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How to Enable Cheats on Already Existing Single Player Minecraft World – Minecraft with SabrinaBrite

How to Enable Cheats on Already Existing Single Player Minecraft World – Minecraft with SabrinaBrite

– Welcome back, Brites! I’m Sabrina Brite and today on
TeraBrite Games I’m going to be showing you how to turn
cheats on indefinitely on a world that you created with cheats off. (laughs) Play along in our little
game of finding the hidden Herobrine somewhere in this video. Let us know in the comments where it was. Don’t forget to smash the
like button with your head! (loud crash) Okay, so last episode I died
and lost my diamond stuff, all my awesome diamond stuff
and everything I earned. I was so mad. I dropped a little bit of a tear after I stopped the recording. So, I wanted to do keep
inventory but I can’t do that because when I created this
world, I had cheats off. For instance, let’s save and quit. Let me show you real quick. When you go to create a new world, we’re just gonna call this Cheats World, you can go to more options and
Allow Cheats is right here. Usually on default, it’s set
to off so you can’t cheat and once you start your
world, it’s like that forever. But there is something you
can do but you’d have to do it every single time. You can go press Escape,
and go to Open to LAN, and you can turn it on right there. And then start LAN World but
you have to do that every single time. I’m gonna show you how
to do it indefinitely and to do that you have to
download something called NBTExplorer. So this is what it looks
like when you download NBTExplorer. It’ll show you all of your worlds and you have to find the
world that you want to change, which mine’s called Brite, and then you have to go to level.dat and then open up that data folder thing. And you’re just gonna
look for allowCommands and change it from 0 to
1, and that should be it. So once you change it to 1,
go ahead and click the Save button, we’re gonna
save all modified tags. And I’m just gonna close
out of here and go back to Minecraft. Hopefully, this works because
I haven’t even tried it yet. Let’s check it out, I want
to switch to creative mode. We’re gonna try /gamemode. I don’t know creative’s 0
or a 1, I’m gonna try 0. “You’re game mode has
been updated to survival”, okay so that’s survival. So my cheats are now on! It’s was successful, high five! I’m happy. All right, so that is
how you turn on cheats and when you come back,
it’ll be like that forever. So since I did not have
cheats on for the last video and I lost all my stuff, I could’ve done gamerule
keepinvetory true, suggested by Joe San Miguel. I’ll do it right now but I’m
not gonna get my stuff back, but I think that I will always
keep my inventory, right? So I’ll do /gamerule keepinventory true. There we go, it’s been updated to true. Now when I die, I have all my stuff. So now that I have cheats enabled, I have the ability to switch
from survival to creative mode and is that something you
guys think I should do? Should I switch over to creative
mode and make an epic house or do you think I should earn
that house myself and make it out of what I can find? Let me know in the comments. So let’s do some suggestions
from the last video. Demarus Valsteros, sorry
if I messed up your name, “Could you make your wheat farm bigger?” You know what, that’s a good idea. I’m totally gonna do that. I need some tools, I have
nothing, absolutely nothing. Let’s get a shovel. I mean, I don’t think I’ll need that. Um, there’s like nothing in there, man. And I guess I need to make
a pickaxe or something. I am out. I mean, I got my golden one which is not very cool. Wait, how much iron do I have? Five. I’m so out of everything, holy crap. Where’s wood? Ah. I don’t even have any pickaxes, or torches, or anything. So real quick, I’m just
gonna make myself a couple pickaxes. Oh, I only two more things left. I’ll just make a sword
then cause I need that. All right, we’re cool. We’re cool. Let’s put all this back. Oops, not that. All right, so now we’re gonna
head over to our little farm, which is tiny. Literally little. (laughs) And we’re going to somehow expand. I’m not quite sure if I really
want to cut into this area right here. No, I don’t. So what I’m gonna do is grab some dirt, and I’m gonna grab it
from right over here. Just like that. I think we have enough dirt to start out. 12 pieces of dirt blocks, whatever. 12 dirt blocks, I don’t
know what you call them but we’re doing it. All right, perfect. Now we’re just going to grab this fence and we’re just going to wrap it around. I think I have more fence
in here so let’s just check. Yep, I got– Oh, wait. They’re different though. Oh, and these are the right ones. There we go. So now I’m just gonna make it bigger. I’m gonna trap myself inside. Ah! All right. And over here, I need some seeds now. Um, I think I might have some in here. Yeah, I have Bir– Ah, seeds. We’ll take this wheat with us. Maybe we can go get some animals. More seeds. I hope those are the right seeds. (laughs) Woop. All right, so we’re using our
hoe to prepare for the seed plantings and we have more, so let’s just use all of our seeds. We have three more. There we go! I made it bigger! It’s bugging me, I’m missing one square, but that’s all the seeds I have right now. So, there we go. It’s bigger. Hopefully it’s gonna work. I wonder if it’ll water these over there? I guess we’ll have to see. I know that one’s getting wet. I’m not sure if these are
