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How Much Do You Know About Survival? – 90% FAIL

How Much Do You Know About Survival? – 90% FAIL

How Much Do You Know About Survival? – 90% FAIL

48 thoughts on “How Much Do You Know About Survival? – 90% FAIL”

  1. Damn. I read a survival book. I didnt know what was bear mace tho… i only got 2 questions right. I dont know what bear mace is

  2. If everent at least says hi i shall subscribe to this person…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜¬βœ¨πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. Everent , shelter and fresh water is important at any situation. You will need shelter in a forest and people can survive without water for 3-5 days. Without shelter you will die of body heat loss

  4. Omg I'm a survival master and I'm only 10 almost 11 XD well thanks the book "the hatchet" and adventure books LOL I'm a nerd…

  5. Test is wrong…shelter is more import then water…even in the desert. You need shade or shelter first. Obviously in extreme cold shelter is more important. Survival rule of 3s. #1 Air #2 shelter #3 water and #4 food. Look it up. Posting incorrect survival info isn't cool.

  6. Uhm to all who say shelter is more important than water NOT TRUE our body itself is 60% or so water… we NEED it without water we will dehydrate..shelter may be 2nd needed but water is always 1st.

  7. These questions are irrelevant to survival. It's always best to be low an not present tall object in lightening. Been there. Never get under tree. Speed of rip current..Caught in one. Hurricane Babe in 77 in Florida. Didn't fight it. Took me way out to end of pier. Road in on a monster wave. Body surfed. Need water. Shelter depends on weather. Have slept on open ground. Can find a depression, log, cave , hill, an create wind break. Never run from any animal. Black bear can climb. If you have no mace then get mean like the wolverine. Ever wonder why grizzlies are wary of them. Ferocious. Then again I chased a moose down a mountain until it turned on me. Not a good idea. Lol

  8. I can kind of understand Q1 answer but I’m pretty sure you’re eyes or head are more important, you could get blinded, some glass could go into your eye, glass could go into your hair and start scratching and cutting open your head, your ears would just temporarily go deaf, maybe permanently in worst case scenarios.

  9. WTF IS BEAR MACE??? β€œHey hon, what’s this $200 bill on our credit card?”
    β€œThat’s the bear mace I bought, if I go fishing and encounter a black bear and I remember to have my bear mace on me, I’ll be fine, it works just like mace for humans but for extremely huge , strong and very heavy bears that are much taller than me, so the reason it was $200 was to upgrade a normal mace canister with a further propellant reach so the mace reaches its face.”
    β€œHon, leave the keys on the counter, I’ll be handing them to my new husband next week.”

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