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Functional Medicine Tips to Survive the Holidays | Podcast #262

Functional Medicine Tips to Survive the Holidays | Podcast #262

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we are live it’s
Dr. J here in the house, Evan, how we doing today my friend? Evan Brand: Hey man, Happy Monday. I’m glad to be back. I took a week off and felt like a month off. And I was like, God, I can’t wait to get back
to work. So I’m glad I’m here. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally man, I hundred
percent agree. So that’s good. We got the holiday season. We are here in the thick of it. I know you were off in Florida this last week
trying to get some sun and some good rays. Let’s kind of chat a little bit today about
you know, functional medicine tips and tricks that we can do to keep our health and our
sanity and our stress down in the holiday season. Evan Brand: Yeah, so why don’t we start talking
about just the travel component and then we could go wherever you want in terms of like
herbs to help the immune system and nervous system. I think there’s a lot of cool directions we
can take this but I’ll just start out with the air travel because I just got off the
plane yesterday. Right? And it wasn’t terrible, but I’m not a huge
fan of air travel for many reasons. And one is just The air pollution the fact
that you’ve got, there’s no fresh air on airplanes, they’re pumping the cabin full of the research
related or recycled air from the exhaust of the engines. And so it’s just really not a good place for
fresh air. So what I did and some may say, Oh, this is
extreme or whatever, but that’s why you’re listening to us because you want to be the
best and you want to be the healthiest you can be. So what I have is the portable IQ air. It’s pronounced autumn, but it’s spelled atom
at em. It’s like a desk It looks like a little UFO. And it’s a portable air purifier. We have one in our car that hooks up to the
12 volt outlet. But then we also have another one that we
can take for travel and they have a portable battery pack that they sell with it and it
fit inside of my backpack, no problem on my carry on bag. And I put this little portable half the air
purifier on my tray table on the plane ride with the battery pack and cranked it up on
high and you couldn’t even hear it because of the engine noise of the plane. And my my two daughters and my wife and I
all got fresh hepa pure air Right in our face, we just angled the vent of it. So it pumped our direction. And the air was noticeably cleaner and more
pure. And we’re not talking just filtering jet fuel,
you know, you’re filtering potential mold on the plane, you’re filtering out the neighboring
people’s perfumes and colognes and all that. So it’s just one simple way to try to reduce
your exposure to toxins. And if you’re weak from an immune perspective,
hopefully that’s filtering out some bacteria and viruses and other things like that. I mean, I remember, I don’t know if it was
this year, last year, whenever it was, I think it was when you went to Mexico and you came
back and it was like you picked up a cold from the plane because the plane was Germany
or something. So it’s like, I’m not going to say this is
a cure all, but I think it’s a good preventative medicine. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I like it. So the IQ air the ATEM. Okay, cool. We’ll put some links below. And that’s a good portable one, huh? Evan Brand: It’s gorgeous to It’s very pretty. You can control it from your phone if you
want to. You can you know Turn up the speed turn down
the speed, there’s blue light on it that you can turn off. So overall, it’s a very, very good portable
setup. And when we were in hotel rooms as well, we
would just unplug the battery pack and plug up the wall outlet. And then we would just crank it on high in
the hotel room and then boom, by the time you step back in your hotel room, you’ve got
real fresh air in there as well, Dr. Justin Marchegiani: that says absolutely
great. And then did you use the atem desk or the
atem car or? Evan Brand: Yeah, yeah, good question. So the car is better, because there is an
extra layer of carbon or something involved in the car versus the desk. So I only recommend buying the car version
and then you can just use it inside your home as well. That is great. That’s awesome. And then you can bring that with you on trips
and then you have that extra bit of air filtration. That is awesome. And could you use it in like a kid’s bedroom
or a bedroom? Oh, totally. Yeah, I mean, it was the perfect white noise
to for the kids to take a nap. We just cranked it on high and it’s just a
nice white noise but then you know the kids are breathing in pure air too. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And can you keep all
the lights turned off to? Evan Brand: yep on the app. You can just go boom, and then the blue light
turns off. So it’s just a completely dark air filter. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s great. Awesome. I like the ones that are small and portable. Some of the ones that I have by the Austin
area great, but that, you know, they’re not quite as portable, you know? Evan Brand: Yeah, you can’t put it in a suitcase,
you know, and like, you know, other people, Dr. mercola, he had promoted these like neck
things where it’s like a portable ionizer that you wear on your neck, I bought one those
things are garbage. This thing is way better. I mean, it’s a hepa filtration versus, you
