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How Long Can The ISS Survive Without New Supplies?

How Long Can The ISS Survive Without New Supplies?

What’s actually inside that resupply capsule
going up to the ISS anyway? Ice cream and snacks? Or actual science? Personal effects?
Why not all three? On June 28th, CRS-7, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
exploded on the way to resupply the International Space Station. As of this writing the cause
of the explosion is still unknown; though it might be an overpressure event in one of
the liquid oxygen tanks… hopefully we’ll learn more soon, keep an eye on
But this comes just a few months after Russia’s Progress 59 also failed on the way to the
ISS. I mean, Scott Kelly is slated to spend a full year in space, would this mess up those
plans? How long can they last? I HAVE QUESTIONS. Firstly, according to NASA administrator Charlie
Bolden, the ISS has enough supplies to last QUOTE, “several months,” with an April presentation
saying they could survive until September 5th with current supplies. Plus, there is
a Russian-flown cargo mission slated for this Friday, July 3, and a Japanese flight slated
for August, and another SpaceX flight in September — so don’t get your MAGs in a bunch about
the crew. The ISS isn’t COMPLETELY dependent on us down here! The ISS uses Water Reclamation and Oxygen
Generation systems pioneered for submarines. Water is reclaimed from washing, humidity
condensation, urination and so on, anywhere they can capture water it’s done. Then they
purify it to super-high standards before recycling it for showers, drinking water and oxygen
generation. To create oxygen, they run electricity through the H2O, splitting the hydrogen from
the oxygen molecules and creating O2 in a process called electrolysis — boom! Oxygen
(and hydrogen)! But before you ask those H’s are then fed into the Sabatier System — which
uses a catalyst to combine the hydrogen and exhaled carbon dioxide to create H2O and CH4
— methane. The water is recycled and the methane is vented into space. This can produce
about 2 kilos of oxygen per day, enough for about 2 people with a little extra — when
more people are up there, they have pressurized tanks from Earth too… Of course, that brings us back to the failed
cargo missions. A Dragon capsule can hold 4000 pounds of cargo (1800 kg), in the 883
cubic feet of space (11 m3) — the cargo capacity of about 6 minivans. The CRS-7 that exploded
contained “materials to support more than 30 student research investigations and more
than 35 of approximately 250 science and research investigations that will occur during Expeditions
44 and 45.” They were sending equipment to examine meteors entering the atmosphere, Microsoft
HoloLenses, and equipment to prep for deep space exploration by testing the effects of
microgravity on astronaut Scott Kelly, and the ability to grow food in space. The CRS-7
also contained new docking attachments to expand commercial docking with the ISS, plus
food and other standard resupply mission materials. According to government contractor, Lockheed-Martin,
ISS resupply contains hardware, experiments, food, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, laptops,
printers, you name it. It’s essential to pack these items securely and with a plan, in case
of leakage or failure. For example, bleach is never packed with cleaner, because if they
leak, the fumes are poisonous. The Dragon’s interior is pressurized and can hold a variety
of NASA cargo bags and freezers for carrying materials such as biological samples! They
even shipped Bluebell ice cream up once! Obviously, in this case, it was a total loss. Sure, the explosion is a pretty serious situation,
and all SpaceX flights are grounded until they find the exact cause, but at least no
lives were lost. As sad as it is; experiments, food, and materials can be replaced. The ISS
flies at an average altitude of 248 miles (400 kilometers), and it’s one of the most
challenging and dangerous road trips humans regularly undertake. As Charlie Bolden said
in a NASA release on the CRS-7, “This is a reminder that spaceflight is an incredible
challenge, but we learn from each success and each setback.” What do you think of all this? Should we put
more money into the space program? Or are we wasting our time?

100 thoughts on “How Long Can The ISS Survive Without New Supplies?”

  1. We need to get into space and colonise it as soon as possible in my opinion. All of our eggs are in one basket and that basket getting pretty frayed right now.

