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Gon vs. Hisoka – The Fine Lines Between Characters in Hunter X Hunter

Gon vs. Hisoka – The Fine Lines Between Characters in Hunter X Hunter

If you’ve been following my channel for even a short amount of time, you’ll likely know about my tendency to champion the idea that perspective is significant. Some of the most well crafted and nuanced characters in the medium are only as well realized as they are because of how much more substantial they seem when biases are put aside, and we attempt to view the world through their eyes. Hunter x Hunter in particular invites the audience through dialogue, theming, and more to view different characters through each of their respective mindsets, in order to get the full scope of the story experience. Usually this applies to the more antagonistic characters like the Chimera Ants or the Phantom Troupe. But if we take this concept and turn it on its head, we can neutralize what tend to be biased views on the protagonistic characters of the story. An extremely interesting case opens up here if we stop looking at Gon through a romanticized lens, and instead think of him as just another functional character in Togashi”s world. With this more neutral mindset, parallels suddenly begin springing up that may not have ever seemed plausible before. Notable to me are the pretty incredible similarities that become present between Gon and Uvogin when you stop and think about it. Both are simple characters in essence. Both love the thrill of fighting, both live honestly and with their heart on their sleeve, and both don’t really give a damn about people that aren’t associated with them. There are even more similarities, but most significantly of all to me, both Gon and Uvogin have a profound, extremely deep care for those closest to them. Somehow Nobunaga was able to sense this in Gon, and found it all very nostalgic and endearing. There’s a reason that he tried so hard to recruit Gon. He reminded him so much of his lost dear friend. However, as interesting as this comparison is, I believe that the most important parallels that can be drawn spring from some very fundamental similarities between Gon and Hisoka. And the key differences that can be then prized out are definitely something to take note of. These two share an extremely interesting dynamic. While the beginning of the story does all that it can to establish Hisoka as a completely foreign entity and one that Gon initially opposes, there is no doubt to me that Hisoka works as a very effective foil for Gon. A foil is a character, sometimes but not necessarily an antagonist, that contrasts another character, typically the protagonist, in order to highlight one or more particular traits within the protagonist, to make them feel like a deeper character that can be properly examined. There is a lot of variability on this subject and there are different types of foils. But the key here is that a foil can use both similarities and differences to highlight the very fine lines between two distinct people. In some cases, foils tackle how key contrasts between two people with base similarities can bring about a pair of characters who seem completely different. And this is exactly what Hisoka is to Gon. Obviously the differences between the two are there for all to see. However, if you compare them side-by-side, they’re actually eerily alike in a surprising number of ways. Both are undoubtedly childish, as can be derived from the origin of their nen abilities. Which have been highlighted many times throughout the series as a look into the personality of the user. Hisoka’s Bungee Gum is inspired from his favorite childhood chewing gum, and Gon’s Jajanken is inspired by rock-paper-scissors. But both are pretty juvenile. Both men are instinctual with Hisoka’s hedonistic philosophy totally guiding his moment-to-moment actions, and Gon’s primal survival instincts completely taking over in the moments that matter the most. Both are largely unaffected by death as well, though for different reasons. But these are shallow and insignificant comparisons relative to a couple of parallels that I’m going to draw here. Firstly, Gon and Hisoka are unsettlingly similar when it comes to their morals. now if you haven’t seen my video on Gon’s morality, you may want to do so to get the full idea of my opinion and what I’ll be referring to here. If you have seen it, you’re probably sick to death of me talking about morals, But you’ll have to endure it just a little bit longer. What I bring forth in that video is the idea that Gon is more or less oblivious to traditional morality, and that at times he is not aware of or biased when it comes to right and wrong. What he concerns himself with instead are the things and people that he likes, those being things that benefit him and things that interest him. Since that video, some of come to me saying that they interpreted Gon’s moral outlook as a byproduct of growing up in a darwinistic environment, combined with a very strong understanding of the resolve it takes to achieve your dreams in such a cruel world. And I’m on board with that. In general, the idea in those interpretations and put forth in my video at its simplest form is that Gon is primal and animalistic, motivated by his own needs more than anything else. You can disagree with this point of view if you want and what a lot of people might be interested to know is that I don’t entirely agree with it to the extent that I presented in that video myself. But I’m going to use that line of thinking here. Now one of the most intriguing things about that idea is that something similar can be applied to Hisoka. He’s more extreme than Gon, being completely disinterested in right and wrong and more concerned about pleasure than the things that benefit him, But the main similarity here is that Hisoka is like Gon in that his actions are completely guided by things that interest him. This is sort of similar to the point that I made about both men being instinctual Why does Hisoka tag along with Gon and Killua during Greed Island? Because he