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[Holly!] (Ark mobile) || Attack on base on predatory island.

[Holly!] (Ark mobile) || Attack on base on predatory island.

welcome to back. In the previous section, I attacked this facility. after that i’m busy and don’t play for a while. The base has been redeveloped and today I continue to attack this facility. The pvp ring just changed and started attacking the first turret. We’re going to attack the enemy’s weak spot, I’ve talked about this on a lot of my videos. for the best viewing angle when watching my videos. Everyone should watch it on PC. The video is 4k quality and very easy to see than mobile phones. Damn, the enemy found out attacked. lol lured him out already. Now keep on attacking, lol 2 more to go. but not so important. Next turret. We run close to the turret tower, then find the best position. There will be 1 or 2 turrets to see the characters. : D did not notice and I hold c4 missing. have to come back and get more c4. The armor is about to break. Our attack on this facility is without the support of domestic animals, or our allies. it’s normal for a single player like me to die or suffer equipment damage. we attack any base, let a domesticated animal die, or loss of resources or equipment is inevitable, as long as we have the victory. ignorant people have thought: attack only wants to win but does not want to lose anything. lol I made the mistake of helping some ignorant people, I took equipment and raided, it was inevitable that I would die when I took down the turret … when I died, they screamed. Dude, don’t die, don’t lose your resources. lol, but they supervised me to help them while not wanting to be hurt. from then on, I limited to helping people like that. and most of me don’t want to help those who think so poorly. These base enemies are attacking Japanese underwater caves. The previous video I also posted defended for the Japanese. While they were attacking the Japanese, I prepared my equipment and attacked, and you see, they were engrossed in attacking underwater caves without knowing their facilities were being attacked by me. lol Damn, lag Damn, the turret is set to shoot from afar. the turret shoots hurt. bloody end soon. have to urgently destroy the TEK door. The armor is broken, it’s almost half, so let’s drink beer. I got 9 c4 balls 10 11 hurry up. twelfth Damn, the enemy found out, another c4 result. Damn, it only takes 5 more minutes to get inside. TEK door is quite strong 13 c4 has just broken the TEK door. damned. Just a little bit more to get inside, but that lol guy can take, I feel angry. angry at people. Continue to pressure the enemy. inside. lol bombard what is possible. hmm, the TEK generator .. there’s not enough rockets to destroy it. c4 on mobile phones is weaker than PC. and on mobile c4 is also quite weak. And you see, I fired 6 rockets and the TEK gate was broken. in the previous video. because it could not defeat the surrounding turret, it was difficult to take the missile to destroy the TEK door. There are many turrets around so only C4 can be used. plundering time. lol lol, pretty many safes. Choose quick gear and leave. We don’t have a lot of time to choose good equipment. the loss of resources like this causes a lot of death for players. but this is pvp, you only have to choose one or two is lost. lol Now I have to hide this equipment before I can get it back to base. then the pvp zone moved, the enemy brought the animal to another base, they bring all that is left over to the ally’s base. the remaining turrets on the pillars were taken away. leave the base. I heard they will move to another server and some will not play this game anymore. and the base raid twice caused great loss and loss, they could not withstand the pressure and left. I feel so sorry. but okay, thanks for watching. Thanks 6k viewers for watching me all this time. thanks. See you in the next video. bye bye

57 thoughts on “[Holly!] (Ark mobile) || Attack on base on predatory island.”

  1. Must be annoying to have Chinese tribes like that just roll up you your server (even tho one streamed an invasion to mine) but hey China and Japan #1

  2. เฟสคุณชื่ออะไร? ฉันเล่นด้วยได้ไหน?

  3. Holly u are the best I wish I could be just like u bc u da best 🙂 btw i saw that ñame on my server BLACK CAT

  4. Build a mega tribe for your followers.And take 9 of your followers into the tribe and make everyone ruler. Then invade the volcano with us.pls take meee bro. Because it is my think.

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