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Heechul : You’re too late… [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

Heechul : You’re too late… [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

– Now… / – Who’s next? Jungmo will go next. (Jungmo will go next) – Hold on. / – I’m having fun. I’m having so much fun. That’s why it’s better to get it over with earlier. – Do I stand on it? / – Yes, step up. (He’s very nervous) Yes. (Who will he choose?) Let’s see. It’s Hyebin. Let’s see. (He chooses Smiley Seo Hyebin) You… I played Jenga with you. (He tries to relax) – Hello? / – Let’s see. – Hello. / – Will their friendship break here? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (She checked the two men’s thoughts during Jenga) (How will their love triangle end?) Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (He’s more nervous) (What will her answer be?) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What do I do? I’m sorry. (Happy) (Sad) (I’m sorry) – Heechul is blushing. / – What’s going on? – Hey. / – Hey. – Wait a second. / – He likes it. – He likes it. / – It might not be me. You may now step up there and dial the person. – What? / – Everyone. It’s not over yet. – Calm down. / – Calm down. – Okay. / – Calm down. We still have Smiley Seo Hyebin left. You may step up there and dial the person. What if I’m not the one she’s calling? (She chooses…) It’s mine. – Let’s listen to his answer. / – He’s glad. – I shouldn’t embarrass myself. / – It’s Heechul. He could say no. Hello? (Hello?) Will you find love with me? (It’s getting interesting) (What will his answer be?) I think… You called too late. He’s so cheesy. It’s the first time she’s calling. What do you mean, she called late? I’ve been waiting. (He’s embarrassed) (It is very embarrassing) “I’ve been waiting.” (It’s the least I could do) Until the end. Hello. (Smiley Seo Hyebin and Heechul becomes a couple) You two are too close to each other. Let’s give it up. Congratulations. (Congratulations on being a couple) How does it feel like to finally become a couple? It feels like I’ve watched a drama episode with a perfectly structured storyline in a quarter of a day. My heart palpitates. And to our host. He participated tonight. You got your wish after all. I’m… Look at his posture. (He looks relaxed as he became a couple) – I’m… / – I hate to see him. At first… Mr. Jenga, please step aside. Mr. Jenga? Hyebin and I agreed to talk in a casual way. We’ll talk in a casual way. – Okay. / – How are your feelings, Hyebin? – It felt realistic. / – Yes. I couldn’t be able to ease my tension from the beginning to the end. Why do you keep getting far away from him? I hope you continue your relationship well. We’ll cheer for you. Thank you for being here with us tonight. The couples may now carry your luggage and go on a date. Since we have to go, you can carry this for us, Jungmo. No! – Congratulations, everyone. / – Yes. (The couples can now go on a date)

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  1. I'm into heechul x hani ship badly. For me they are the best ship… But seeing heechul happy here with hyebin makes me ship them also. Yyaaahh chulieee get married already with thte one you really love.

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