How Many Nights Can YOU Survive? – Survive the Nights – First Look – Pre-Alpha Gameplay

I could actually hear it coming up the
stairs and walking around upstairs and the creep factor is insane that I saw
the door shakey and realized the zombie was actually trying to bust its way
through the door and it did hey this is TheBlackBeltPanda and welcome to a
first look of the survive the night’s game this is made by A2Z interactive
this is a pre-alpha version of survive the nights it’s basically a test release
you can read the info here on the screen but basically this is for bug testing by
releasing it to the public for testing the developers can find the bugs and
squash them much faster than they could themselves so let’s go ahead and get
started when you click on play you’ll get this
cool little server list you could see the number of players I’m gonna pick
this one with no players click connect and then we get the loading screen here
which plays this neat little slideshow of different screenshots from the game
they look very nice then it establishes a connection to the
server loads the environment up and then drops you off right in the game so here
we are it tells you we’re on day 1 the bottom here it shows you some of the top
players the graphics they look really nice I really like these graphics but we
can walk around with the typical WASD Keys and you do start off with some
items here we have some ammunition a wind-up light and an empty bottle so you
do have to fill the bottle with water to get water but if you use your scroll
wheel you can select your wind-up flashlight we can hold left-click to
wind it up and we can right click to turn it on and off this is basically
your source of light at night when you start off in the game it’s not super
bright but it does get the job done and if you hold shift you can sprint C
allows you to crouch and if you hold tab then you will see the list of players
and their pings to the server and some basic information do note that when you
do sprint it uses up stamina and if you press the i key to open your inventory
you can see how much stamina you have as well as your other stats and one thing
that I discovered it’s pretty nifty I don’t know how useful it would be but
you can charge your flashlight while you’re sprinting just by a hole
left click so that’s kind of neat so we can see a building in the distance so
I’m gonna head over to that building and see what I can find there
I did find a break in the fence so I went ahead and made my way through there
kind of a bit of an obstacle course but it is really dark and hard to see so the
sounds alert you when a zombie spots you I didn’t know that at the time but I was
spotted by a zombie and at night outside really hard to fight these guys off like
holy cow I put my flashlight down so I could
actually hit it but I couldn’t see where I was hitting so I wouldn’t call that a
bug with the game or anything like that I think it’s pretty realistic but just
just keep that in mind so I just went ahead click the reconnect button loads
up again drops you down somewhere random in this case on the top of this hill
here or mountain a still night time of course it won’t switch today just
because the player dies but this is pretty neat I like the view here the
graphics are really nice we could see down in the bottom left or a little town
in the fog kind of hard to see but you can wind up your flashlight
see if we can see that town down there yeah you can just kinda see the
buildings over there in the fog but pretty cool now you can see a waterfall
glowing in the bottom left there a bit of a bug there but I thought I’d go
ahead and take a look at just how well this flashlight works while we’re up
here on this hill and it’s not very bright you can see right in front of you
but farther away it is almost impossible to see it is like pitch-black even after
just charging the flashlight over and over it’s just you need a good
flashlight if you want to be able to see at night but I thought I’d speed up the
sunrise here it’s pretty cool I like how the light reflects off of the water and
the ocean there and the sun’s actually coming up at an angle instead of
straight up so that’s a really neat effect you can see it doesn’t exactly interact
with the fog very realistically but it still looks nice nonetheless you could
actually see the way they call the corona or whatever around the Sun as it
comes up very cool effect but the only thing I really don’t like about this
right here is this sharp horizon line there’s like a really sharp transition
from the sky to the water I think a little bit of a blur there or fog could
really make that stand out a lot less the waterfall is not glowing anymore so
there’s that uh-huh and it’s now a lot easier to see those buildings that are
down there even though it’s still pretty foggy they’re a lot clearer in the
daytime as they should be but I figured while we’re speeding things up I might
as well speed up the trip to that town there so you can get an idea of the
distance in this game things are really far apart it takes a few minutes easy to
get from the top of the hill down to the bottom where that town is and I did run
out of stamina once along the way and had to stop and walk basically the rest
of the way there but it’s 64 square kilometers the size of the map lots of
space once transportations added to the game that’s gonna be really nice and
then in this town of course I wanted to try my hand at doing some looting right
to try to find some cool stuff right maybe a weapon or some food or something
so I started with these dumpsters here and I found nothing in the first one
nothing in the second one decided to go through the the door here and not a
whole lot in the inside here but there was another dumpster and went ahead
search that and of course nothing in that one either
so finding loot yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s not super common even buildings that
look the same like this one here sometimes don’t have searchable
containers like this this dumpster I didn’t get the tooltip to search it so I
don’t know if that’s that’s a bug or if some dumpsters just aren’t searchable
but yeah zombies can spot a pretty far away and you can see it’s kind of like
levitating towards me but running is possible running away as possible you
can run away you can hide in a building I did hop in here and close
the door and the zombie did not follow me so I don’t know if I ran far enough
away or there’s too much stuff in between me and the zombie or what but
good to know and I found if you open up some of these electrical boxes sometimes