  2. Why does it scare me so much? I mean not doing experiments on the space station itself. Everytime we send objects into space, we lose some of our Earth's resources. Naturally, the Earth has an overall loss of atmosphere every year (calculated from asteroids in – atmosphere out). On its own, it would take billions of years to lose its atmosphere. But with potentially more ambitious space programs which could happen in the future, the amount of extra resources lost because of man is going to increase our loss of resources every year and there's no way of getting them back. There really needs to be a lid put on the amount we spend on space programs otherwise it will get to the stage that the Earth's resources depletion will spiral out of control.

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  4. Drinking Russian pee hehe! Wow, all that technology yet they still require harnesses to simulate weightlessness. Real photo of earth from space please.

  5. This video doesn't answer the question posed in the title at all. It's just a bunch of random details about recycling and launches. A couple of people did try to answer the question here:

  6. I hope we don't forget education the more educated the population is the faster we can develop the technology to go to mars.

  7. Of course more money into space exploration! It's not like the U.S. will be instantly invaded when they cut off the military expenes by 10 billion

  8. We are a race that came from building a wooden plane that could only sustain minutes of flight to landing a rover on Mars and a probe to explore beyond solar system. I think we are seriously lagging in coming up with new, efficient and cost effective propulsion systems for space and interplanetary missions. These rockets are never going to be safe or affordable for regular space missions.

  9. I think we should stop spending any public funds on space. If its a viable thing to do, the free market will get to space.

  10. Just think of all the money that has been spent all of the scientific resources if we were to have repurpose to that money and all of that scientific effort over the years we would have ended a lot of the world's problems like hunger but we keep reaching for the stars and have never really accomplished anything at least nothing that really affects a normal person here on Earth

  11. GIVE DEM MORE MONEY I WANNA GO TO SPACE FOR A MINUTE AT THE COST OF AT LEAST 5000 DOLLARS MINUMUM ok jk that's not the reason the reason is to see if there is anything out there some living thing something and that was y nasa is still going

  12. Politics don't matter up there. They see the world as a whole, literally. Both countries have always cooperated in the world of space. Besides, at 7 million per ticket on the soyuz, they'd be silly to refuse it.

  13. This comment might be a little late but the message is still clear and valid. No progress in human technology is ever a waste.

  14. waste of resources… we should make earth a better place by reducing our population very much any how… no life is better than low life.

  15. Seeker, do you ever think for yourself? The only known way to transport large quantities of oxygen is via cryogenic tanks. These tanks need to be colder than -200 degrees or the o2 will outgass This means some pretty monsterous double lined flasks. This would take up all the room on your 6 minivan supply ship. Thus crap about turning precious water into o2 is also false. It takes the energy of a nuclear submarine to create enough power to do this. How would you transfer this oxygen? through what? tubes? And there is NO WAY your going to keep a cryo tank away from the heat of the sun. The ISS is ALWAYS in 50% direct sunlight (90 minutes at a time) there is nothing you can do to stop your O2 tank from outgassing. AND we should be seeing constant outgassing from the ISS any time we see an exterior view. Every SINGLE video on the ISS is based on some overpaid science teacher somewhere concocting all these 60's era ways to live in space. None of this works!!!!! wake up!!!!

  16. How much does coast for one-up here? Is it hot up there? I mean sometimes I see them with T-shirts and short pants.
    Thanks, ISS

  17. I say, spend more. MUCH more.

    NASA is only .9% of the entire US budget. That's nothing for the last frontier.

    What if cavemen never came out from caves? What if Vikings never left shore? What would humanity's progress have been like, without Edison's work?

    You see, EVERYONE can relate to this in some, even minute, way. That is because it ISN'T about the destination, it's really about the journey. What if you didn't drive around looking for a job, a place to eat, buy groceries, etc?

    Sure, the first part is expensive (driving around, selections being chosen, unusual surroundings costing more valuable time), but once you get the hang of it…it's totally worth it.

  18. If exploring space is a waste of time than also living here on earth is a waste of time. Its like being born and living your whole life in one 20square meter big room and not exploring what lies outside your room to see the rest of the world because it would be a "waste" of time. Why do we have technology? Only to make your fat ass move less and your life more convenient on earth or do we use it to explore and see stuff we could otherwise never see? People who think its a waste of time, are a waste themself.

