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How to change your limiting beliefs for more success | Dr. Irum Tahir | TEDxNormal

How to change your limiting beliefs for more success | Dr. Irum Tahir | TEDxNormal

Translator: Denise RQ
Reviewer: Marta Palacio Have you ever felt
like your life was stuck on repeat, like the same thing keeps happening to you
over and over and over again? You end up in
the same kind of relationship, with the same kind of person, even though you say
this time, it’s really different. No, really; it is. You end up on the same kind of diet for that last 20 pounds
that you need to lose only to be defeated. Why does this happen to us? If you take a step back
and really look at your life, you’ll see that there are patterns
that happen, aren’t there? These patterns keep repeating themselves
over and over again. The patterns haven’t changed because we haven’t changed
and neither have our beliefs. We’re all at least a little familiar
with the subconscious mind. It’s that fascinating part
of our brain that drives our behavior, and it’s responsible
for every single thing that we do; every decision, every action, every thought,
every feeling, every emotion comes from the subconscious mind. In fact, neuroscientists have now found that 95% of everything we do
comes from the subconscious mind. That means only 5%
comes from our conscious mind. The job of the subconscious
is to keep you safe. Beliefs that we have
come from our subconscious mind, and they are formulated
from the age of zero to six. That’s when we’re looking
to our parents for approval. We want to make sure that we’re behaving in a way
that meets their approval, and then we know
when they have disapproved. Your parents have taught you beliefs because their parents have taught them,
and so on and so forth. Some of these beliefs have been great
like, “Be a good person”,”Don’t steal,” “Don’t touch a hot stove,”
“Don’t run in the street,” but some of these beliefs
that you have today have been handed down
from generation to generation, and it’s just what you think is normal. You might have beliefs today like, “I’ll never have enough money,”
or, “I’m afraid of failure,” or, “I could never be
in a relationship with that person.” Over the last 100 years, we found more than ever
about the subconscious mind. We’ve tried so many different therapies
to try to unlock its potential; we’ve tried classic couch therapy,
shock therapy, even lobotomies. Positive thinking and affirmations
only get you so far. Over the last 100 years, we still need a gentle, speedy, and effective way
to alter our deepest patterns. Everything you believe is in your body. We know this with body language. As a chiropractor,
I work with posture every day, and I’ve seen patients express beliefs
they have into their body. We’re actually all going
to do this right now, so I’m going to have you all slouched
forward in your chairs just like this, drop your head,
and say the words, “I am powerful.” (Audience) I am powerful. Do you feel powerful from this position? (Laughter) Not really. What if we sit up, take a deep breath in, say the words, “I am powerful.” (Audience) I am powerful. See how much more powerful,
strong, and confident you do feel? This is an example of how the mind
and the body are connected. Dr Bruce Lipton
in his bestseller, “Biology of Belief,” talks about how beliefs
impact us on a cellular level so that’s positive or negative beliefs
that affect our physiology. Imagine with me for a moment
you’re in Arizona with your family. You’re on a beautiful hike,
and you come across something like this. If you’re like me,
you would be totally creeped out by this. Your body language is going to say,
“Run away as far as possible!” I hate snakes. But what about
if you were an herpetologist, somebody who studied snakes for a living? You might move towards the snake
with familiarity and curiosity, You might even want to pick one up
which is so disgusting. (Laughter) Because for an herpetologist,
the meaning of a snake is going to be entirely different
than what it is for me. For me, snake equals danger;
for them, snake may equal familiarity. What about if you’ve ever blushed? You know that if you’ve blushed, something embarrassing may have happened,
or someone took you by surprise. That’s an example of how the mind creates
a physiological reaction in the body. So we know that the mind
triggers the body to react, But what if we did the opposite? What if, to get to the subconscious mind, we actually went
through the body to get there? There’s a lot of different ways
to access the subconscious mind. One of the tools that I’ve found
is something called PSYCH-K. PSYCH-K is a way
to transform limiting beliefs that cause us pain, anxiety,
sadness, jealousy, hatred and transform that into what we do want: happiness, peace, love, ultimate success. One of the components of PSYCH-K
is the whole brain state. The whole brain state is a way to bring the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere
of the brain together. The whole brain state is a place where you can have
the ability to make better decisions, be more relaxed, more in harmony
with your body, more in tune. It’s from here you can actually change
those subconscious beliefs. We know the left hemisphere of the brain
controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere of the brain
controls the left side of the body. We also know we’ve identified ourselves
