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Glue stick from plant bark, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 87

Glue stick from plant bark, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 87

Bananas are the very safe water supply Only need to make a hole near the corm The water will rise upward through reverse osmosis process But be careful of the insects It tastes acrid because it still contains banana sap The trap was sprung but it’s unsuccessful A ground squirrel So delicious The sap is sticky This is what we’re looking for The most peaceful moment of the day

88 thoughts on “Glue stick from plant bark, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 87”

  1. Вот и отлично. Нолан вернулся. А то Суматра даже огнивом пользоваться не умеет.

  2. Now u r own friends Sumatra has started his own u tube channel. But just keep going, for u r very natural & talented. He won't go beyond 50 episodes.

  3. Ok, we get it, thanks for your knowledge about what kind of benefits you can get from banana trees when surviving in the jungle until now. but please… stop it…. STOP CUTTING DOWN EVERY BANANA TREES THAT YOU SEE!

  4. lol so many ppl angry about him cutting a banana tree, wich is not even a real tree. do some research before comenting you guys.

  5. Maybe Nolan need to rest for awhile .then Sumatra take charge just to continue this is fine for me ,if they collaborate.. at least there's someone with Nolan to talk about anything while doing is Lonely when your all alone in the Forest..(

  6. Look to next episode of what Nolan will do with the clue stick. As for abandoned traps, no a good practice if you're real people of the forest. Leaving a traps standing up will waste animal lives. Only put up traps that you will still check on for trapped animal for eating, not wasting away. Just a thought.

  7. Nolan.finaly your back.pls dont allowed to your friends to use your channel.this is not fare.merry Xmas and happy new year to you.and keep going to continue your vlog.god bless you.

  8. Imagine him setting up the camera first and going down the path and come back as if he is going through the path for the first time.

  9. You must have a cast iron stomach to drink water without boiling it first. I think most westerners would be very ill afterwards.

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