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Hello and welcome to ePIG. Sometimes less is more. Today we show you the Helikon Sling Backpack You see the Helikon Sling Backpack is not that large. The volume is just about 6.5L (~400 cubic inch) About 42cm (16,5″) high 26 (10,3″) cm wide and 6cm (2,3″) in depth. The sling pack is designed mainly for concealed carry. It is called EDC backpack, it can be used for everyday purpose. You can put in everything what you can imagine. Let’s have a look at the features. You have an elastic open pocket at the front. It is fastend with a Fastex buckle. It is covered under this flap The pocket is hand deep. You can put in a pullover or something flat inside. would be no issue at all. It has 3 pockets in total. All pockets are locked with zippers and all zippers are stored in those zipper ports. Thanks to that nothing rattles. Nothing rattles in general as the pulls are made of rubber covered paracord. But in addition that it does not hang around. Here a nice zipper port. The first pocket, is as large the whole front area Is a flat pocket where you can store small stuff. Thats not divided in additon and has no further features. The next Pocket is more interesting. There you have, a loop area on the Inside. I placed some stuff. It is not included. Don’t be excited and think there is this nice MUP, from Black Lion Gear. That’t not included. But you can place here everything with hook and loop, as organizer pocket. The main pocket is desigend for the firearm. In this case I placed the zipper pulls in the zipper port. First I open it like You would do normaly It opens up to three quarters. There is a huge loop field. Where I can place a handgun The nice thing, the holster is included. You get a basic holster. Universal adjustable. Suitable for all handguns and can be tightend with this loop It is drop-secured. But can be used without The hook and loop holds pretty good. If you use it without you can draw faster. without removing the retainer. When you look at the outside. There is this rubberized latch. That divedes in an v-shape It is made for opening the pocket in the fast option. That means, I close it first. Just this latch shows to the outside. It is also used to move the backpack from the back to the front. You grab it there. With the left hand you drag the pack to the front. You have it in front of your belly. You just pull the pull tab and the pocket comes open. As you do it with your left hand, you have the right hand to draw the gun. Keyword left / right. Compared to other sling packs, this one is made only for right handers. respectively to carry it on your right shoulder and drag it over your left side. The backside of the pack is slightly padded. Well you do not need a fat highend padding, on a 6,5L backpack. It is only for the essentials. That’s totally fine. Same on the shoulder strap, slightly padded. as additional feature at the front, there is an elastic pocket. You can overstuff it a bit. I have an iPhone 10 inside, for comparison. It fits completly. and as you see the elastic fabric folds up a bit. It lays flat, is as wide as the strap. But when you need it, it stretches out. Fits a handgun magazine perfectly. Our conclusions to Helikons EDC Sling Backpack Offers exactly what he should, a simple small slingbag That is just for a handgun an some equipment. And suits for every day use and small stuff. Men’s handbag for the back. Ideal for that, isn’t expensive, highly recomended. You get the Helikon EDC Sling Backpack everywhere, where you get Helikon stuff. Link to manufacturer is below Questions to the product? Write them in the comments. If you liked the video, give us a like. Suscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to hit the bell, to get informed about new videos. See you next time, take care, bye bye


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