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How Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Death Cologne

How Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Death Cologne

For all the doomsday-ers out there, it’s not a question of whether a zombie apocalypse is going to happen, it’s when. So hopefully all you viewers had considered making these preparations. But there’s actually a better way than stockpiling guns, swords and explosives as it turns out science might very well be the key to your survival. If the real zombie apocalypse is anything like the TV show The Walking Dead, zombies love the smell of live humans. If you smell like a rotting corpse, they will probably pass you on as–shall we say a fresher meal. Chemist Raychelle Burks of Doane College in Nebraska has concocted a brand new method of Zombie Survival. A chemical disguised. Using chemistry to mimic the smells of rotting Corpses, Burks may be onto something big with her death-scented, zombie repellent cologne. “We know a lot of the chemicals that are responsible for that decaying rotting smell. Two of them have perfect names that reflect the smell that they unleash when we are exposed to them. One is called putrescine and
one is called cadaverine. They’re really small polyamines and we actually produce them early in the decomposition process. But maybe if we really wanna round out that death’s smell for our cologne, we want to add an sulfhydryl. That’s right methanethiol. It’s got that rotten egg, boiled cabbage smell. All of these are actually incredibly
stinky at very low quantities. We’re talking part per billion. And this is good because we won’t have to make a whole lot to save a whole lot of people.” Okay so, these stinky molecules can make up the stinky odor of your death cologne. But where are we going to get all these chemicals from, and at a scale that can suite the demand to the zombie pandemic? “Researchers have shown that they can use E.Coli, little bacteria factory workers, if you will to whip us up all the polyamines that we want. Our putrescine and cadaverine. Now if we modify the E coli, we could also produced this methanethiol and we could get all are stinky chemicals in one pot. Now this is a good start to our death cologne, but we’ve got some more work to do. If we’re really trying to mimic a corpse, and use this Walking Dead method, we have got to get the smell down to perfection. Nobody wants to be the guinea pig that sprits on the death cologne, and realize that it doesn’t quite work.” So with the little R&D some E.coli and what would be one heck of a bizarre marketing campaign, mankind can be spared from the undead. And without a doubt Burks will leave quite the legacy as the scientist who used chemistry save the world from a zombie apocalypse. So thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Who knows, one day one of these videos might actually save your life.

23 thoughts on “How Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Death Cologne”

  1. Love this! It sure beats covering yourself in rotten body parts to mask the human scent. It's good to know chemists have our back in the unlikely event zombies roam the earth. Shared this on our blog at

  2. But to survive the apocalypse its not just avoiding zombies you have to explore and get food and weapons and gather a group of survivors. But always keep your eyes on them. Then you build a wall like the walking dead and block them all out and put the dead smell all over the outside of it and plant food and try to survive. But I have to say it would be impossible to survive the apocalypse because food would run out too fast and survivors would turn on each other to survive and everything is breakable so to be safe it would take you a couple months to build the right place and by that time you will run out of food or get eaten. And there are too many zombies so if you see a heard your dead if there is nowhere to go and you can't run forever.

  3. Attacks by vultures, biting flies, and other scavengers may be a downside. Not to mention uncontrolled nausea. Are they even sure zombies smell like rotting flesh? I think they need another research grant to study what zombies actually smell like. They'll have to find a few zombies first though.

  4. Im thinking that real "zombies" are not undead, but perhaps people with out mind or thought. Some flu or something may make a lot of people sort of crazy if this be the case then fighting them would have nothing to do with how you smell. Mindless creatures dont really care how you smell they see movement and go for it, they probly don't want to kill or even eat you they just go for you for what ever reason.  I have guns and ammo and I think if can stay hidden or keep them from getting to me then I stand a chance. 

  5. Pretty sure this idea came from Jonathan Maberry's Rot and Ruin series. Where one of the ways they avoid Zombies is with a chemical called Cadaverine. 

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