  19. All these systems would need an incredible amount of wear parts and a team constantly replacing them in the harsh environment of space. It would take thousands of o-rings, seals, electrical motors, and other supplies needed for systems that would eventually fail especially after years.

  20. I am sure they can science the sh*t out of whatever they got and grow potatoes using the stuff in the feces collection unit. If they go too long without a resupply, they will obviously go cannibal and eat the first one to die….life is harsh, even in space.

  21. what a fucking waste of money,,,what do they do up there anyway?….they just do backflips and play around with floaty things

  22. Yes, more money for the space program. The publicly funded technologies that come from space research and development greatly benefit mankind and the discoveries made further our species along. Much better than spending money on more bombs, bullets, and technologies that kill people more effectively (military industrial complex).

  23. Going to Mars is for what purpose? Make a military outpost. Mining gold or unobtanium ore. The place is a wasteland so the Miltary can't do the damage it can on earth so what motivates them. Personal income, YEP! They can escape all concerns about this planet and focus on big profits for a few tech corporations.

    That's like being Big, Fat, and fill with toxins and shopping for your next $200,000,000 dollar home to show off to your so-called friends. A little problem with your priorities here? You cannot make sense of the insanity humans with big money do. Give a kid a billion dollars like Zuckerburg and watch what he becomes.

  24. Right matey how about the fucking nitrogen????????????? Secondly do you know how much time and maintenance a reclaim system uses up ? I’ve never seen anyone inspecting or replacing the door mating seals or the countless o rings / leak tests / evacuation- fire drills ,cleaning the shiter or tidy up that phoney floating leads flapping about You see natural physics and astute observations will bring this bloody nonsense to its knees .I’ve never seen any analyzers on that fake station for high O2/ low 02 / high C02 You cant just wander from one sealed space to another with firstly a gas check / leak test – both area and back seal you would need at least two – three even better to go from one airlock to another Come on fella real up man

  25. I think with any debt comes certain a certain responsibility. The people who have the abilities to opperate evaluate and commentate missions, should hold to to their own preference, while getting the task they have. We just need to give them more tasks. This is me saying that I would commission tasks outside the planet of Earth, other than science related. I want more things done in space. There is always explosions, much like there are car crashes. We need to put more effort in the space situation. Thank you.

  26. Until they can prove that we can leave low earth orbit, no other money should be given to the silly ISS program.

  27. SpaceX cut corners like NASA had to in the Martian movie. They were in a hurry to rush food to their stranded astronaut. So they talked about cutting corners to speed up getting it to the launch pad. And guess what it exploded. A SpaceX employee did come out and he was fired after he said that Elon Musk and employees cut corners that is why it exploded. You can't cut corners and rush a rocket launch. Spacex destroyed the rocket and the food.

  28. I'm an anonymous trillionaire. Am sending a check for $50 billion to ISIS right now, wishing them well in space & thanking them for their service to mankind. Uh oh…

  29. Just call them on the phone in Russia (where they are probably at) and ask them!
    I'm sure they are eating and living very well there while they pretend to be on the "International
    Fake Station".

  30. Are they still pretending to be stuck on the ISS in space, to bad it’s all a hoax, nasa fakes all that shit, look at the comments below me, ppl talking about spending more money.. come on ppl that’s exactly what they want you to be talking about. It’s all a hoax, they don’t go to space, take the time a research fake space and don’t believe the crap they tell you

  31. Lol. Nobody is up there it's faked like all of NASA'S trickery. Mark my words they will shut down the international shit station very soon! They will say it's too dangerous.Lol the only danger is people are realizing what a scam NASA is and they know it..

  32. What would happen if all Astronauts have to leave the ISS due to no way of getting new Astronauts to the ISS? Does the ISS have to have occupancy to stay where it is or can they control it from the ground? If they cant how long before it loses control would it lose control and how long until it burned up in the atmosphere and does it have a self destruct option?

  33. The ISS doesn't exist, it's all fake like the moon landing. You've been lied to your whole life and just can't except the fact that everything you were taught is a lie. Free Masons have indoctrinated us with b.s. through the education system and taught us not to question it. Time to wake up and start researching things for yourself! They are hiding God and the truth!!

  34. NASA cheat and do it to a whole world, or is the moon made of wood?

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