thought the whole thing would make for a fun and interesting diversion. Why does he continuously push Gon to learn and improve? Because it furthers his interests in the boy which contributes to his ultimate goal. Why does he want to fight Chrollo? Because the thought of it makes him so unbearably horny. While neither Gon or Hisoka are concerned with morals the big difference here. Is that while Gon’s interests are selfish, but relatively harmless, Hisoka’s interests involved violence, death and destruction more often than not. A man that gets off by fighting whose life goal is essentially to experience as much pleasure as possible is naturally going to wreak havoc, and Hisoka does a lot of the time, because like Gon, He is guided by his interests in an animalistic way. But an intriguing thought arises when you ponder a very simple yet unsettling idea: The idea that one of the only significant things separating Hisoka and Gon is their interests. While there are some differences between the two like Gon’s fixation on promises and his naive innocence when it comes to human nature, interests, instinct, and a common thread with morals is what I’ll be looking at here because the two approach morality in a similar way, But their differing priorities mean that they are two very different people. And I can understand that it might rub some people the wrong way when I say that Gon’s priorities are one of the few things separating him from a guy like Hisoka, But I have to stress just how much a person’s priorities in life can tell you about that person. Long-term priorities don’t tend to change from day to day in most cases because they are deeply integrated with the type of people we are. So, take this ideal with the disclaimer that it says as much about the differences between the two men as it does about the similarities. Gon is interested in his loved ones, having simple fun, learning new things, and finding his dad. But what if his interests were not quite as benign? What if Gon’s sole interest was fighting? Logic dictates that he would become someone similar to Hisoka in this instance. Now obviously there are very key personality differences between the two that are important to note. Hisoka is very different from Gon and that he has a flirty, nonchalant, sadistic, mean-spirited disposition. It’s worth saying that he’s a whimsical liar, a Transmuter, to contrast the simpler nature of Enhancers like Gon, but what I’m trying to say here Is that if Gon shifted his animal-like endeavors to focus on combat and nothing else, he and Hisoka would share a distinct character trait. The main question here is what if the divergence point between the two characters was not a divergence at all? Essentially Hisoka is an example of what Gon could become if Gon’s sole interest was the joy he got from fighting. However, as easy as it is to say that and marvel at how quickly Gon could become someone like Hisoka, the fact is that for it to happen he would have to completely disregard everything else in his life, as Hisoka seems to have done, and this is a huge stopping point. Now do me a favor and keep this thought in the back of your mind because we’re going to revisit it very soon. Gon and Hisoka are two selfish people But a huge difference between them is that Gon care extends from himself to those within his inner circle. While Hisoka literally only cares about his own pleasure. Significantly, both have a larger-than-life drive to achieve the things that they set out for, but extending from this, the two men have an absolutely dominant fixation and love for fighting. Obviously, Hisoka’s feelings towards combat are more developed, and like I said, his fixation on fighting is much stronger than Gon’s, as demonstrated with Gon’s extreme fear when first experiencing Hisoka’s bloodlust. But Gon displays tiny moments here and there that are not unlike what one would associate with a younger, Hisoka. And I believe that Hisoka is so enamored with Gon, not just because of his potential and drive, But partly because he sees some of himself in him. Think of the scene after his first encounter with Hisoka, where he admits that he’s experienced a sort of thrill, in experiencing mortal fear for the first time, with his innocent curiosity instinctively making him yearn for the sensation again. Or even the scene on the boat on the way to the tag challenge where Killua witnesses Gon literally shaking in anticipation of the mortal obstacle of Hisoka ahead of him. There’s also the scene after his fight with Hisoka in Heaven’s Arena where he determinately reflects that he needs to reach Hisoka’s level for no reason other than to get stronger, or he instance where he recklessly ignores the group’s plan and decides to sacrifice his limbs just to get a hit on Genthru in Greed Island. This one in particular is so interesting because Genthru was legitimately thrown off and scared by Gon’s sheer determination and willingness to go so far, and this moment brings to mind another primary Hunter x Hunter character who has no problem with sacrificing his limbs. I’m aware that the circumstances are quite different, but it’s an interesting parallel nonetheless. His stubbornness during the dodgeball game his insistence to fight Pitou even though his true goal was to save Kite, the examples are everywhere. Gon has a clear love, and maybe even lust, for combat, one that he initially played off as a byproduct of his quest to find Ging. But that has since evolved into one of the primary elements that define him as a person. While characters like Killua or Kurapika fight as a means to an end, Gon finds an extreme thrill in putting his life on the line and duking it out in battle. Apart from the obvious perversions and the difference in magnitude of these feelings, is this really that much different from the pleasure Hisoka gets from combat? The two really are incredibly similar when it gets right down to it. However while the two share many things in common, I did say that a narrative foil has to contrast the main character in some way. And it’s very clear that Hisoka and Gon are far from