gonna need water next to it. Oh, yep, it’s working. Yay! So now, I’m just gonna
save this so I can have… Whoa, what? Is this why people were
telling me to put a button? Mr. Craft Gamings asked
me to make a shield so let’s make a shield. Look at all these gold bars I got. So now we’re just gonna
wait for this iron to smelt and then we’re gonna make us a shield. I don’t even think I’ve
ever used a shield, I don’t know why. That’s dumb of me. Everyone told me that I
missed like bookshelves in the village, I feel so dumb! I don’t know how I missed that! I definitely need to
go back to that village and get those bookshelves. Hackedkid also asked me to make a shield, so this is for you guys. I have plenty of iron now, we don’t need to wait for ’em all to cook. I mean smelt. Gosh, I keep saying that. I’m not quite sure how you make
a shield but I’m just gonna take a guess. Maybe it’s like this? No. Need wood. Let’s grab some wood, not quite sure– Oh, we only needed one thing of iron. All right, so here’s our shield. Whoa. Whoa! Can I put it right there? Whoa! Yeah, cool man! While we’re at it, we’re
going to make more iron stuff. All right, so there’s iron leggings, there’s iron boots. Um… There’s an iron chest plate. And that’s all I can make
with my iron right now. So the reason I chose to make
more of a wooden shield was because I wanted to save more
iron ingot so I can make armor as well instead of using it all. So now I’ve got that. Samuel T said, “Make a sugarcane farm!” And Goblinman said, “Make sugarcane, “that will make it easier!” Cause I was looking for sugarcane. That would be definitely smart of me so I should definitely– I wonder if I have any? No, I don’t. I need to get some sugarcane
so I can plant it, right? All right. Real quick, I’m just gonna go to sleep. I don’t know why I’m having so
much trouble going to my bed. Whoa! Now we’re gonna go find some sugarcane and we’re gonna make the sugarcane farm. Which by the way, someone told
me to make a button instead of pressure plates and that
is why I have a button here, for my door. Lets’ do that. There we go, cool. So now we’re gonna go now real
quick and grab some sugarcane and stuff and plant that into
our little farm that we’ve expanded. Then we’re gonna check on the
wheat and we’re going to try to breed some animals. Just walking through the
forest with my shield and my golden pickaxe right here. – [Man] I thought you were singing? – What? ♫ Walkin’ through the
forest with my shield ♫ And my golden pickaxe ♫ I think I kinda started
singing and it like stopped. Hey, it’s sheep land! (bleats) I want to breed them but I
need sugarcane right now. I feel like I’m close,
there’s got to be sugarcane over here. We’re gotta get the sugarcane, everybody! Why do I sound so weird right now? (laughs) ♫ Walkin’ through the forest
with my golden pickaxe ♫ And my shield ♫ We’re gonna get some ♫ Sugarcane ♫ Walkin’ through the forest
with my golden pickaxe ♫ And my shield ♫ We’re gonna get some sugarcane ♫ (clapping) That was very random and interesting. You can buy that song on iTunes next week. That was a very good job, babe. You’re so silly. Whoa, woo! Where’s the sugarcane? Oh, there it is! There it is! Has anybody ever gotten so
much more excited to find sugarcane than I have? No. So stupid. – [Man] So you just plant it? – I’m guessing, I’m not quite sure. I wonder if there’s any more over here. Nope, okay. Let’s head home. What? I said get in. I said… Boom, chika-boom, boom. Okay, so we have a problem. I don’t know where to go. But you know what, my whole
outlook on Minecraft life has changed. At this point, the fact
that I get to keep inventory makes me not even care if
I’m gonna die or get lost. Like– – [Man] It kinda takes the
fun out of it, to be honest. – No, it’s more fun now because
I’m gonna go explore more. I’m gonna go in caves, I’m
gonna go find things ’cause I’m not scared to die! – [Man] But it’s kinda cool
that you lose your stuff when you die. – That’s not cool, that
is not cool in any way. – [Man] It makes it intense. – It’s just, you know. It’s just annoying, it’s not cool. I don’t know where my house is, honest. – Tell me in the comments if
you think it’s cool that you lose stuff when you die. – It’s never cool. All right, I guess I’m just
gonna take the boat with me? I’m not sure where my house is
but the way we’re gonna find it is we’re just gonna
go up to highground, turn up our field of view
and see if we can see it off in the distance. – Yeah, I keep boats in my
pocket sometimes too just in case I need it for a journey. I also keep tables, and swords, and stuff. So if you ever need a sword
or a boat, or a table, it’s in my pocket. – Thank you very much. – [Man] Uh-oh, sundown. – Oh, no. Oh! Is that my house? Whoa, this looks weird
all zoomed in like this. Woo! I don’t– Yeah, that’s not my house. I think it’s another tower
I built to find my house. Okay, it’s getting very hard to see. Um, we’re gonna need to turn up– I’m gonna turn my Render Distance up. And we’re gonna see off into the distance. Whoa, there’s like a desert over there. Luckily, I have my cheats on
and I can now change it to daytime if I want. Wow, I said that really weird. /time set 0. And now it is day! That is so awesome, I love cheating. But not in school, don’t
cheat in school, kids. It’s zoomed in really far. Should I turn the field