know, people try to say, oh, here’s a negative ion generator that you wear on your neck. It’s like, No, those are so stupid. This is way, way better and more functional. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And what does it cost
to change out those filters? Evan Brand: I got an extra filter when I bought
it. I think the extra filter was maybe 100 bucks. Don’t quote me on that. Okay, good. And you can monitor the filter life from your
app. So it’ll say, hey, you’ve got 89% left of
your filter, and then it’ll give you a notification when the filter needs to be changed. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay, God, that’s
cool. So I like the air filtration aspect of I think
it’s powerful because Air Quality is important, especially on the airplane. I mean, you know, I think you may only be
able to do so much because you have so much recycled air coming through. So, in general may not move the needle too
much, but I think it’s really cool to have it in your hotel room, especially people using
whole bunch of cleaning products that you know, aren’t as nice. It’s nice to have that good quality air filtration
at least in the room. That’s great. Evan Brand: Yeah, filters out the voc right. So yeah, if you had you know, we did request
fragrance free hotel rooms and made sure they only clean with vinegar and all that. So it helped a little bit but filter would
help reduce or remove any other voc if you’re sensitive like I am. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Absolutely. And we’re really diving into the functional
medicine and natural health kind of principles to stave off stress during the holiday season
and when traveling and such that’s really the title and the topic of today’s chat. So off the bat we also can be utilizing natural
antioxidants to help deal with stress when we’re flying to. I’m always a big fan of when flying or travel
or vacation starts. I’m going to be adding in include a phone
and or glue to find precursors. This is kind of our body’s natural, very most
powerful antioxidant to try peptide antioxidant. And we’re going to use this at higher levels
to deal with stress from travel, just the radiation you’re exposed to and traveling. We’re also going to do maybe natural medicinal
mushrooms or herbs like a strapless and geographics. akinesia. We’re going to be doing things like this to
help bump up our immune system in my supplement line at protocol them, you know, Supreme,
and that’s powerful that has a couple of different herbs in there, some medicinal mushrooms and
it has some of the stragglers and akinesia that kind of get your immune system right
ready. So it’s just kind of getting those natural
killer cells up and ready on attention. So if we get exposed any viruses or bugs,
we’re more likely to stave off an attack. So herbal support medicinal mushrooms, Reishi,
[inaudible], ekenasia, these are going to be very powerful and then of course things
to new actually deal with oxidative stress which could be glued, if I own high dose vitamin
C, which is going to help include if I own as well. I’d also say you could even add in some natural
anti inflammatory support like curcumin, but I’d say if you’re going to keep it simple,
high dose kluth iron and vitamin C is going to be very, very powerful. Evan Brand: Good advice. You know a lot of people post articles and
snippets and all that about top 10 ways to naturally fight the flu or top 10 ways to
naturally fight a cold, it’s like, well, wouldn’t it be better if you could just keep your immune
system on alert, like you mentioned and up regulate these immune system pathways as opposed
to getting sick and then now you’re trying to read an article on how to get yourself
sick like just if you are on these herbs and your immune systems up regulated, you may
not even have to go to the top 10 Natural Ways to fight the flu because you never got
the flu because your immune system was so strong Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100% so on the vitamin
C, you know we’re going to do a couple of grams, so anywhere between two to five or
six grams and the vitamins See, again, typically just below bowel tolerance is ideal. So a lot of people will start getting loose
stools around six to 10 grams or six to 10,000 milligrams. So somewhere in that two to five, two to six
gram dosage range is probably good. You may have to feel it out to see where you
sit. And then in regards to Reishi, you know, I’ll
go anywhere between two to five grams a day, probably closer to two to three if I’m just
trying to like, get my immune system upregulated and I’m not fighting something probably like
two to three grams just to be like, Okay, I’m ready to go. And then acutely, I’ll go off to three to
five if it’s really acute. And then I would say what the gluta Island
probably you know, up to a gram or so a day on the glue to die on and get my immune system
kind of hyper regulated and ready to go. Evan Brand: Yep. And talk about the nebulizer. We spoke about this a few episodes ago, I
said, hey, you’ve got to try it. And you’ve tried it. So what’s your what’s your feedback? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, so this is a
very powerful tool and a means to get Certain compounds into your lungs and into your bloodstream
fast because we know when we get sick a lot of times, you know, we have the ability to
control essentially our hands by washing our hands. And we have the ability to control not quite
as much what we breathe, maybe if we have a mass, that’s probably the best that we can
do. But in general, a nebulizer allows us to take