identical. I believe that where they deviate is when it comes to the nature of their relationships with others. Gon manages to incorporate a care for those close to him in a lot of the things that he does, while Hisoka doesn’t seem to care for anything at all except his own pleasure. Gon has a group of people that he genuinely loves, and while, I don’t think that we can rule out anything with a character as mysterious as Hisoka, I think that it’s probably safe to say that he doesn’t have such a group of friends. He has some sort of a connection with Machi and the strange relationship with Illumi, But nothing like the love Gon has for his inner circle. Remember when I said that in order for Gon to shift his interests to that of Hisoka, he would likely have to disregard everything in his life that doesn’t have to do with fighting. The main things stopping Gon from doing this and becoming someone like Hisoka are his friends and family. How could he possibly let go of them?
And since this is the major factor separating Gon and Hisoka, it would make sense to try and work back to see what contrasts between the two men’s lives may have caused this difference to occur. And here I’d like to draw some attention to Developmental psychology, a field of Psychology that has to do with how humans are shaped and developed at different parts of their lives. Developmental Psychology touts the concept of sensitive periods in which children are most predisposed to growing interests and attachment to things. These sensitive periods are critical for forming the type of person that the children will become. Of course they aren’t everything but they are significant. And they’re commonly known to occur around early childhood. Now related to this Gon had a family life with Mito and others as a child. Not a perfect one, but definitely a loving one. And this human connection instilled a simple care of others within him, turning him into a young man with the capacity to make close friends. Regarding Hisoka however, and even considering what we get from the one-shot written by Sui Ishida, we don’t really know what his early life was like. But both Togashi and Ishida definitely allude to the idea that it wasn’t conventional, even by the unusual standards of Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka does refer to his mother as a person that taught him some illusionary tricks, but that was so minimal that I think any conclusions drawn from it would be insubstantial. Keep in mind that a lot of what I’m about to say is just conjecture, because so little is known about Hisoka’s childhood. Maybe he’s just the way he is because he’s just the way he is, but with a character like this, I think that the floor is open to some theorycrafting. I hypothesized that somewhere down the line, Hisoka was met with a major life moment that led him on the path to ignore human connection. Whether that moment was traumatizing is up for debate, but something undoubtedly had to happen in Hisoka’s past for the man to become so purely self-involved. And while Hisoka was probably isolated and becoming more and more inwardly focused, Gon was receiving love and nurturing from his aunt Mito and all of the lively people of Whale Island. Above all I think that something like this is likely the cause for the fundamental differences between Gon and Hisoka. Please note that. I’m not saying that Hisoka was a helpless victim who should not take responsibility for his actions. Because that is not what I think at all. He may have been dealt a difficult hand but everyone has troubles in life to one degree or another, yet not everyone becomes a sexually charged psycho clown. Now if we accept a theory like this to be plausible this actually becomes a very somber point, that puts a sad tinge on Hisoka’s character. While it’s obvious that Hisoka is having the time of his life, It is a life that is undoubtedly lonely. I know that Hisoka probably doesn’t care about that, but it still begs the question: If the major thing separating gone from Hisoka is the simple presence of affection in early life, T=then how close was Hisoka to being someone who cared about and was capable of making true friends? Or to flip it the other way, how close was Gon to being a person that would walk a path of villainy? Like I said, it’s possible that Hisoka sees some of himself in Gon. And we see how crazy and insane Gon gets throughout the Chimera Ant Arc, yet this is still a boy who is good-natured and positive at heart. If this good nature and ability to make friends is all that separates him from one of the most dangerous killers in the setting, was something so simple really what prevented Gon from becoming someone resembling a villain? It’s a fascinating yet uneasy point that underscores how important it is to pay attention to individual circumstances in appreciating characterization. In Hunter x Hunter is the line between the good and the bad simply drawn by how much you’re exposed to human connection in your early years? Could something so simple as a lack of proper emotional affection be the cause of so much of the villainy in the series? As interesting as this thought is, and independent of how it may apply to Hisoka and Gon, it’s definitely a narrow minded way to look at it, especially when there are so many variables at play in determining who a person becomes. So for this reason, I don’t really buy into this method of thinking. Instead I like to take a different approach in thinking about it and say that in Hunter x Hunter, there’s no line separating the good and the bad, and in some instances, here is no good or bad, but rather just a myriad of people shaped and formed by their own personal experiences, a product of both of their environment and their inherent nature. Above all of the wonderful elements that this series has, this complexity of characterization is what keeps me coming back and reflecting on Hunter x Hunter time and time again. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on what I’ve said here in the comments below, And thanks very much again for taking the time to watch this video.

