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Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games

Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games

This summer, prepare for the poorly-directed movie adaptation of the young adult phenomenon
that isn’t about gay vampires. The Hunger Games. In a dystopian future, the rich dress
like second-rate Lady Gagas in cities leftover from Phantom Menace while the poor struggle
for survival in unnecessary shaky cam. But can still somehow afford futuristic projection
thingies. One girl must choose – between a short, boring, one-dimensional, worthless
blonde guy and this much hotter dude. In a world where children are ripped from their
families, and their parents seem oddly okay with it, she will make the ultimate sacrifice. KATNISS:
I volunteer as tribute. NARRATOR:
And enter a life-or-death game where competitors learn the deadly arts of… lying in rafters,
button pressing, playing with balls, and frosting decoration. PEETA:
I used to decorate the cakes down at the bakery. NARRATOR:
What the hell is this?  KATNISS:
Seriously? That is [bleep]-ing ridiculous. A girl that will enthrall a nation through her
stupid face, cheap -looking CGI fire, and completely emotionless delivery. KATNISS:
How do you find shelter? Listen to them. I told her that I would try to win. How will
they change you? NARRATOR:
A film that forces two actors with no chemistry to awkwardly fall in love. Which would have
been far more believable if they would have cast him as Peeta. I mean, I’m not gay,
but I’d totally [bleep] Gale’s [bleep]. A future so advanced they can conjure fire and
monster dogs but not food for the poor. The ultimate game of kill or be killed, except
for these kids who don’t kill each other for some reason. Who Katniss will outsmart
by hiding in trees, falling from trees, sleeping in trees and basically being around a lot
of trees.  Not starring these important parts from the book: Katniss’ hearing loss, the
avoxes, Peeta’s amputation, political and social satire, the subtle nuances explaining
the relationships between the districts and the capital, The inner turmoil of Katniss
as she struggles to love Peeta for the sake of the cameras and the actual hunger. Seriously
they all look very well fed. The Hunger Games.  It’s basically just a rip-off of Battle
Royale. Tell us what movie you’d like to see as an Honest Trailer and leave a comment with
the word you’d like to hear me say next time want in my awesome voice.  Indubitably. Me
gusta. Derp. Frabbins. Tittie sprinkles. I’m a little teapot, short and stout, here is
my handle, and here is my spout.

100 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games”

  1. Yep. That scene where all the kids have ganged up to get Catniss…except that only one person is supposed to live through the whole thing & they are just joking & laughing like their going to the movies.

  2. To be fair, the character herself was constantly attempting to be emotionless because she was afraid of being seen, and to appear stronger, to hide any weakness.

  3. I as a fan of THG series (both the books and the movies) found this very offensive. Seriously, two actors with no chemistry? Maybe it's because u guys don't know a thing about Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Oh yeah I forgot u guys were stupid. I could rant on forever but I don't wanna waste my time anymore on morons like you guys. You're gonna get sued

  4. I only disagree that Jenifer Lawrence was emotionless! SHE IS SO AMAZINGLY TALENTED and was just playing The role.

  5. "Short, boring, one-dimensional worthless blonde guy… and this MUCH hotter dude."
    Anyone else disagree with just about everything this guy just said?
    Actually, probably throughout the whole video, but mainly this part.

  6. Just before this started playing I sneezed and I know this is gonna sound weird af but it left a weird taste in my nose

  7. Why did she go with peeta anyways?? I still don’t know and hiw did peeta disguise himself when injured with what stuff?

  8. in the books, you can feel Katniss's conflicted emotions covering lifestyles politics, feelings, etc and it makes sense about the gale or peeta question IN THE MOVIES I'M LIKE OMG SLAY HIM ARE YOU SERIOUSLY HESITATING TO TAKE LIAM

  9. I once farted out of my mouth and wondered if I could replace this guy as the Honest Trailers voice guy!! Holy shit!

  10. I don’t really feel like the argument that the actors look well feed is valid, because you are not going to starve Amandla, the girl who plays Rue who was 14 at the time, which could cause future problems, because that just isn’t healthy.

  11. I bet, it is all much better with the Alien movies.
    In fact , they all are just as great, because they all have the same story line.

  12. Does anyone find it ironic that Rue actually ate more in the hunger games than I district 11?

    “Oh, I’ve never had a whole leg to myself before”

    It honestly doesn't deserve that name because if we changed the characters names no one would know the book and movie where supposed to be connected.

    Truly, it caused me physical pain

  14. Actually I love the Hunger Games and I always attack anyone who hates it (just kidding lol), but this is way too funny to hate at.

  15. Steven Segal deserves an HONEST TRAILER, but, uhm I can't think of the name of any of his movies; they all have the same pro CIA plot

  16. "Much hotter dude" is Liam Hemsworth, the brother of Chris Hemsworth. As if any average bloke has a chance against a Hemsworth brother… They're the real "Tunda from Down Unda"…lol! Pun totally intended, if you're old enough to get the pun…lol! But, when it gets down to it, as a Masshole (for the past 14 years), I have to support our very own Boston Boy, Captain America! Nothing but Chris Evans love! 😀 Oh and it's 100% a rip off of Battle Royale! Thank you! The author claims she never read it, and I say BS, because it was popular enough at a time for her to have been easily exposed to it. In fact it gained global popularity before she wrote her books, and for her to have not seen it would equate to have been living under a rock. By 2003, the second film was released, 5 years before the first Hunger Games novel. Isn't the first time someone rewrote something from Asia and then claimed they never heard of it. But, I'm sure every country does that at one time or another. I'm not saying it makes it right, but no one can get upset about copying because then that would be hypocritical because as each year passes, original content becomes less common as ideas are recycled, renewed, and if we're lucky, improved upon. 🙂

  17. What I think many people don't realise is how extremely realistic the Hunger Games really is. Apart from the 'kids fight to the death thing in a dystopian future', of course. But if you think about it. The entire story is about a young girl, who unwillingly becomes the face of a revolution just for trying to go back to her family. The poor literally die to entertain the rich, Snow is a bloody dictator, all the rich people are brainwashed so that they don't see any wrong. Katniss has to pretend to be in love to survive, to see her family, and when she does something clever it is immediately viewed at as an act of rebellion, even though she chooses to make that decision because she couldn't bear to face her district if she came back alone.
    Here's the really ironic thing: both in the story as in real life, the people choose to focus on the love story, not the rebellion.

  18. how would they portray hearing loss? only having sound come out of one side of peoples speakers? that'd give a lot of people head aches!

  19. I agree with him about Gale bc she only loved Peeta in front of cameras. She actually did love gale sooo.. and yes I know how mockingjay ends but still

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