compounds in my favorite two things to us are going to be silver, and we’ll choose a
15 ppm to a 10 ppm or less of silver. And we’ll nebulize that and we can breathe
it into our lungs. So we have all of the silver in our lungs,
in our sinuses, and that’s going to help kill any bugs or biofilms that we may be getting
exposed to so I like nebulizing silver, acutely, especially after a flight or after any exposure
to someone because you get the silver in your lungs, and it’s anti viral as well. So the problem is, number one, you don’t want
to be using antibiotics prophylactically but number two will not touch a viral issues. So the best thing with the silver is you can
knock down some of the virus stuff. And the second thing is cluded I own concluded
I own really helps with inflammation. And it really is increased so much more especially
in your lungs when you do it when you nebulize it and you break it down to really tiny particle. So with nebulize go to dial and you can do
that as well. One you’re getting the Bluetooth ion to help
with the oxidative stress. But number two, it’s also going to help with
inflammation and it’s going to help modulate your immune response. I’m a big fan of nebulizing the silver and
nebulizing the Bluetooth ion is a couple of good nebulize that are out there I have one
that’s really small and recommended to me there are two really two or three really good
small ones. I’ll do a separate video on this and you take
the nebulizer and essentially you use some sodium chloride kind of a nice taylean solution
that sterile and then you’re going to add anywhere between a teaspoon of silver of there
or you’re going to do about 200 milligrams of glutathione and a sodium bicarb form so
it’s an a breakdown. And then you can nebulize that 200 milligrams
a load of biome, or that one teaspoon of silver, and you get it directly into your bloodstream
and the nebulize go to die on significantly increases in your bloodstream and in the lungs
even more than oral when it goes orally. It has to kind of go throughout your body. But when you do it in your nebulizer, it goes
right into your lungs, it’s going to help with things in your sinuses, it’s gonna help
with all the inflammation in your lungs. So you get it right there. It’s fast and it increases your blood sugar
levels so much faster. Evan Brand: Yeah, not to mention, you can
cross the blood brain barrier when you’re breathing something in like that too. So I got to give credit where credit’s due. This whole idea of me getting interested in
nebulizers and Bluetooth ion and then trying in and then you and I talking about it, Stephen
Buner. He’s like one of my favorite herbalists. He’s written a lot of really great books on
Lyme disease and co infections. I believe he’s personally suffering from COPD
and, of course, many people out there suffering with COPD so he actually came up with this
COPD protocol. And I just took a couple pieces from his protocol
which was the nebulizer with the sailing and the glue to die on. Now he’s talking about, I think it’s frankincense
and some other essential oils. And he’s doing a lot of these other like Japanese
herbs and Chinese herbs and mixing all these in a combination as this big old 20 to 30
p COPD protocol. I don’t have COPD. So I just took the pieces that I thought would
help me the most from that protocol and then implemented it and then I had had watched
the I don’t know if it was a webinar, what it was about, it was a guy speaking about
using silver hydrosol which same thing Colloidal Silver silver hydrosol is the is the right
name, and he was using this for lung cancer. And he was putting the silver into a nebulizer
for lung cancer and I thought okay, that sounds pretty cool. And then I just mixed them I just thought
why don’t we mix silver mixed Bluetooth ion. And as you mentioned, it’s the one with the
bicarbonate added so it doesn’t burn your lungs or anything, and it’s a very smooth
process I get, and I don’t know if it’s placebo or what but I feel like I get a little bit
of a head rush after I do it. Like I feel a little bit more mentally clear,
you know, Bluetooth ion is, is said to increase energy levels to right because you’re increasing
your detox ability and a lot of times that helps increase energy. So after I do it, it kind of hits me like
a wave. It’s like whoosh, and then I feel good for
you know, a couple hours after I haven’t had any bad side effects. I don’t know if you have I haven’t had any
headaches. I haven’t had any like detox reactions from
it. Overall, it’s been very, very good. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Also, I find it very helpful with kids that
don’t want to swallow supplements or take supplements. The nice thing about it is you can don’t even
have to put it over the face, you can kind of keep it a couple inches away and just let
them read it for a few seconds, and they’ll get it into their system. So I like it because if my son may have gotten
exposed to something, I can just give them maybe a minute with a silver, just kind of
reading it in or I can give them a minute of the Go to File and I can at least get some
good antioxidant support which does help with the immune system, Bluetooth Iowans a really
important immune system modulator. And I can also get the silver up there which
will help with viruses and biofilms as well. So it’s pretty powerful to have that, especially
with kids. And especially with just being around people
that are sick, I can get stuff into my respiratory tract fast. And I’m not sure if any studies in this but
you know, there’s a lot of times it’s like a one or two, one or a week or so latency
