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How to Create your own Tech Survival Kit

How to Create your own Tech Survival Kit

Hello and Welcome, my name is Daniel and this week i have put together a portable travel organiser kit. With all the products you’ll need while your away from home. Let’s jump straight into the review and first lets talk about the travel organiser case from Khanka the case is available in three different sizes large, medium and small however i have picked up the medium size perfect for putting in a suitcase or in your backpack the case is very durable and comes with it’s very own leather polyurethane waterproofing which offers protection for your cables and devices stored inside the case also has a hand strap and is super lightweight so you won’t add any extra pounds to your luggage inside the case you’ll get 25 elastic loops that come in a range of sizes. Perfect for holding cables, hard drives, power banks or pretty much anything you need to travel with now we have talked about the case let talk about the products stored inside first up lets talk about the lightning and usb cables from rampow these cables are ultra durable and come in nylon braided perfect for when you need a reliable cable to charge your devices the speed of charge is pretty fast and in just under a couple of hours you can charge your devices to 100% To be able to charge your devices while you are traveling you’ll need a power bank i have chosen the Anker Powercore+ Mini perfect for carrying around with while you explore and the coolreall power bank perfect for charging multiple devices at once first let’s talk about the Anker Powercore+ Mini the design is very similar to a lipstick and is very compact and lightweight You’ll get a 3350mAh battery which will charge an iPhone 6 to 100% just once the power bank also comes black, blue, gold and pink moving on to the Coolreall power bank which offers a 15600mAh battery and a twin USB port to charge two devices at once the power bank also comes with an L.E.D flash light which is super useful as a torch and offers battery level indicator showing the remaining power left the device is made from Black plastic which feels very nice in your hands and can charge an iPhone 6 to 100% 7 times while we are on the subject of charging devices then the next item is perfect for any long car journeys The Anker 4.8amp 24watt 2 port usb charger comes with Ankers IQ technology making it deliver it’s fastest possible charge speed the charger is very small and sleek and is built with industry grade materials so you know it’ll last a long time the charger is easy to use, just simply push it into the 12 volt outlet in your car and your devices will begin to charge now that we have all the tech needed to charge our devices. We are missing just one thing the Anker 3.5mm Premium Aux Cable is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack it comes with a 24K gold platted contacts to insure the cleanest sound experience possible the cable is very durable with a 10,000+ bend lifespan and is ultra slim so fits nicely with any device or phone cases. so that’s my portable travel organiser kit let me know in the comments what else you would include in your kit and if you’d like to pick up any of the products in this video then they shall all be in the description below. As always if you liked the video then give it a BIG thumbs up and if your new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button more more technology, gadgets and gaming reviews

6 thoughts on “How to Create your own Tech Survival Kit”

  1. WOW! What a jam packed video, if I ever go on my travels I will definitely invest in the pieces I'm missing 🙂 Love it as usual

  2. Nice! I got a cheaper case/kit from eBay similar to this and its really handy for when going away! 😀

  3. Check out all the Best Tech Survival Gear on amazon –

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