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How Jurassic World Should Have Ended

How Jurassic World Should Have Ended

How Jurassic World Should Have Ended Where those scratches there before? Oh No! She’s escaped! I’ll go outside, get in my car, then call the control room to track her! Or don’t go outside and just call her from here. Oh right! I’ll do that. Lowry, I need you to track the Indominus. She’s still in the habitat. Okay! She’s still in there… We just can’t see her for some reason. Sounds like camouflage. Awe Nutz! She’s still in the paddock! Run! Quick! Go through the small door she can’t fit through! Awe Nutz! Awe Nutz. Zoos have been doing this for ages! Gimme the controls! No I wanna drive! Watch out for the! Eeeeeeeew! Sick! Nice going, bro! Now I can’t even see! You’re making it worse! This never would’ve happened if would just let me… Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! Come on come on come on come oooooon! Well that didn’t work at all. I think that Jeep’s gonna need more than just a new battery… mmmhmmm. Okay I’m gonna eat you now. *screams* Well that’s new. We really do put safety first here. Rawr! We’re trained and we’re hunting you! Yeah! Nothing you say will make us briefly take your side! Yeah! Hey you know what? I think we should team up and eat more humans. What do you think? Well that makes things different then doesn’t it? You’re very persuasive! Where did you get your education? Something’s wrong. They are communicating. Who cares! Just Shoot Her! Shooot Heeeeer! Great job, everyone! We killed the beast! Now, what was the plan to get the raptors back in their cages? Oh they wont go back to their cages! I told you a field test was a bad idea! In fact… You MIGHT wanna start running for your lives right now! He left us! He left us! We’re Free Suckaz! AHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *gunshots* *screams* *RAWR* Aaaaagggh! Omnomnomnom! Oh! Oh! That’s Bad! I told her those shoes were ridiculous! Jurassic World, we don’t learn from our mistakes… Oh! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, and watch some more videos. We’ve got an awesome T-Rex to give away so check the link in the description! Oh… Hey… Raptors…. I respect you. Yaaooow! They don’t want respect! *chomp* AOOOW! Charlie bit me!

100 thoughts on “How Jurassic World Should Have Ended”

  1. The guy who left through the human size door has a clipboard that says “Look, Leave, Live”. Best Easter egg ever

  2. Actually changing the batt on a jeep thats been sitting
    For 20+ years does work if ur jeep has the old 4.0 inline 6
    Its a very very reliable enggine..
    Like damn Chrysler will never be thAt reliable EVER AGAIN
    EVER BRUH…….
    Good first car for a teen ☺

  3. They were able to fire up a Soviet t-34 tank that was under a lake for 50 years by jump-starting it which is hilarious in real life I mean

  4. I rex:"I think that jeeps gonna need more than just a new battery mmmmm okay I'm gonna eat you now" boys:"ahhhhhhh" 1:23

  5. "Zoos have been doing this for ages!"

    That made me laugh because it's SO true! There's no reason not to do it! It's a lot less expensive than their totally ineffective walls and A LOT less expensive than their billions of lawsuits when the dinos escape and kill hundreds!

  6. How did indominus Rex go invisible to go invisible it needs temperature cold or hot I don't remember and to get rid of the raiders you also need temperature so it makes no sense

  7. If you are stable in them shoes I don't know why I said it like that but anyways if you are stable you would be able to outrun the t-rex people put on the shoes and they started to race and it and on Google it says that there faster then a t-rex and Google can understand anything that's why it's like this I want to break my phone so hard

  8. By the way the park has bad reception as seen when the girl is trying to tell the guys from the control room where the indom is so she had to go take her car because of how bad the park is

  9. LAWL
    Came back to this video that I remember seein somewhere when I was smol -some 3 or 4 years ago.

    So glad I found it. Now its time to promote it on my discord server aha.
    Love the vids! Good Luck!

    Love. All.
    ~Just a Random Forgotten Star.

  10. Did you know she could have out ran the trex becuase any faster and the trex would collpse from moving to fast everything slowed down so it does not matter

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