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  1. Nice, very true. Gon and Hisoka are quite different in terms of their attitude towards combat (Gon is much more emotional and "human," whereas Hisoka is detached) but it's clear that both love it. Gon just loves the thrill, as you said, whereas Hisoka loves dealing out bloodshed, like you said, and that's a key difference in their intent that seperates a likeable young dude with the "sexually charged psycho-clown." There are more differences of course – Hisoka is genuinely evil, malicious, sadistic, etc; while Gon is generally good natured. But there IS a ton of overlap – Gon has shown hints of sadism. Both have a similar moral framework. Both prioritize themselves above all else (Gon is definitely selfish – it just extends to his close loved ones. I don't buy that he's altruistic or primarily cares for others). Both like to WIN, whatever winning entails for them. Both are driven and impulsive.

    I think it's clear that Gon and Hisoka share quite a few aspects of "nature." And a lot of the key differences have been because of "nurture." And it's important that Togashi has ALWAYS been one to emphasize the importance of environment in development (similar to the "developmental psychology" you described). So while there is every chance that Hisoka is a sick fuck just because he has a screw loose (nature), I think that there is as much of a chance that something caused him to become that way (nurture). Yet Gon turned out quite differently because of the affection he received during childhood. But if Mito was a horrible, vile woman.. Hell knows what Gon would be like.

    I hope Togashi never tells us which is the truth about our clown. Hisoka is simple and that's why he works, and the mystery surrounding him is so awesome because it brings about discussion like this. To spell out exactly who he is for us would lessen the beauty of his character. He's perfect as he is.

  2. I'm a bit confused about his backstory not being written by Togashi. Is it canon? But it was really cool to have a not too revealing peak into Hisoka as a youth.

  3. I totally disagree with your idea of Hisoka motivation and character.
    I think that Hisoka childhood probably was pretty normal and boring, honestly. That would explain his powers being motivated for something as innocent as sweets.
    That would also explain why he is not interested in his past at all.

  4. Love your point of view, but I have a different one. I feel like there IS good and bad, however there is also so many things in between, and that good and bad change all time.

  5. His good nature is what makes him dangerous in dangerous situations because the contrast of darkness would give him a greater stress and desire to fight. Like how good people, can start riots because of their sports team losing.

  6. "Sexually charged psycho clown", one of my favorite things about Hisoka are the ridiculous names you guys come up with for him.

  7. It would make sense for a narcissistic, as Hisoka is, to recognise himself in Gon and desire to fight with "himself", which could be the ultimate pleasure for him.

  8. the life that hisoka chose is quite self-destructive, he practically already died at the hands of chrollo, but I think it is possible that he finds a permanent death this time, he can't always have it his way, I don't know how he would feel if he were to find his end, but I always thought it would be interesting to meet someone from his past, maybe one of the friends that he discarded, and I would like to see how they react to what hisoka became.

  9. I just realized something major.

    Thing thing that made Gon different from Hisoka was his experience with Kite in young years.
    And after Kite died, Gon became almost exactly like Hisoka in his thirst for revenge.

    I do believe that this is no accident and intentional.

  10. Yo I want to start a channel your a big inspiration of that I was wondering if I can get some advice even guidance?

  11. I think a good example of Gon and Hisoka sinking into each other was when Gon murdered the living shit out of Neferpitou. He didn't slay her out of morality but due to her murdering one of his closest friends. He put his desire (While a bit righteous it was) first. Nothing would get in his way to destroy her.