period on getting an infection and it manifesting. So I’m curious to know, you may have an infection,
it may be an latency period, and I wonder if just doing that preventatively would prevent
that infection from manifesting? Evan Brand: I think it would, right I mean,
think about if it’s sitting in the nasal cavity, maybe it’s found a way to hide in some biofilm
and the nasal cavity or the sinuses and then the silver comes in and kills it. You know, I think yeah, I think you’re right. I think it could kill it. While we’re on the topic of the nasal cavity
area for the holidays. You know, this would apply for people going
to a family member’s house where they’ve got air fresheners or plugins are, you know, if
you’re a smell smell sensitive person like I am, even if you’re not and you just don’t
want that crap in your sinus cavity, you and I really like the x layer, which is the stevia
based nasal rinse, or is it Earth return those xylitol, I’m sorry, it’s xylitol. You know, if you squirt that up your nose,
I wonder if you could just add some of that mixture to the nebulizer. I mean, it’s the same thing right? You’re squirting it up your nose versus nebulizing
I don’t know, maybe overkill, but at least you could use the X ray or nasal spray, boom,
boom, a couple sprays each nostril and spit it out. If you end up getting some drainage, Dr. Justin Marchegiani: what I think is even
better, what I’ve been doing is I’ll do the Neti Elixir packet so it’s actual packets
and and I mixed it with four ounces of water, clean, filtered reverse osmosis water, and
then I squeeze it up one nostril and it goes all the way up my frontal sinus and then back
down and I do have about two to three seconds of flow. Then I blow my nose, clean it out and then
to the other side. Two to three seconds, and then blow. And then what I’ll also do is if there’s any
kind of infection that I’m thinking about, I’ll do the Neti actually or packets because
you only can spray, barely anything with the spray. But if I can do the packets, I get constant
flow for two to three seconds. And then number two is I’ll add a teaspoon
of silver. I’ll add a teaspoon of silver as well to it. So then I’ll have the Neti Elixir with the
xylitol in there, and then I’ll see it has the minerals in there to make it more you
know, sensitive against the mucosa. And then I’ll add the silver and then the
silver goes up and can really kill any viruses or pathogens or biofilms as well. So that’s a double whammy. That better Yeah, and then afterwards, then
you can do if you want to nebulize some silver because that way it goes in your bloodstream
because it’s not going to really go into your bloodstream, right? But when you nebulize a silver now it’s in
your bloodstream and in your lungs. So if there’s any incubating viruses That’s
where it’s going to be really, really helpful because then I’m really work on knocking and
killing that down. And then you could also nebulize the Bluetooth
icon, which I don’t think is anti viral, but it will help with inflammation, and it will
have an effect on modulating your immune response for the better. Evan Brand: Yeah, I’m using the nebulize glue
to find to get mycotoxins out of my brain. If you just go into PubMed and you just search
okra toxin. Okra toxin is a really common mold toxin that
we see. If you type in okra toxin cerebellum, you
can read that okra toxin has an affinity meaning it likes it goes to that part of the brain,
the cerebellum and so you can literally detox the brain. When people say detox the brain. It sounds like it’s like trendy or buzz worthy
or something. But no, it’s real. You literally can detox the brain because
that’s where okra toxin can can damage it can create damage in that part of the brain. So all right, well, let’s move on. I think we’ve talked about the sinuses all
day, Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I’ll do a video I’ll
do a video of myself kind of dealing with the issues. So I’ll break On the nebulizer and kind of
the solutions and, and we could talk about it and go over what those look like. That’s perfect. All right, good. I think those are powerful tips. And then obviously, we have low hanging fruit,
which could be getting sick from food. So of course, we’re going to use things like
activated charcoal, which is going to be a really good binder. We typically say take activated charcoal away
from food and supplements, when you’re using it for like a detox protocol for mold or for
bug killing. But if we’re eating questionable food, or
we’re getting exposed to things like alcohol, we may want to actually take it with the alcohol
or the questionable food. So you kind of have to just draw a line and
say, Hey, is this an acute exposure issue? Or is this more part of the long term protocol? If it’s acute, and it’s food or alcohol or
just you know, partying, then we’re going to take it with that food. Evan Brand: That’s a good idea. I mean, think about it. You’re going over to Uncle Jerry’s house. You know, everybody’s going to be drinking
wine and cocktails and whatever. There’s going to be bread There’s going to
be all kinds of food allergens and dairy and, and who knows what else cornbread and pumpkin
pie. I don’t know what all you’re eating that’s
not good for you. But, you know our clients report this every
year they say hey, I’ve got off my diet on the holidays and now here it is January and
they feel like crap, you know, so we’re trying to help prevent some of those calls. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. So I like that. Also bug killer so my line I have a product