to have stuff in them sometimes they need stuff too in order to function but
I don’t think that’s implemented in the game quite yet but you can loot the
houses of course if you can find loot in the houses I tried searching the
containers that I could find in the house and once again I had very little
luck actually finding any loot but these these houses are pretty nice the the
layouts are pretty cool they’ve got different interior rooms and you can
actually fill up your water bottle here at the toilet and believe it or not with
dirty water not at the sink but at the toilet and of course since it is dirty
water you’re gonna have to boil it or something I’m sure to make it drinkable
but even searching through the the living room here the containers are not
the living room the bedroom here they’re all these containers I still wasn’t able
to find any loot quest for loot is difficult so found another room still no
loot but there is a lamp over here and that’s kind of cool
and you can actually open up the interface for the lamp and it looks like
it requires a light bulb does not have one so if you have a light bulb you can
put it in the lamp and if you fix the electricity in the house then
theoretically you should be able to turn on the lights pretty cool stuff
once it’s fully implemented really cool now I heard I heard a zombie so I closed
the door and again no loot in the room here but I’m not entirely sure at the
time here I wasn’t entirely sure anyway how smart the zombies were how good
their pathfinding was so I decided to wait up here in this room for a bit
right and so as I waited up here I heard the zombies footsteps getting closer and
closer every minute and I could hear it coming up the stairs I could actually
hear it coming up the stairs and walking around upstairs and the creep factor is
insane then I saw the door shaky and realized the zombie was actually trying
to bust its way through the door and it did so that is very creepy I was able to
take this zombie down with just a few hits
luckily but I couldn’t seem to loot it at all so looting zombies doesn’t seem
to be a thing at least not currently and you know after just a few moments the
zombie does despawn doesn’t take very long at all but then I decided to
just keep looting or attempting to loot I went through several more containers
here in the kitchen of this house I don’t remember if this was a separate
house or the same one but I had very little luck here once again opening
everything and nothing inside anything until I opened the fridge and then I
finally found stuff yay I found food so what’s neat is the the canned tuna
there’s uncooked so you have to actually cook that to eat it so that’s a neat
concept I was able to eat the crackers and the granola bar no problems right
there and even the the the instant food there
even though said uncooked I was able to eat that I couldn’t eat the uncooked
tuna which didn’t make too much sense to me because it’s like you can eat you
know canned tuna typically I mean it’s it’s precooked but I don’t know I don’t
know but I did get some calories from that so that’s cool you want to try to
fill up your calories to improve your overall health and if you if you stay on
zero too long you’ll get sluggish and and you’ll eventually you know you’ll
take you out but I found this warehouse here searched all the crates and I
thought this would have some loot like this this seemed like a prime location
for loot and once again everything was empty so I I think the loot tables
definitely need to be fixed they need a complete rework loots just not common
enough or it’s not respawning or something I did find this cool little
shed in this backyard empty but you know once the you take advantage of the free
place system you know fortify this area you could totally just take a shed and
turn it into a storage shed so that’s a cool concept
I got spotted by the zombie here when open this door right so I tried to find
another room with no windows and you know to try to hide from the zombie I
want to see if it’s able to find me if I hide right so I found the bathroom
I closed the door and then I hid in the corner of the bathroom here for a long
time like I mean a long time I could hear the
zombie outside making creepy noises right but I didn’t hear like actually
path finding its way to me it it didn’t seem smart enough to actually be able to
do that but I did wait quite a while just to make sure you know maybe it was
stuck on something trying to work its way around I even tried running around
and jumping in the bathroom making noise basically to see if noise attracted them
and it didn’t seem to so as long as I was in this room even making noise the
zombie even though spotted me previously couldn’t seem to find me but I did
discover even there’s no tooltip you could switch these switches on right
here just by pressing E and then of course you know there’s a light up ahead
so if you get electricity working and put a light bulb in but I didn’t see the
option and this one to put a light bulb in but again you know you could get
lights in the house that’s a neat concept so I tried to open the door I
figured I’d wait by the door but still nothing so I decided you know okay we’re
just gonna try to get the zombies attention again so went up background to
that room and up to the window got the zombies attention again that cool little
levitating Michael Jackson moved there and this time it did run around so it is
pathfinding to me it just seems you need its attention long enough for you need
to not lose its attention and then of course is banging on the door just like
the other zombie did and managed to bust the door down and this one this one put
up a little bit more of a fight it took quite a few more hits that seemed to
actually take it out so it does seem like some zombies have more health or
more durability than other zombies do so that’s something to keep in mind but
again I couldn’t loot it so yeah just hopefully that’s something that’s added
in the future because it’d be nice to be rewarded for doing that but I found this
little wood stove here and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on I couldn’t
figure how to put fuel in it or light or anything so I’m not I’m not entirely
sure how that fuel fire system works just yet but there is a breaker panel
here nothing in it idea is I guess you know that maybe
in a future release you’ll be able to put new sweet fuses in it I decided to
take a run around town at night see if I could spot any more zombies I didn’t