    Killua on the otherhand was/is a pretty chill boi, his environment dictated the living shit out of his life. (Obessive family, Rich by essentially blood-money, mind-control, locking up one of their other children, child-assassin,boi depressed as all hell)

  12. I disagree, both nen's type gives us clues about their nature, while Gon is 100% instinct Hisoka it's much more conspirator, plotting how to achieve his goals, i think that in other circumstances Gon would become someone like Uvo, looking for the oportunity for accomplish his objective of find strong fighters, he still care about his people but he just would been on the other side. Hisoka is a sociopath, his childhood and live triggers his disorder
    and make it more extreme, if he would have the life that Gon have maybe he had to fight to that part of him that is wrong, his twisted nature.

  13. One other thing I noticed after a recent re-watch, is the similarities in one of their actions. In ther fight in Heaven's Arena, when Hisoka pulls Gon towards him with his Bungee Gum, the way Hisoka Punches, is quite similar to the way Gon punches Pitou after he has transformed. It's subtle, but it's the subtle things in this show that make all the difference.

  14. Theory: If Hisoka get the urge to kill that he goes into a daze and wanders around till someone crosses him and he overpowers and kills them would that make him a rapist if he finds killing sexually satisfying. would that also mean his fights with Gon are with consent and its basically him training a sexual partner to get himself done his way?

  15. As soon as I first saw Ubogin, I sensed his foreshadowing significance to Gon. He had almost limitless potential and was seeking out to be as powerful as a nuke. Very simple goals and mindset.

  16. Hisoka has a reasonable goal, he just seeks release from a typical dull life he doesnt do it in a moral way sure, but as far as hisoka is concerned there is no point or reason for anything so if you're going to do anything at all might as well be what yo love and if you're going to be something might as well try to be the best. Hisoka has tried everything to try to stay thrilled but after circuses and food and etc, he found interest in continuous fighting but as you get really into a game you get good and then you want to fight stronger people, even in the real world people get obsessions, so in a world filled with danger and powers Id think people like hisoka are normal I mean look at pariston, netero,mereum, killua, even ging left his son and wife and family merely for what some old ruins the thing about hunter hunter is their all crazy thats what makes them fun. Sry about extreme length but if you somehow read this overwhelming rant congrats I couldnt. And thanks for your consideration.

  17. You forgot another good example that shows Gon''s love for the thrill in foghting is when he first fought Gido in the heaven's arena. Gon really lacked training in nen and it was his first time fighting someone who used nen on him. After the match Killua and Wing had a conversation about Gon's recklessness and Killua literally said that despite the dangers tha Gon might've faced, he seemed to enjoy the thrill.

  18. Been watching you all day dude. Would love to hear you talk about Pariston. I find him so intresting, thank god he is in the D. Continant arc

  19. Gon don't give a damn about anyone that isn't his friends, but he has A LOT of friends, he become friends with someone really easier.

  20. Well Goku is interested in fight but yet he doesn't kill people for fun or at least with no problem like Hisoka did most of the time

  21. I'm usually turned off immediately by amateurs trying to sound intelligent with analysis videos however I have to say you do a good job in every one of your videos, it's so easy to mistake Hisokas interest in Gon being 'he is the main character' and not look deeper into it but once you do, especially taking the Uvo comparison into consideration how Gon and Hisoka seem like onions that appear nothing alike but each layer you peel back the more similar they are, Hisoka understands Killuas potential as seen in his scene with Netero asking who he's keeping an eye on and as Gon matures Hisoka goes as far as doing everything he can secretly without Illumis knowledge to make certain Gon survives, I'd be curious to hear what you think will happen on the way to the DC? Is Hisoka and Illumi (and by extention Kalluto) working together? Both characters can alter their appearance now, the thought of Hisoka succeeding would only make the troupe a 'more significant force' but I think that was well established in yorknew, it'll be quality either way, again great analysis well put together and thought out well

  22. Sooooo we just gonna ignore the fact they got the same eyebrows

    Which could be a small metaphor about the similarities 🤔🤔🤔

  23. Greeat video as always, but I think you forgot to mention the possibility that Hisoka might have had a completely normal family with no traumatic event that shaped his twisted personality. Togashi has written at least one textbook psychopath in the past. Sakyo from YuYu Hakusho was a human with no superpowers who had a normal, loving family but still became a murderous psychopath. Now, young Hisoka doesn't seem as sick as he is in the present, but this possibility can't be dismissed.

