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How Saw Should Have Ended

How Saw Should Have Ended

Congratulations. You are still alive. But before you go… I want to play another game. Another game? I want to play.. monopoly. What?! No! What about Scrabble? Or Boggle? Do you like Boggle? I wanna go home! Forget Boggle. What about some Hungry,
Hungry Hippos? Let me out of here! Okay, okay fine. But let me ask you something else… How do you feel about sequels? Lots and lots of sequels… How Saw Should Have Ended Whoa whoa whoa. What are you doing? This is crazy! I’m sorry… I have to shoot you to save my family. No you don’t! M– Maybe something’s changed! Maybe your wife broke free and is trying to call
you on the phone right now. Broke free? Phone? Yes! Remember the phone?! The phone you made
very little effort to reach before you cut your own foot off! Oh, that’s right. Where is the phone? It’s not even there anymore. It just
disappeared It makes no sense at all! What happened to the phone?? (gun shot) Ohh… Ahh… Hoo Haaa! How is this happening? I have no idea! This entire scenario is completely implausible. I know! I was asleep underwater earlier!! How have I not passed out from shock? Who is responsible for all of this??!?!?! He’s not dead, he’s not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! Game over. Well now he’s dead. Hey.. that, that guy’s my cancer patient.

100 thoughts on “How Saw Should Have Ended”

  1. i hate the new jigsaw movie……………..

    the "new" jigsaw does not saw GAME OVER in the end of the game xdxd CRI CRI, ITS SO SAD

  2. Billy (yes thats the puppet's name look it up): Ok Ok…but how about this….How do you feel about sequels?…lots..and LOTS of sequels?
    me: Well..I guess it won't be bad if the original Jigsaw didn't die-Dead by Part 3 GODDAMMIT!

  3. It makes no sense at all!!
    Who is responsible for this?
    *Shoot the cancer patient
    He's not dead!
    Game over!!!!

  4. "I want to play… Monopoly."
    "What about… Scrabble or Boggle?? Do you like Boggle??"
    "Yeah, forget Boggle. What about some… Hungry, Hungry Hippos??"

  5. When John got shot, someone like Jack Slater should say, "No More Sequels for you", from Last Action Hero.

  6. Saw: 127
    John Kramer: I got stung by a bee and then it hit me that bee didn’t appreciate life let’s put its innocent brother in

  7. Ok but like could you imagine if jigsaw’s plan didn’t work out, say that somehow they escaped the chains and all that stuff. Would jigsaw just like, stand up from being a corpse for like 8 hours and just be like: “well this is awkward…”

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