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HONG KONG’s HIDDEN WILDERNESS: Alternative Nature of the City | Travel Video

HONG KONG’s HIDDEN WILDERNESS: Alternative Nature of the City | Travel Video

After months of waiting, suddenly we were
in Hong Kong. The busiest place I’d ever been. We found ourselves looking for those little
pockets of peace, away from the chaos. You see, Hong Kong has another side, you just
have to go and find it. Putting that space between yourself and the
city, can change everything. And that’s how Hong Kong surprised me, because
those little pockets of peace, were so easy to find. By foot, by boat or by air, you quickly forget
about what you left behind.In quieter moments, it’s easy to reflect. The last month has been a blur. We left our flat near London, sold the majority
of our things and put the rest into backpacks. We quit our jobs and flew 6000 miles away
from home. I don’t know where we’ll end up and I dont
know how long we’ll be. But what I do know for sure, is that Hong
Kong was the start of something. Hello guys, Ryan here, thank you so much for
watching this film and welcome to the One Shot Adventures China series. This film was just a prologue to a brand new
series of videos, as you’ve just seen I’ve recently quit my job and I’m now travelling
full time and I want to take you guys along with me. In just the past 2 months I’ve travelled through
China, Japan and I’m now in Thailand, so this film really is just the beginning. There’s going to be vlogs, travel guides,
cinematic shorts, so if you haven’t already please make sure you subscribe to the channel,
like this video and episode one of the China series drops next week. Oh and Emma is coming too! Hello!

33 thoughts on “HONG KONG’s HIDDEN WILDERNESS: Alternative Nature of the City | Travel Video”

  1. So, this is it… The start of my very first travel series on this channel! I'm hoping to start uploading more consistently, so what do you guys want to see? Cinematics? Travel guides? Vlogs? Let me know πŸ™‚

  2. Hongkong was my first country ive been to, im going back next year!!! Thanks for this video!!! Very helpful. And gret editing skills!

  3. Wow, the city life really does look super busy! You got some awesome shots of the city too. Seems like there's some really cool (and more quiet) stuff to check out outside of the downtown core!

  4. Wow, firstly i love your shooting style, it looks like I am watching travel and living channel, Love each and every part of your video.

  5. Nice. We're visiting Hong Kong in a few weeks. Love the tat btw, I have a travel one there! The sights are incredible.

  6. goodluck guys… wish all the best.. great take on hong kong… really digging the cinematic vibes… πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

  7. gorgeous capture of hongkong ryan πŸ™‚ – really great! wish i can start to do full time, but not just yet! πŸ™‚ soon! love hongkong!

  8. We are with you, we leave the cities pretty fast, although we love the views day and night. You did a GREAT job capturing those. Even though the temples are busy, there is definitely a sense of "calm".

  9. Hong Kong feels a bit like Tokyo in Japan: so many people that sometimes you need to find some peace! I love that you can find yourself deep into the woods if you know where to look!

  10. every single time I went to Hong Kong, i would always be at the city side but i have yet to go to its nature side! i love the cinematic style of the video! great job.

  11. So awesome that you guys just Ieft home to travel.. I love your film style and looking forward to more videos..just subbed! c/t

  12. Hello there friend. Really nice content.
    My channel is dragon goes to japan
    I am glad I found your work
    Its great to learn new things
    New supporter of your work

  13. I like how big cities still have some nature side to them. I live in Delhi and I can say there are few nature sides too though very less now . Hiking looks like a great option in hongkong too .

  14. I was in Hong Kong once while on my way to Australia. Just a few hours break. Have not really seen the city and have to come back one day.

  15. Omg That great for the people in Hong Kong! Having a green not so far will be good for their health hahaha!

  16. Why don't these videos have a bigger audience?! These are on par with the likes of Caset Niestat and Peter McKinnon. Easily.

  17. I agree with you – there is so much more to HK than the city life. It has fabulous nature around, thank you for showcasing that.

  18. I love that you highlight the unknown side of your destination. I totally agree that nature isn't exactly what you think of in Hong Kong but this looks like such a great alternative to the city. My kids would love the gondola ride as well.

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