find any but I decided to just go in this house see if I could find any more
loot and I had some issues getting through the door just like you know the
the its it was kind of laggy you know and when I did get in it’s kind of hard
to see hopefully you guys can see this okay but I got the light on and inside
the house just looking around trying to find some loot when suddenly whoop
through the floor and then the vision got really funny and I actually started
to drown yeah so but the game detected it and plopped me back down on the
ground somewhere outside in the middle of the night right next to a zombie so
that wasn’t ideal at all so I didn’t last long after that yeah but the one thing I did notice is in
this loading screen if you click the play button and it brings up the server
list it’ll immediately disappear and then escape does nothing you can’t
actually get out of the game unless you hit like alt f4 or close the process or
something so there’s a bug so I did start up another server here or joint
another one and I gotta say the place to spawn me these graphics this looks
absolutely amazing the light filtering through the trees the shadows the
animations it just looks really nice in my opinion so I was blown away by this
you know it was pretty dark when I was playing before but you know spawning in
this area and of course you get the same stuff when you spawn but spawning in
this area looked really good and there’s even some junk on the side of the road
but it doesn’t actually seem to do anything it just seems to be like
decorative but even the punching effects are really nice you can see like
particles of related items to whatever you’re hitting or flying around really
cool effect right there and if you find a fallen log like this or falling trunk
you can actually hold e to search it and it fills your inventory with one fire
wood each time you do that so that’s how you get firewood I discovered that and I
found this bus stop but just like the shed we found before nothing in it just
kind of seems to be decorative and I’d also found the shipping container here
as well which is pretty neat I grabbed by wind-up flashlight took a look inside
but didn’t seem to be anything you could actually loot in it so once again just
kind of seems to be decorative but I’m sure that’ll change in the future things
will become more useful as more stuff is added to the game but I tried
interacting with the fire barrel here and I couldn’t I couldn’t get the
firewood inside I couldn’t figure it out once again I’m not sure if this is a bug
like not being able to put firewood inside these things and light them or if
it’s just not been implemented yet or maybe I’m just not figuring it out and
it’s just not obvious enough you know but yeah so I wanted to see how tough
the zombies were at night so I took this one on you know back on on the road here
and it didn’t it didn’t take too many hits it went down in a few hits
I don’t think the zombies are especially stronger at night like they were
supposed to be they’re supposed to be like docile slow during the day and then
fast and aggressive at night but they seem to be the same all the time right
now so I don’t think that’s implemented yet but I did find this cabin on the
hill and then I switch to morning and you actually get this cool little
summary of your days your nights survived your zombies they’ve taken out
your distance traveled and whether your overall health is increased or decreased
so that’s cool little thing there and the door here it wouldn’t I couldn’t get
it open no tooltip when I was looking at the
door no tooltip looking at the door handle so that seems to be a bug there
so I decided to just jump up and then crawl through the window and what’s kind
of funny is once I was on the inside and went around to the door no problems
getting the tooltip show up look at that but I did find a fireplace in here and
once again I could not figure out how to get fuel in it I I don’t know if it’s
not implemented or if I’m just not figuring it out or what but I could not
figure out how to get firewood into this fireplace in order to light it even
though I had firewood in my inventory I even tried dropping it as you can see
you could drop stuff which is really cool because he could play stuff around
wherever you want it and it’ll stay neat concept but I figured okay let’s try
that on the fireplace right so I dropped it here but it just it just glitched
through the wall basically to the other side of the fireplace right and I walked
around outside the house got real glitchy trying to leave this cabin
really glitchy for some reason but there’s the firewood I dropped so yeah
that didn’t work but the glitchyness is the next bug that I found as you can see
I tried to get back into the cabin and and it suddenly it’s really really
glitchy like it doesn’t want to let me through I try to get through and the
game was just like nope nope you can’t go through so I decided to try crawling
and that worked just fine it works fine when I crawl I tested him more outside
and I would glitch when I was walking especially on hills and height
transitions but as soon as I started crawling I was able to move perfectly
fine so it seems to be a bug with walking every once in a while where
it’ll do this to you and it seems to be more common on height transitions going
from a high place to a low place right here sometimes it lags you back
like glitches you back sometimes it glitches you forward you know it’s just
variable but I did find this door on this building kind of covered by rocks I
don’t know if this is a bug but I don’t think it’s very realistic the door opens
up through the rock so I thought I’d just point that out just case you know
but once again tried to Luke couldn’t find anything so needs more lute game
needs lots more loot but yeah once again we can see the zombie here doing the
levitating Michael Jackson move here and they will run right through objects as
you can see here instead of going like over them or around them so I figured
that was a bit of a bug I don’t know the AI and the animations need a
little bit of work but this zombie put up quite a bit more of a fight and even
start crawling biting at my legs and yeah and but yep so that’s all I have
time for today I hope you enjoyed this first look at survived the nights keep
in mind this is the test build this is the pre-alpha there’s gonna be lots of
bugs it’s not gonna be very stable but it’s gonna get much better from now on
as the dev squash these bugs I’m really looking forward to the final release so
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