    Another interesting person in Hisoka's past is his mentor Moritonio, a half-functioning serial killer whose bloodlust seems to mirror Hisoka's

  24. I hope hisoka takes a turn and falls in love with a women which changes his whole demeanor and almost gives him the meruem type of treatment just not as severe.. that would be cool to see. The villain/ friendimie turning into a complete baby face with a lil bit of badassness

  25. mmm i dont really buy this comparison/resemblance. Gon's thirst for fighting, while fervent, is a lot more good-natured than Hisoka's. Gon's seeks to simply challenge himself and learn from it, which is nothing outlandish or sinister, while Hisoka seeks to kill the opponent in a battle. Everyone in the real world seeks challenge in the things they do, and to an extent, many of the characters in the anime itself portrayed this trait. Netero and Meruem both fought each and enjoyed it to a degree, with netero being excited by the very prospect of a fight, and meruem having an innate predisposition to challenge his mental faculties by beating a lot of the world's champions at board games. The very reason Meruem didn't go all out on Netero was due to the thrill of beating netero at level playing field. To declare Netero or Meruem to be in the same vein as Hisoka would be quite shortsighted.

  26. I wish I had my search history from the early 2000s when I looked everywhere for a psychological analysis to this Manga and older anime. You sir are an answer to the dream of a younger version of me and I can't help but agree with your diagnosis in all your hxh material. And ppl wonder why Togashi Sama takes alot of time writing this material. Shit gotta make sense! otherwise the Manga wouldn't have been an ultra success. Keep up the good work and keep learning.

  27. i don'T think we have to talk much about feelings in tha case of Hisoka, i sincerely think he's a born psychopath, i would even go as far and say he had a "normal childhood" without any trauma, that's just how he is, the closest thing he has to a friend is Illumi, but even that is only because Illumi can help him when he needs it, remember at the end of the hunter exam how Illumi said if he killed Gon Hisoka would kill him without thinking, and he knows it, he knows they're not friends but keeps hanging out with him for the same reason, so he can ask for his help when needed … i don't think Illumi is also a psychopath, he's a sociopath, since his upbringing, but he has very strong emotions, mostly for his family members, but u can't argue, he has emotions … Hisoka is empty inside, he has no feelings for anyone, every connection he has is jut for his benefit and his targets he keeps alive are only for his amusement to kill them in the right moment … anyone else is nothing in his eyes, whoever can't help him in some way or give him a good fight, he kills like an insect

  28. So if we are going to talk about the "love" Gon got as a child can we remember that this 12 yr old boy commented that he frequently took older women on "dates" back on the island? Gon was a child escort….

  29. I have a theory that by the end of the show (when our boy Togashi desires to finish it) Gon is gonna become more and more evil and his friends will either be the ones to finish him off or bring him from the brink. But considering the way that the show goes my theory subscribes more towards Gon becoming evil and the one that will end his life will be either Killua, Leorio, or Hisoka when the time comes. And I hope it doesn't happen believe me but the way that the show usually goes you can never know. I mean look at Meruem taking a full 360 and becoming mournful and reprehensible feelings towards his actions, going "so low" as to submit to Palm just to get her to talk and tell him where Komugi was hidden away. Togashi definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to putting a lot of thought into his characters… but thats just a theory…

  30. You don't have to stop and think about Gonna and Uvogin. It just about punches you in the face like an enhancer.

    I actually dislike Gon and have a lot of trouble with him as a main character. He's incredibly selfish, short sighted, and not very intelligent at all. He gets by on his sheer talent and hardheaded focus, which I think a lot of people misinterpret as dedication.

    I really love HxH, but I'd love it so more with less Gon, or if Gon wasn't seen as a good guy.

  31. i dont know if i agree with that, i think he would be somewhere close to netero, without the religious beliefs, because he never go out of his way to kill someone if not provoked (unabomber on greed island), on the quimera arc he was utterly pissed, but that wasnt his normal modus operandi.

  32. 14:40 is the best excerpt of the analysis from me.

    The parallel drawn between Hisoka and Gon, and how dangerously close they could've been if they had been brought up in different situations.

