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Give your “heart” to the person you like [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

Give your “heart” to the person you like [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

(Who will benefit from this voting?) Now, the guy with the most hearts. The most popular guy. (Nervous) (Curious) – The most popular guy. / – The most popular guy is… (Which guy received the most number of hearts?) It is… Andrew Mun! (It’s Stockbroker Andrew Mun) – Two hearts. / – He’s received two hearts. (He’s received two heart badges) – Andrew Mun, step forward… / – Andrew Mun. And give a heart to the lady… – You wanted to go on a date with. / – Ask her out. No one can refuse. Neither the ladies nor guys can. – We can’t say no? / – No. Will Andrew be able to find out who gave him the hearts? (Who are the two ladies that gave Andrew a heart?) (Kim Seunghye) Heart. (She makes sure it’s closed) (Stockbroker Andrew Mun) (Who is the other heart from?) (Choi Hee) (Will Andrew choose them to go on a date?) – I’ll choose. / – Who will he choose? It’s 1 out of 2, so 2 will be happy. – Now… / – The first heart… (Who is he giving his first heart to?) (Nervous) It goes to Seunghye. (Kim Seunghye) I am so lucked out today. (Seunghye has lucked out today) – Stop being foolish. / – Thank you so much. (I’m so happy) – Who’s the second lady? / – I’ll give the second heart. (There is only one heart left) (Who will Andrew choose?) It’s Hee. Here. Thank you. Let’s see if he found out who gave them to him. I’m so curious. Andrew asked Seunghye and Hee out on a date. Now, let’s announce… – The lady. / – With the most votes. The lady with the most votes. (Nervous) It’s Kang Yebin. (Kang Yebin) (Jealous) – She has 2. / – She’s received 2 votes. (Yebin received two heart badges) (Who voted for Yebin?) (Who is this guy who opened Yebin’s Love Box?) (It’s 100 Jeong Juyeong) (And Oriental Medicine Doctor Park Hoyeong) (Their preference overlaps again after the pork hocks) (Who does Yebin want to go on a date with?) (Sly) That was so charming. (100 Jeong Juyeong) Thank you. – Hoyeong. / – To Oriental Medicine Doctor. Yebin will go on a date with Juyeong and Hoyeong.

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