called gi clear 4 which I have found to be the best for me. And for most patients with food poisoning
issues, it just works amazing. And it could be food poisoning from a bacteria
like e.coli or Campylobacter or salmonella. It could be food poisoning from an infection. Right Giardia. Cryptosporidium H. pylori, maybe a parasite
like blasto and this works really good at knocking it down. So I like my gi clear 4 which is very high
in Golden seal, which is a really good bug killer, very high in berberine, which is great
for SIBO. It’s also very high and all of which leaf
which has antiviral properties, and burdock which is really Good for the lymph and the
lymphatic system. So my gi clear 4 is good avid has some ones
in his micro biome line that are similar to. So you know, we love a good bug killer in
case we get exposed, and you can stay on a low dose of those preventatively to like I’ll
do, I’ve got one that’s got all of leaf in there, which is just a good antifungal, and
it’s been said to take antifungals while you’re detoxing mold, so for me, I’ve just been doing
a little bit of a low dose of some antifungals just preventively. And the good thing is with something like
olive leaf, that’s an antiviral as well. So you can have that’s the cool thing why
we love herbs so much is because you can have as you mentioned, bugs is kind of a generality,
bugs could be viruses, bacteria, parasites, you could have an herb that can be antimicrobial,
antiviral, antifungal, all in one so we love these anytime of the year but especially if
you’re around like you said potential bad food that who knows what if they didn’t cook
the shrimp cocktail good enough, right? Or if it was all shrimp and and you got a
exposed to something there. Yeah, so if you’re on vacation like let’s
say Mexico or somewhere where the food may be a little bit different than what you’re
normally used to people that go to Bali or Mexico or sometimes other countries, they’re
exposed to things they’re not used to. So going on like a preventative dose, like
one capsule with each meal, a lot of times can be super helpful. We may also do, I always recommend my patients
flying with a full bottle of probiotics too, because that can really help with food poisoning
as well. So we can do like one probiotic capsule every
hour or two. And that can acutely address any food poisoning
works phenomenally. Evan Brand: So I like doing that to help with
any food poisoning too. Beautiful and of course acid and enzymes deserve
a mention up to just because you mentioned the travel. You know in theory if your stomach acid levels
are good enough and you’ve got your gallbladder releasing store bile, you’re breaking down
your fats good. Hopefully everything’s okay but it wouldn’t
hurt to add in some extra enzymes and acids to hopefully neutralize any pathogens you
could expose to Dr. Justin Marchegiani: one Hundred percent. I think it’s vitally, vitally important. Probiotics clearing herbs we talked about
gluta time we talked about silver, these are all really, really important modulating things,
HCl enzymes, digestive support, kind of as needed, just so we can digest and break down
our food. I think those are all very, very, very powerful
things. Next, I think will be sleep support. So you could always do something like a sublingual,
melatonin and just kind of do that. Once you get your schedule back on track,
you can take it maybe at sunrise the next day. I’m sorry, you could do it at at nightfall. So as soon as the sun goes down, you can you
know, as it gets dark, you can take it as it gets dark to kind of reset your cycle. And then when the sun comes up, you could
do some kind of the caffeine with some light exposure and grounding can be very helpful
to get your circadian rhythm back on track. You take a little bit of a caffeine or a mild
stimulant. As the sun comes back up. You do a little bit of grounding your feet
on grass or some kind of a stone while getting light exposure to the sunrise. That’s a great way to get your circadian rhythm
restarted. And then at nighttime when the sun sets, do
a little bit of melatonin, you know you can do anywhere between like a third of a milligram,
very small those couple hundred micrograms to it sublingually and that can kind of get
your circadian rhythm kind of back on cycle for your time zone again if you’re traveling
to Mexico or something or the DR and then you’re only a time zone or two off, or even
the same time zone not a big deal. You travel to Bali or maybe Hawaii or Europe
then you’ll You know, you’re going off maybe 5678 hours that you may have to do a significant
reset there. Evan Brand: Yeah, good advice and of course
light pollution at night always trying to address that a lot a lot of hotels luckily
these days have pretty good blackout curtains and such but you know, we had several places
where the outside light was still trying to sneak in so we would take extra blankets or
towels or whatever else you got to do unplug alarm clocks, cover up lights, take out light
bulbs, you know whatever you got to do to to cover it up. We had One room we had had a smoke detector
that had a super bright green light and green light can suppress melatonin just like blue
light can at night. So I just took a pair of swim trunks and threw
them over the smoke detector, boom, we had darkness. So sometimes it’s tricky to get a nice dark
room. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: One thing I will travel
with his electrical tape, black electrical tape and any lights like that, I will literally