  33. i really love the fact that now Hisoka is an absolute Psycho, like way more so than before. you knew he had Psycho undertones before and we've seen a few, but he always seemed to be reserved in a way instead of letting lose everywhere, he wanted great fights. but now that Chrollo killed him and he came back. its like Hisoka completely warped even further, now he's just gunna start murdering people left or right, good fight or bad. this makes me really excited for the moment Hisoka and Gon see each other again. my question is. will Hisoka bother waiting for Gon to grow up anymore? or will he legit try to kill Gon

  34. Gon cares about everyone tf you mean? His 'inner circle' extends to anyone he doesn't think is a cruel piece of shit.

  35. As pessimistic as it seems, I actually sometimes see the evil in Gon and wants Togashi to push it further. o I don’t want Gon to be “a sexually-charged psycho “ but I sometimes want to see what Gon will be like if everything is stripped away from him. This analysis might actually let us see how Gon would have been like should Togashi let Gon’s character loose through looking at Hisoka. I enjoyed this video

  36. On your basis of the previous video I would say that is only shown if you pick and choose data rather than view the whole scoop of things in hunter x hunter. I say this for he actually disregards traditional morals but not in the way you specified. Instead he focuses on the here and now similar to Ging when he turns the criminals to better people in greed island. In this I mean that he looks at someone and decides if they are better now or can become better rather than dwelling on past instances of injustice. As well, he looks at why they commutes these acts instead of just the fact that they did them (loosely ties into him letting the scissor serial killer go, he didn’t know his background but clearly he was a good man and I feel that gon sensed this as he does with every person he meets)

  37. Knowing Ishida, even though it's not his story, I'd probably posit that even a throw away reference like that shouldn't be taken at face value. The man has a fixation on how parents influence the future of their children, and how children perceive their parents. Often, a child character will perceive their parent in a far more positive light, or even in some cases the inverse is true.
    I don't feel like Hisoka was abused by his parents, at least not physically. I think he probably was predisposed to some kind of psychosis and likely watched his mother possibly doing some of the things he would in the future do.
    I think it's interesting to think of him in terms of the Zoldycks, because I've always seen immeasurable similarities between himself and Killua. I think of it like this: Gon had similar base personality blocks guiding him to be similar to Hisoka, but due to nurture, he ended up being much different. Killua was nurtured in a manner which made him similar to Hisoka, but his nature prevented him from becoming the man himself. That's why, to be frank, any analysis of Hisoka should come with a reflection on both Gon and Killua. When you take certain elements of both boys in to account and combine them, you create Hisoka. He presents a foil for both and creates a method to use Gon and Killua as foils for each other.

  38. I thought the same about gonna and uvogen, especially when uvogen did that big bang punch. I thought they were basically the same guy

  39. I’m so happy you made a video about this. When I was watching HxH I noticed some of the things you pointed out but I wouldn’t be able to express with such eloquence.

  40. Yet Killua’s childhood was no more sheltered nor loving than Hisoka’s. I think those two provide some argument for the theory of affection in childhood.

  41. Huge difference between gon and Hisoka is their intelligence Hisoka is a genius whilst Gon gets tired of thinking unless spelled out to him. This makes a big impact, quite likely hisoka was smarter than his peers even in a normal environment so wouldnt fit in with his peers and like all people would get bored easy whilst doing simple tasks. Hisoka craves challenges which he seems out though fighting which exercises his brain and body, which is why he enjoys it so much it challenges him when he finds everything else easy and boring driving him to fight stronger and smarter people. As they are puzzles he canth and be challenged by.

  42. To me, the key difference between the two goes beyond the contrast between Gon's close relationships and Hisoka's lack of them. We could say that Gon feels nothing for people he's not interested in, but I would call that a vast oversimplification at best. Gon exudes a passive goodwill toward mankind in general, a sort of 'I hope your life is going well for you, even if I personally do nothing to make it so' kind of feeling. Hisoka's apathy is far more complete.

  43. I'd like to add a small point to your part on how Gon and Hisoka could easily be two sides of same coin. When Gon faced Binovolt in Greed island and spared him because he helped him get stronger, Binovolt saw himself as a child. In his childhood time he definitely was kindhearted but cruel judgment made him to a bitter and terrible man. This could symbolize that Gon could have ended up similar to him if he wasn't raised and surrounded by people who love and supported him just as much as he aided them. To be on a little be on a tangent, after the fight Binovolt decided to turn himself in. It doesn't justify Gon disregarding his crimes, but it does show how Gon's simple child nature is compelling to many people.

  44. At 1:29 I was listening while doing other stuff, and I heard the motorcycle thinking it was IRL, only just then seeing it was in the video lol.

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