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GTFO – Gameplay Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

GTFO – Gameplay Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

Narrator: It comes every night, without fail. There are different people every time. (“Let’s get this done quickly. Get whatever the warden want and get home.”) But I recognize them somehow. (“What the hell is this place?”) They’re screaming at me. I don’t hear them but I know they’re screaming. (“You got anything?”) Such hate and anger. (“I hope you bastards are looking up once in a while.”) (“Those fuckers might be anywhere.”) I don’t know what I have done to them. (“This place is so damn dark.”) (“Shh. Sleepers.”) They want me to feel what they feel. (“This is good man. This is good stuff man. It’ll trade.”) (“Everything trades.”) [Alarm Blares] (“Aww fuck! They’ll be on us any… second.”) (“Keep your eyes on that door!”) (“Ah shit! There’s fucking loads of them!”) [Indistinct yelling, shrieks and gunfire.] Then I wake up. I’m not sweating or screaming. I’m perfectly calm. I just open my eyes and I’m awake. And it’s not a nightmare. It’s just part of me, who I am. I don’t fight it, I just… …live around it. (screeches) (“What the hell is tha-!”) (Theme music plays)

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  1. С удовольствием поиграл бы в нечто подобное. Смотрится великолепно.!


  3. I hope not like payday2. Hope that each weapon and skill are well balanced. Then, please add Chinese. There are many Chinese players.

  4. The only terrifying thing about this game are the inevitable failures and restarts from people refusing to work together because it's not "fun".

  5. It comes, every night, without fear.
    There are different people every time.
    But I recognize them somehow.
    They're screaming at me, I don't hear them but I know they're screaming.
    Such… hate… and anger.
    I don't know what I have done to them.
    They want me to feel what they feel.

    Then I wake up.
    I'm not sweating or screaming.
    I'm perfectly calm.
    I just opened my eyes, and I'm awake!
    And it's not a nightmare.
    It's just part of me, who I am.
    I don't fight it, I just…

    Live around it

  6. This game reminded me how Interstellar Marines should have been. But the devs joy fucked it beyond reviving. High hopes that this game won't go down development hell and also unecessary loot boxes.

  7. I love how the camera work in the gameplay is similar to how somebody would realistically react to the situation on hand without doing the dumb E3 grade "cinematic aiming"

  8. 안녕하세요! 트위치TV와 Youtbe. 에서 겜 방송하고 있는 스트리머 와이맨(Yman ROK)입니다.
    출시되면 구매해서 방송할게요! ㅎㅎㅎ^^

  9. So, we have our intrepid adventurers carrying a Cutting Tool (Bishop), Mapper (Woods) Trip Mines (North) and a Sentry Turret for the main character. The other are fairly self explanatory but I'm curious to know about the purpose of the Mapper. It's not the scanning tool we see used at 0:30, because North is using that and he has the trip mines. So if that tool isn't the mapper then it would have to be something for keeping track of where you're going, which means the levels must be huge. If not, who would take it when they could take a more useful tool?

  10. Is it free to play or not? If not how much will it cost? Will you have lootboxes? This game better be 30$ and no lootboxes only skins .

  11. GTFO is the future of gaming, at least for me 🙂 I do anything to test this beautiful game, just a tiny bit of it and share with the rest of the World. I am scared to play ALIEN: Isolation but comparing GTFO. a short 2min video I will try not go under my bed. Hoping to see you guys at E3 🙂

  12. Lost track of how many times I've seen this trailer now. So much hype!
    Can't wait to record me and my friends pissing our pants!

  13. Man i really love the idea of this game, i keep thinking of what kinda of horror games we need. and this idea to a horror game is an awesome idea and is needed 100%, tho i do have a few questions on the game, if i can ask . its nothing like when is it coming out but its more about the game
    let me know if i am ok to ask them

  14. I hope the game dev' is doing well. Hoping to see more gameplay at E3 or sooner than 5 more months x). Game look interesting hope it's more than just zombies/infested and a bit more interersting than that.
    The hard part for this game will be having a good, scary but fun game AND a good balance with the replayability.

  15. FEAR meets killing floor 2? in waganda? lol SOILD!! *ahem*.,..SOLD!! lol (cleans myself form soiling myself during the suspense)

  16. Would they make random generated maps or it will be premade? Cus if not it will be a boring shit filled with speed runners and glitch abusers same as alien swarm!

  17. Today is Mon, Dec 31st 2018. Still no GTFO for the XBox One X. Where is it? Release date?

    So it's Nov 13th 2018 and this game releases this year. Only 6 weeks remaining. What's the release date? Still nothing. I hope it isn't delayed.
    I suppose I'll play FALLOUT 76 starting tomorrow.

    Anyone played EARTHFALL? They updated it and it's been greatly improved.

    Please release this on XBox One X asap.
    Xbox gamertag: E vee dub

  18. Well, as someone who loves having good sound in games, these guns sound like absolute shit. Like electric airsoft guns or a pissed off nailgun.

  19. "Set to be released 2018…" says the description and GameInformer magazine.
    Today is Mon, Dec 31st, 2018.
    Where is GTFO for the Xbox One X?
    Please send my free copy, including all future DLC, to gamertag "E vee dub". Thanks.

  20. The commentary in this trailer always gets me. I assume it's one of the crew, he did a very good job.

  21. so im playing it and there is no xray cam. where is my XRAY cam 10 chambers… cause the bio scanner is useful but that shit looks cool. I WANT.

  22. Im really curious on the backstory or lore behind this game. I like these kinds of unexplained mysteries of to why there's these humanoid alien things.

  23. i am amazed there aren't hundreds of comments from people like me, from the alpha, that came back to re-watch this masterpiece after the alpha closed temporarily

  24. What you see is not what you get !!! … again …

    Another super downgraded game for my list

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