just take a piece tape, put over light, Evan Brand: that’s easy, that’s great. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So just a little bit
of tape. And then you can just tape up all the lights
and then you want to make it black so blocks out the lights a little bit thicker, you know
a little more opaque blocks the light out better. And I always call ahead and say hey, you know
do you have dark shades or blackout shades? I think it’s really important. I stayed at one place that didn’t and I couldn’t
believe it. I’m like, man, your sun goes up at seven o’clock
you’re up at seven it’s like this, you know, that’s just you know, forget sleeping in. So I always try to call ahead and make sure
I do have blackout shade options if not, you know get A blanket, tape it up against the
wall. That’s your best bet. It’s kind of Yes. But yeah, go ahead. Evan Brand: And also on the on the traveling
thing too. We talked about air filtration. I travel with the water filter as well. I mean, you can buy bottled water for drinking,
I’m talking about for bathing. So you know, a lot of places, a lot of cities
really heavily chlorinate the water. And so of course, chlorine is like a natural
antibiotic. So first of all, if you’re drinking water
with chlorine in it, you’re killing your good bacteria and your microbiome. But regarding the skin, chlorine, I just doesn’t
agree with my skin. It makes your hair nasty. It makes your skin nasty. It smells bad. It’s it’s toxic. It’s a neurotoxin. So I personally use the Berkey there’s other
brands out there. Yeah, Berkey makes a really good shower filter. And I forgot to travel with my wrench. But luckily the shower head on the hotel was
loose enough I could unloosen it. Put on the Berkey shower filter and boom,
you got super pure water and for the little kids for my little girls. I don’t want them bathing and chlorine. So Guess what we do we just turn on the shower
to fill up the bathtub and now you got a perfect chlorine free bath. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly, that’s definitely
a good option. Also, if I’m staying at a hotel in the states
you know, I’ll just instacart for Amazon Prime now good filtered water, you know, couple
bottles, couple dozen, maybe a dozen bottles of Pellegrino or or Voss or Fiji water, try
to buy it in bulk or if there’s a whole foods nearby, just buy a couple of gallons and just
leave them in the hotel room. So I have clean filtered water, you’re not
paying an arm and a leg for the hotel price. But that way you can get some good clean water. Ideally, if you can get like a bunch of Pellegrino
dropped off and glass that’s an awesome class may not work especially if you’re traveling
a lot and you have young kids, you may have to do classes just for the convenience of
it not breaking. So those are good options for you in the states
try to use instacart or prime now or they can drop off within an hour to attend to be
super helpful. And then I’ll also stay at a lot of places
in the states that have a like a little kitchenette. So then I’ll just have a couple of dozen eggs
dropped off maybe a pound or two again. again so then I have breakfast covered every
single morning at least eggs or bacon and that way you’re set you could at least start
the first meal out of the day pretty good and you can control the quality of it and
I just try to make sure if I can there’s an instant Carter prime now service available
where I could have it dropped off. Evan Brand: Yeah, that’s what we did. We did we didn’t do the delivery. We just stopped at Whole Foods, but we did
have a kitchenette. So we did bake and we did eggs. We bought some frozen fish. We had a freezer and we had an oven so we
were able to bake some fish for a couple nights that was great. And we did find a couple good restaurants
luckily they had some grass fed steaks and such but we tried to mix it up 5050 because
you know you go on vacation you don’t want to be doing dishes three times a day either
my wife’s like I’m doing dishes again what’s going on so like Okay, let’s go to a nice
place get you a grass fed burger. And that was a good break from from dishes. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: yeah, I actually was
able to find so what I believe the country I like going to Mexico for vacation because
number one you get, you know, nice little warm retreat, but it’s not far. It’s only just a couple hours from Austin. It’s easy nonstop flight virtually the same
time zone. And when you get There, I found a resort The
brand is charisma. And if you let them know I sent you over,
but I found them because they were one of the only gourmet food brands meaning they
grow all their food on site, super high quality. And they cater to food allergens. So really good quality food, lots of good
restaurant options, all inclusive so you don’t pay anything extra. You get what you pay, and then you have unlimited
access to the food. And then you can you know, you can get gluten
free options. They really cater to the food allergen and
you get better quality food. And it’s even you know, local locally raised
right there on site. Evan Brand: Yeah, I know you live like a king
when you go down there. It is pretty cool. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, it’s nice because
there’s a couple there’s a of like maybe 16 maybe 20 different hotels in the charisma
brand, but it’s KARISMA just type in Karisma hotels, but they have a bunch of hotels couple
doesn’t have a gore main line and that the formula This the food quality is five star
so you have great quality food, organic, and you have lots of options and they cater to
