legs (having never eaten a wild animal in my life) and it was so good! I’d do it again.

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