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Guess the food just by listening to the sound [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.23]

Guess the food just by listening to the sound [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.23]

There are 6 suitcases. Among the 6, there’s one that has the golden pig. Look for the golden pig. (The survival game starts now!) (The keys for suitcases are hidden in the mart) It’ll be great if you keep guessing. (One of the 6 suitcases has the golden pig) They’re wearing a poker face. – There isn’t, is there? / – There is. (I think they’re lying) (Which couple will find the golden pig?) You can win 2 keys if you win the 1st game. It’s called Sweet ASMR. After listening to a sound… (Guess the food from just listening to the sound) You can do it! Let’s go. (I’ll get them all) Soyou, chew them well! Crunch. You shouldn’t send any signal to your partner. Alright, each person will… hold the food… Please keep quiet. Ready, set, go! (I got what it is) (Please give the chance to me!) – Team Sugeun. / – Team Sugeun. Chestnut. (Is it chestnut?) (No way) – It’s correct! / – Team Sugeun got it! – It’s correct! / – Team Sugeun got it! (That’s unbelievable) He’s so good at it. That was amazing. It’s a chestnut. I never thought he’d get it right. What are you doing? You’ll all go home empty-handed. Goodness. You can’t laugh at it. (Oh, this one!) – Ready. / – Ready. Set, go! (Hands are shooting up so fast) This team. Please put down your hands. (He was the fastest) (The chance goes to Team Sparrow) – Team Sparrow. / – Say your answer in 3, 2, 1. A tomato? – It’s correct! / – Team Sparrow got it! So Team Sparrow and Team Sugeun get a key each. Congratulations. (Team Sparrow and Team Sugeun each get a key) Team Sugeun will open the suitcase first. Which suitcase will you choose? I’ll pick number 3. Number 3? Why did you pick number 3? It felt like it was stuck with glue. Great. (Is it in number 3?) (I should watch their faces) Let’s look at it. Oh, we really can’t see it well. (Is the golden pig in suitcase number 3?) (Peeking) (Is it in there?) (Curious) (Gosh, this is) – What is it? / – Why is it here? (What’s in there?) (Very curious) – Gosh, how did we… / – Did you see the golden pig? – Yes. / – Yes. What does it look like? It was the golden pig. What does it look like? – It looks like a pig. / – You know what pigs look like. – That’s what it looks like. / – It’s just a pig. It’s a pig at one sight. Alright. Please return to your seat. – This way. / – Okay. And the next is Team Sparrow. – Number 5. / – Number 5? Please come on out. – Number five. / – That’s ours. Look at them targeting us. (Suitcase number 5 is open) (What could it be?) (Is the golden pig in there?) (What?) (It’s not in here) It must not be there. It must not be there. – No, it’s in here. / – It must not be there. (Are they acting? Or did they make a mistake?) – There is. / – It could be an act. But they’re wearing a poker face. I think they have the golden pig. (This is intense psychological warfare) Team Sparrow, you opened the suitcase. Did you see the golden pig inside? No comment. – No comment? / – They can do that? (That’s up to us) I think it’s in number 5. – Number 5? / – Yes, it’s in there. You don’t think so? (Is it in there?) Since you seem confused, we invited a very special person who can help with your inference. He is a special person. Please come on out. – It’s Park Geonryeol. / – It’s Park Geonryeol. (The special guest is a kid?) Please come in. Come here. Hi, Geonryeol. (Trying to ignore him) He’s adorable. Hello, how old are you, Geonryeol? I’m seven. – You’re 7 years old? / – You’re 7 years old? Please introduce yourself. (Well) Tells us your name and which school you go to. “I’m Geonryeol.” (I wasn’t told they were going to ask this) (He must be shy. How cute) How do you feel right now? (Well) Do you have a girlfriend? – He does! / – What’s her name? (Should I tell them?) – He’s shy. / – This is happening for real. Then among the 6 suitcases, which one do you want to open? – Number 6. / – Number 6. (That’s ours!) (That’s a great choice!) That’s great. Here’s suitcase number six. (Geonryeol can’t take his eyes off of the suitcase) (Geonryeol, tell me if it’s in there) (Curious) (Is the golden pig in the suitcase?) It is the golden pig. Oh, gosh. Hold on. You saw it, right? Alright. (The golden pig is in there?) How big is it? Is it this big or this small? (That’s a great question) It’s that big? (It was this big) – Was it? I see. / – How big is it? I think it’s in there. (I got a feeling) Geonryeol… You won’t get a Christmas present if you lie. Is it really in there? (No Christmas presents for lying?) Santa Claus… (Was I wrong to come out here?) He seems concerned. If you lie, Santa Claus won’t give you presents on Christmas. Is there a golden pig inside or not? (Should I tell the truth and get the present?) (This is just a show, Santa Claus will understand) (Which will Geonryeol choose?) (I’m concerned) There is a golden pig? There is. (He must be telling the truth) (It’s actually in our suitcase!) – Very good. / – Geonryeol is a master at this. You gave very important information to them. Good job. Please give it up for him. Geonryeol, you’re the best! You were great. Great job. Now you can run out there while calling your mom. Do you understand? Geonryeol, here we go! Mom! (Mom!)

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