food allergens. That’s one of the best things about it. Evan Brand: That’s beautiful. You know, I actually on my searches for hotels,
I came across this website called pure rooms. PURE which was supposed to be this. It’s basically a company that works with different
hotels, Marriott and whoever else and they basically put in water filters. They put air filters in the room, they use
no fragrance, they take out any feathers for any allergens to like down comforters and
such. The problem is every hotel I call they said
oh no, we don’t do that anymore. Probably because nobody was ever booking the
rooms and they didn’t want those rooms just sitting there wasted. So I called like three hotels and they’re
like, Oh, yeah, we had the pure room, but we don’t have it anymore. So I don’t know if it’s somebody had to request
in advance. But if somebody super sensitive, you know,
you could look up your room and there’s basically a directory on the planet on the whole world
where you can look at a hotel that would have a quote, pure room available for you to book. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, the nice thing
is a lot of hotel rooms You know, they’re they’re getting better because people are
more hypoallergenic people smoking is kind of a more taboo so they have non smoking rooms,
I think just the big thing you can do is just try to request in advance, you know, not all
the harsh cleaners or harsh smells, or just get a really good air filter like you have
kind of drop it off, plug it in for a couple of hours, get the room kind of cleaned out,
and then you’ll probably be good to go. Evan Brand: Yep, that’s what we did. We put it on full blast, took a walk to the
beach came back the room was was much better, still not optimal. I mean, I’d rather be at my house with my
big ol nice air purifiers, but you know, you got to make the best of it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. And then when I travel when I choose vacations,
I want to come back on a vacation feeling good. So I don’t want to be eating crap the whole
time. I want to be eating quality foods. When I come back. I’m not like bloated and inflamed and feeling
like crap. So I want to food quality is a big deal for
me. Number two is I don’t want to spend a day
on the way there and a day on the way back traveling. So I try to choose places that I can go in
a non stop and ideally be there within three to four hours on a non stop. I don’t like to get my sleeping all day. jacked up. So I don’t want to be up at like 3am leaving. So ideally, I try to find flights that I can
leave at, you know, you know, get up at six or seven, get to the airport, leave at nine
or 10 and get to where I want to be by, you know, three or four at the latest, you know,
just because I don’t want to waste the day on each on each side and I want to feel relatively
rested. So Mexico, Dr. Jamaica, you know, if if you’re
like trying to go somewhere more tropical. Those are pretty good places because you get
the tropical feel you can get an all inclusive access, and it’s not going to be too far or
too expensive to get there. Evan Brand: Yep, yep. Good advice. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, absolutely. So anything else on the travel side, you want
to highlight? I mean, the only thing I could say is, if
you know you’re going to be eating more crap, we talked about glutathione. I’m sorry, we talked about activated charcoal. And you can always want if you know you’re
going to be having gorging yourself, you can always intermittent fast the next day to compensate. You can always do a little bit more movement
before after whether it’s interval or resistance training just to deplete glycogen and to get
your metabolism up on that way. The extra alcohol or sugar won’t hit yes hard. Those are all other good options that you
can kind of add in. Evan Brand: Yeah, I would just last thing
just in general is some type of good adaptogenic herbs to help cope with the stress. So ashwagandha would be great. I know you love ashwagandha I love it too,
but you could use it at night. You could use it during the day for stress,
you could use it at night for sleep you could do you already mentioned the the the reishi
mushroom for immune support, but that’s also kind of an adaptogen. Basically, you’ve got rhodiola which can help
boost your energy. I took a mitochondrial support that I have. So that’s like a B vitamin combo that can
be helpful because the stress of traveling burns up your bs B as in Bravo. So mitochondrial support can be helpful. Vitamin D, hopefully you’re going somewhere
sunny. You don’t need vitamin D, but that’s also
important for immune function. We talked about the enzyme piece, I would
say liver support I did take some liver herbs to just some milk this old and some other
basic stuff methionine tarin. I think That’s it. I mean, I’m sure we could riff on more but
that’s that. Oh, yes. Oh, this is important. So anybody that has like any travel anxiety,
which I don’t know if I have traveling anxiety, I just get stressed travels is stressful for
me, especially with two kids and is the kid hungry and Okay, and the diaper and you know
what I mean? So, what I took is just a blend of some calming
herbs. So I took like some other war. I took some skullcap I took some Valerian
some thenI, and just had a combo in tincture form. So we’re at the airport, you got 1000 people
in front of you, you’re waiting to get past I just boom, boom, boom. Shoot a few squirts of some calming herbs
