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Gamma Seal Lid Quick Tip

Gamma Seal Lid Quick Tip

Hey Guys, welcome back to the channel! We are going to give you another quick tip
in our quick tips series on the Gamma Lids. Stay tuned after the jump. Alright guys, so here is a look at some of
our food storage that we have. A few things, we buy lots of things in bulk
like Oats, Waffle Mix, Rice, Sugar, Salt. A bunch of stuff like that. And we always try to put them in the buckets
with the Gamma Seal Lids for a couple of reasons. One its really easy to access things and two
if you wanted to save it for longer term storage all you have to do is pull the lid off and
throw some oxygen absorbers in there and seal it back up. They are good for keeping things airtight. So this is one of the unused buckets we go,
we just purchased a few more. They connect to any 12″ bucket, depending
on alot of them we have are the 5 gallon buckets. I really like the 7 gallons because they fit
closer to a 50 gallon bag of stuff usually. I really like the 7 gallon ones, but they
are hard to find. And we found some on Amazon but I think they
were more expensive arn’t they? I couldn’t find them, you couldn’t find them
either? We will put a link for the 5 gallons and the
Gamma Lids on Amazon. We will. And the nice thing is you can organize some
of your things here. They have a bunch of different colors. They have blue, orange, yellow, red, white. I think they have a couple of others. We have tried to organize some of our stuff
here with the lids, but they work really well. And compared to, as you can see it is really
easy to twist these on and off. You can tighten them down really hard if you
want too. You can but they suggest you only tighten
them down until they stop turning and then only a 1/4 of an inch more. So that’s actually sealed airtight if you
put oxygen absorbers in it. It is alot easier then the old style snap
buckets like this. I’ve still got a few of these with some stuff
in it but. And then you have to get into things like
bucket lid pullers and things. And the kids can, my older kids can get the
lids off of these. Alot of times they get sent out. Go get me some sugar! Yeah, and we just label them all with tape. And we have been doing this now for, I don’t
know, three or four years? It’s cheaper to buy stuff in bulk. And then you have your storage too, it’s kind
of dual purpose for us. Right. And we go through things so much with so many
people in the family, so we don’t have as many sealed. I’ve got like some beans and stuff put away
with some oxygen absorbers in them but most of the time with they way that they actually
seal. Like this waffle mix that we use all the time. And you know its just in there without any
oxygen absorbers. We pull from here all the time. And when it gets low we just order and re-fill
it. I mean really it’s that simple. To put these on this just snaps on the top
of the bucket and then your lid just screws on like that. So we think they are a great thing to have
for your regular food storage needs and all that. So a quick tip, we will put the link down
below for the buckets, oxygen absorbers and Gamma Seal Lids on there. We definitely think that if you are looking
at buying anything in bulk. Which you should do! Which you should do yeah, and most of us do. Then these are a great solution for you. Alright guys, thank you for watching the video
today. If you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe
to the channel for other videos and quick tips like this. And if you did enjoy the video today give
it a big thumbs up and share with your friends. We really appreciate that. Thank you guys for watching, we really appreciate
it. Have a good day. You tightened it too much. Hercules, Hercules

5 thoughts on “Gamma Seal Lid Quick Tip”

  1. I use these all the time, and most of the buckets i use i get for free from salt de-icer that i buy from sams club, i always use these buckets in my kayaks and canoes, easy waterproof storage, that is easily tied down with the wire handle on the buckets.

  2. instead of buying the buckets, i get mine from the local supermarket (krogers) the in store bakery dept. gets their frosting in these buckets and they usually just throw them away. also on the gamma lids i usually get mine from home depot however not all home depots stock them, and i believe i pay less than amazon for a three pack.

  3. I get my buckets and lids from Schlotzsky's sandwich shop, they are pickle buckets, food grade plastic, o-ring sealed lids, heavy duty, not like cheapo wal-mart brand. And free.
    Great video.

  4. those look and sound awesome. pretty pricey though. did a quick search and found alternatives. but I suppose considering the purpose of them, quality is a must. awesome info guys

  5. They also make Gamma lids for 2 gal buckets.Both sizes run about the same price where I live. I get my 2 gal bucjes from grocers deli free.This size is good for dried onions,cipoltes,other assorted peppers or anything you are need a smaller bucket for

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