as either left-brained or right-brained so all my left brain people out there
raise your hand. You’re those logical,
analytical, rational types, and I don’t understand you. (Laughter) You, right brain people, raise your hand. You’re those creative,
emotional, intuitive types. I usually make the left brain people crazy because I’m passionate and spontaneous,
and they might not always like that. What if you didn’t just have
to be left brain or right brain? What if you could have it all? What if you could be logical and creative? What if you could be
intellectual and intuitive? The whole brain state
actually does that for us. It’s a way to be able to bring
both hemispheres of the body together, and that increases communication
between the corpus callosum. They actually did a study
with 125 participants, where they found that 98% of them were able to get into
the whole brain state within ten minutes. Neuroscientists have found that while we access
this whole brain state, we’re more at peace,
we’re more in harmony, we have better relationships. This is an example of a woman
who underwent one of these studies. She actually was a tyrant for a leader. She worked in a business,
but people hated working for her. She had uncontrollable anger, she didn’t have
the best relationships, you could say. When she underwent the whole brain state
and did a PSYCH-K balance, the results were pretty amazing: Within about two weeks,
her relationships changed, her leadership style flourished, she had improved communication,
more harmony, she was kinder, more compassionate, but she wasn’t just using her intellect, she was using her intuition
to make decisions. In this situation, you can see that she’s moving into
a bilateral, symmetrical pattern, and that’s what
the whole brain state does. I was actually pretty skeptical
when I started using this work. I didn’t really think
it was going to work, but when I started seeing changes
in myself and in my clients, it was pretty amazing. I had a gentleman
who came in to work with me. He’d been trying to work
on this book for years. He was at a standstill. He tried everything. Once we started unlocking
his subconscious beliefs, we found that he was so afraid of what people were
going to think of his work – so that’s why he was at a standstill – that once we started transforming that,
he’s actually on a book tour right now, and he finished his book
in a matter of months. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve seen this work with businesses
where we work with not just the subconscious beliefs
of the CEO but the whole team, where we want to make sure
that everybody’s on the same page. What does that mean? Improved relationships,
increased efficiency, more productivity,
and eventually, increased profits. I want you to imagine
with me, for a moment, a time in your life where you felt like you couldn’t speak up. It just didn’t seem safe to talk. Maybe you had a lump in your throat. That was me every day
as a kid growing up in Brooklyn. I was the daughter of immigrant parents, and America was really overwhelming. I wanted to speak up,
but I just felt like I couldn’t. Fast forward to my time as a young woman, I entered situations
where I felt like I couldn’t speak up, and it wasn’t safe
to even stand up for myself. When I started examining
my own subconscious beliefs, guess where they came from? We all have challenges and experiences
that have happened to us in childhood that now translate
into pain or struggle as an adult. I’m a true testament to this work. Working with my own subconscious beliefs,
I’m actually a speaker. I work all around the world
on different stages. I’m able to express myself, use my voice comfortably,
naturally, and easily. I urge you to start looking at
your own subconscious beliefs. Look at that number one
pain point in your life; something that’s been
holding you back for a long time. Start looking at it objectively. Take a step back, and say, “Is there something
that could have happened to me before? Where did this came from?” Look to your parents
and your grandparents for clues; you may have been handed down
something that you didn’t even know. I believe that we’re not
just meant to survive in this world, we’re meant to thrive. Then once we start transforming limiting beliefs
that have been holding us back, we will have more happiness, more peace, more passion,
more prosperity, more love. Joy and fulfillment
will become the new normal. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “How to change your limiting beliefs for more success | Dr. Irum Tahir | TEDxNormal”

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  11. I completed training in the Lefkoe Method, a very effective method in changing limiting beliefs quickly and permanently. I offer free sessions at the moment! If you're interested, PM me or add me on Skype "hardy_de_heer". A bit about me: my name is Hardy, 26 years old from Amsterdam, MSc in Social Psychology.

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    tl;dr: do therapy to work your beliefs; to change behavior seek out CBT, to look inwards to your emotions look for physchanalytic

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    Do not limit yourself and you could see the successful you.

    Limiting oneself cannot help you achieve

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    And don't forget to smile even if you are saying something negative… :)))
    Best of luck.

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