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Gigging clean water wells, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 44

Gigging clean water wells, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 44

Fresh water is very important There is nothing guaranteed if uses stream water for a long time ‘Cause there are many types of toxic plants here There are many aquifers right under this place Rocks, soils, and sand They are all wonderful tools to filter the water and remove bacteria A small groundwater And overhere The bamboos help to fix the rock around the well The bamboo shoots which cannot be eaten raw Because of containing the toxin Cyanide A bird nest built on the ground There are many eggs looking like chicken’s eggs but smaller Water level has risen to the maximum Not bad Stream fishes really like earthworms

91 thoughts on “Gigging clean water wells, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 44”

  1. In the following sections will be traps and continue to build. Don't forget to press "like" and "subscrible" to support us. Have fun watching !!!

  2. Me llamo Jose, tengo 18 años y estoy buscando gente interesada en la supervivencia, la vida en el campo y la naturaleza, en unos años pienso comenzar un proyecto de permacultura y auto sustentabilidad ya que creo que es la manera en la todo ser humano debería vivir para no dañar a nuestro planeta y tener una vida más saludable. Si estas de acuerdo conmigo e interesado/a en mi proyecto por favor contáctame a este correo [email protected] intentaré responder lo más rápido posible.

  3. Aye man, why did you move the fire place in your hutt? Did the last fire place make a hole in the floor? lmao

    Please show us video of the whole inside of the floor of the hut. Ain't no need to be ashamed if the floor was burnt out. Just be honest and work on how to solve the problem. You could video it all too. It would be educational and awesome I reckon

  4. Loved hearing the flows of water and the sounds of birds singing its felt so quite I'm getting more hooked up on this video plus a man that's smart and strong its just wow and he's very creative😂😂

  5. Bahkan tanpa harus berkata-kata, saya menikmati dan banyak belajar dari videomu, salam hangat saya dari Indonesia.

  6. Buat sumur untuk apa? 🤔kan air sungai jernih blm ada manusia di sana tapi kk suka 👌👌 dari awal sampai 44 😁😁👍👍suka sama hutannya dan suara burung serta serangga bikin tenang😴😴😴

  7. Is it safe to use bamboo as wall of the well. Bamboo will getting mold very soon. And will the rain water make well water polluted as you build the wall too low?

  8. Extremely well done again. Congrats.
    If you kindly allow me a suggestion: Make a grid out of bamboo so that animals could not fall into the water and contaminate it.
    Thanks a lot for making taping editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health to you.

  9. Every single night i wanna to sleep, i just click the video and put some headphone .. so nice nature sound

  10. This channel is so different to the usual bucket mouthed ones. Our UK TV makes me sick. These are such gentle videos, unless you happen to be lunch. I think I would miss some company though that and a soft bed. OK I'm a wuss – bacon & duck egg sarnie and the old dragon I'd manage OK. Thank you so much for these videos they are an insight into another world.

  11. lives right next to a beautiful stream of endless flow of clean clear water, but decides to dig a well ……. logic?!

  12. Please make some cray pots for your cooking. But the bamboo pot also gives the aromatic smell.

  13. Please show us a close-up detail of the rat trap trigger pieces and how they go together. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to show us how much you can do with just a machete

  14. Survival Instinct guys, do you know that you can make pots from mud? it's better than bamboo and reusable.

  15. He already loss weight.😕 its a way of Survival in a Forest but your body need also Carbs not just Protien..

  16. Sorry😅el comentario de los huevos era aquí en este vídeo,desde el minuto 8: en adelante son de que,parecen de gallina,y en la selva??

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