79 thoughts on “How Long Could You Survive In Outer Space?”

  1. But can’t you just connect an jet pack put power in it then put it on the space suit and if you floated away use ur jet pack back to earth

  2. I volunteer as tribute to freely float into space and die when I run out of oxygen for my suit and just drift away among the stars and have a sign saying "Please do not bury me."

  3. That’s how I want to go too plus you can see the beginning and end of the universe because the time is so how do I say this manipulated

  4. unconsciousness occurs in 15 seconds because that is how long it would take for the body to use all of the O2 in your blood according to slate.com. even if you held your breath. and plus deep space is frigid cold at -454 degrees fahrenheit

  5. I was exposed to a vacuum, I did recover pretty quickly ,But I will only ever use a broom or perhaps a small brush from now on.!

  6. So this is the video, the infamous video they told me about as I lost cabin pressure. Haha, 178000 ft? Piece of cake. It was the 192 that I blacked out at but I had to make it to 200k. I have pictures

  7. Trace dude get with the program. Seriously there is no such place outterspace.BS will get you a Pit Pass…

  8. Air planes is how they fake replicate being in the place outterspace that doesnt exist.Those in the plane fakeing Outterspace go straight to the Pit on your way get going…

  9. Outer Space you are unable to breathe and that’s because outer space is full of gas which means its hazardous to our bodies. Anyone in space that has their gears blown and of course inhale it would indeed died from letting the fumes getting into your body. Simply space has gravitational pull of course, which is why you can’t see it. You need frequency waves in outer space in order to prove it.

  10. If you sealed your eyes, nose, ears mouth, urethra and anus, (and vagina if you have one), would your skin be leaking air? And if you had a device to breath from, what would the lack of pressure and solar radiation do?

  11. another idiot that doesn't understand what a space vacuum is
     the vacuum pressure in deep space is 10 to the negative 17 torr thats 1,933,677,470,204,171 QUADRILLION!!!! PSI. at 1 QUADRILLION!!! the air in you lungs is not going to escape out of your mouth you will instantly become a red mist of blood cells with meat chunks as those leftovers freeze

  12. BBC showed this info 4 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejlKsj7k4Rc it would be nice to see a spacesuit test in that giant vacuum chamber where they dropped the feather and the bowling ball , and watch the astronaut catch it .. that would be a dream come true wouldn't it ?

  13. Dude I don't know if you're ever going to read this but that was perfectly explained with a lot of information in a short amount of time and a little bit of laughter. Thanks for uploading

  14. No one has ever been in space all made up. check out the motability beach buggy that is supposed to be on the moon and the lemon with its feet rapped in gold cooking foil and no dust to be seen, thanks to YouTube the truth is out.

  15. He came back to the 'poopy pants" thing four times and this video is only 5 minutes long. Man, I don't wanna keep thinking about that lol

  16. I had a dream of going into space and something went wrong and I was suffocating and I felt what this video said if you were in space with no suit or whatever….

  17. 😡☝🇺🇸 To think your more evil then cancer is to be put in the vaccume of outer space the gods & goddesses agree and before you go your lose your souls down in torturous🇺🇸

  18. Why are you explaining using guesswork when an experiment has already been done?. A human in a space suit in a low vacuum chamber within seconds was unconsciousness and would probably die in a few minutes. The vacuum of space is more than 15x more powerful than the pressure used in the experiment, meaning death would be in a millisecond.

  19. You would not experience a black hole because … you're DEAD.
    The experience no longer exists because … you'd be DEAD.

  20. So the guy in Europa Report wouldn't have a chance of removing his space suit and making into the air dock be alive … do you think he should've tried it because his choice was 100% death in space.

  21. With all these people killingthemselves why dont we just send some emo kid to jupiter or mars or something and conduct experiments

  22. 1. You won’t recognize anything because your head will explode in a second
    2.the rest of your Body will be ripped off
    3. I was joking

  23. i know that once the atmospheric pressure drops below a certain point any bodily fluids will boil away in seconds because if you lower the pressure it lowers the boiling point of any liquids. and it would take you about 15 seconds for you to die once you're completely exposed to the vaccuum

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