in my system, and I was cool as a cucumber the entire time. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Love it, man. Yes, smart. You know, try to do it the right way. Like you said, That’s why I try to do nonstops
in and short flights. But if you’re going to Europe or anywhere
else, that becomes a little bit tough. So like you mentioned, the adaptogens are
helpful. That’s where definitely bringing the melatonin
to be helpful. Some of the extra Bs, the B vitamins to help
with stress, I think they’re going to be really helpful as well. Anything else you want to highlight or add
today, Evan? Evan Brand: I don’t think so I’ll just make
a comment. You know, it’s so interesting. You see all these people that get on the plane,
you can tell some people, they’re nervous and they order alcohol from the flight attendant,
and they’re trying to drink alcohol to calm themselves down. That’s the worst thing you could do. The elevation of being on the plane causes
dehydration. It’s like being on top of a mountain, the
stress of it is depleting. So, I mean, if you need to calm yourself down,
a glass of wine on the plane is not what you want. I’m not judging you. I’m just saying Would you rather have something
awesome? Like, you take a few squirts of some passionflower
and ashwagandha then your your nervous system is going to be calm. You’re not gonna have any crazy blood sugar
swings on the plane, you’re not going to be dehydrating yourself. So I just, I just, I think in five to 10 years,
maybe we’ll see more people like shooting adaptogens down their throat on the plane
versus taking alcohol. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. I think number one, if you are going to consume
alcohol, let’s say you got the upgraded seats and they cover a nice drink. Like when I go to Mexico, I think it was like
I think I was I got the ability to upgrade to first class like 50 bucks. I’m like, heck yeah, you know, an extra foot
a leg room. And so when I go to Mexico, I think I’m going
to be going in February, I will be doing a glass of champagne on the flight because it’s
complimentary. But what you do is number one, when you get
to the airport and you have time, get a nice like, get a nice bottle of Pellegrino or something,
hydrate before the flight where you know, so you have the good minerals in your system. And then if you’re going to drink then just
have a nice, bringing a couple activated charcoal with you. So then you have that just kind of go back
and forth. And if you are going to drink, just try to
space out one drink one glass of mineral water, one drink one glass of mineral water. That way you don’t get too dehydrated, you
get the extra minerals in the water, so you won’t be getting to deplete it. But I think that’s really a good important
points. Evan Brand: Perfect. Well, let’s wrap this thing up. If you do want to reach out clinically, we
work with these gut issues that we’re talking about detox problems. You know what we do? We love helping people get to the root cause
of their problems. You know, we were used to someone being through
510 15 practitioners before they get to Dr. J. Or me And we kind of like being I’ll speak
for Justin as well, we kind of like being in that position because it allows us to show
them what we do differently. And oh, here’s why you didn’t get better. It’s because you didn’t you didn’t do this
or you didn’t look in that ballpark or you did it in the wrong order. So we love and some, sometimes it comes with
the territory of our jobs to be in the in the cleanup crew category. We’re cleaning up somebody else’s mess. And that’s fun. I love that and we’re both very grateful to
be able to serve you well. So if you want to reach out to Justin clinically,
please do so his website is Justin health. My website, And thank you for listening. We appreciate it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excellent. I think next week is was next year, next week,
next month in New Year’s Eve. Yep. So I think I’ll be here next Monday as well. So I’m excited to chat with you again. How about you Evan? Will you be here? Evan Brand: I’ll be here. I ain’t going anywhere. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: All right. Excellent. I love it. You’re back from your vacation. You’re supposed to be refreshed. So yes. Excellent. All right now great chatting with you put
it thanks for all the information on the product. We talked about or recommended. We’ll put them in the references links below. Evan, great chat with you have a phenomenal
week. Will you take care bye bye. Thank you, everyone. Bye

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  1. I was exposed to the protoplasmic toxin phenol, my symptoms are muscular weakness, reduced urine, sensitivity to cold, and fatigue. My blood work comes back as basically normal . but I can tell my kidneys have been affected and many other symptoms is there anything you can recommend I can take to improve my quality of life?

  2. Does ingesting pure ascorbic acid, a decent brand of non-Chinese origin, have any negative consequences? I've been reading Andreas Moritz and he is suggesting that dosing isolated synthetic antioxidants may upset the body's balance of antioxidants and pro-oxidants. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on that.. I'm thinking it may be best to stick to quality amla or camu camu powders.

  3. Travelling with a wrench and shower filter, haha I love that. That is dedicated. Travelling with tape is an awesome idea too, you could always use sports/bandage tape so it would serve dual purposes.

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