of view back to normal? Yeah, I’m lost. Is there a cheat to
get back into your bed? Mable we should try out
keeping the inventory. All right, but I have all this sugarcane, and my gold pickaxe, and all this stuff! – [Man] It’ll work. – Is it gonna work, everybody? Let’s fall to our death. Whoa! (gasps) – [Man] What?! – Oh, no. Is it all in here, like, oh no! Dude, no! You little monkey! You monkey sucker! – [Man] Are your cheats not– – Well, I mean, there’s
a tall tower somewhere with all my stuff in it. – [Man] You should’ve
looked on your location. (mockingly imitates man) – Let’s just find the tall tower. There’s no need to panic, everybody. We’re just gonna… Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. We’re gonna go grab a
bunch of like cobblestone or something and do this. All right, we’re gonna go
into our house the back way. This is my basement door. We’re just gonna grab
a bunch of cobblestone and go ahead and make a tower. I’m gonna be smart this time
and do it right over the water so I can jump. All right, here we go. Let’s just go straight up pretty far, and I think we will see
something somewhere. I know that we saw another
tower I had built for– Oh, that way! Okay, and that seems about right. So, quickly let’s head over that way and hope that the inventory
is still sitting there. Maybe that’s what it means. Maybe you still have to go
to the spot that you lost it. But maybe it never disappears
or something, I don’t know. Are you looking into that, babe? I should’ve built another boat. (sighs) – [Man] It needed to be a capital I. – What? – [Man] Well, it said it worked. – Yeah, cool. There’s two towers over there. – [Man] It says online
that it’s lowercase k, capital I. – All one word. So it’s like, /gamerule and then keepInventory true. Why can’t I type anything? – [Man] But it said this last time. – Whoa, it’s lagging. It’s lagging! – [Man] You should try dying now and see what happends. – I don’t think it did but I
want to go over to where all my stuff was lost. – [Man] Do you know where it is? – Yeah. Sorry about the lag sometimes, guys, because our computer CPU is at 100%. It’s like maxed out so
sometimes this games lags. We are looking to upgrade very soon so just hang in there. There it is, or that’s
at least the first one. Oops. I saw two towers and I’m assuming
this one is not the right one, I think– Maybe it is, let’s see. “Run, Forest! Run!” – [Man] A lot of people are
asking you if you know how to sprint. – I do, I am sprinting. – [Man] They ask it in every video. – I must have like a slow– Like some people do the hyper
speed thing or something. I must look slow to them. Wait, I passed it. What the heck? Oh, it’s on the tree! There it all is! All right. There’s all my shields and stuff. – [Man] Do you know how to get home? – Yeah, I do. I do, I do, I do. All right, I think I got
pretty much everything. Let’s check. Iron leggings, check. Boots, check. Iron chest plate, check. Where’s our shield, everybody? Where’s our shield? Gotta find the shield. Uh-oh, where is it? Where could it have gone? In the hole? Think it’s in the hole? Oh, my. There’s probably some
good stuff down there. So I think our shield
is gone but that’s okay, we can make it again. But we have sugarcane and that’s
all that matters right now, and we have a boat to get back. So let’s go on ahead and head back home. It actually wasn’t that hard to get home, I just got to go this way. So we’re gonna have to do a test here and I will put my good stuff back, plant my sugarcanes and then
we will die with something in our inventory that’s like
useless and see if we still have it when we spawn. Why am I walking on top of trees? Oh, I’m gonna need to eat. I’m sorry, little piggy, but I don’t have any
animals in my farm yet so. And I sadly don’t have anything
to lure you with right now. I’ll just eat some of this raw pork. All right, we are almost home. Just got to head over to
that thing over there. – So I was looking it up and
apparently starting in 1.8, they made it so any game rule
that you do in the cheats, it gives you a confirmation
regardless of whether it’s actually a cheat or not
because I guess you can make up your own game rules or something. I’m not really sure. So I’m thinking the fact that
you didn’t have the capital I the first time she did it
is the reason it didn’t work. So I think it might work
now and if it doesn’t work, someone suggested doing gamerule false, and then doing gamerule true again. So maybe that’ll do it. – Wow, I guess sugarcane– – [Man] That’s sand, that’s not dirt. I just put sand there because
the sugarcane grows in sand. Oh, it worked on this one. There has to be water next to it. Um, so we’re just gonna take
these seeds right here out and, well we can plant
one right here for now. So that’s that. So now we’ve got some good
stuff growing over here, huh? Sweet. Still no that big but
we’ll keep expanding. Right now, we’re just gonna go to sleep. This is ridiculous. It’s my dream mode. All right, so now we’re going
to put our stuff back into our chest and then take something
not very valuable with us, and I’ll just try killing
myself with something– That’s stupid, I got all this cobblestone. There, that’s fine. – I think that was actually
a suggestion in the comments. Someone said kill yourself,
so we’re gonna try it. (laughs) – Oh, my gosh. All right, here I go. Woo! Wait. Come on, die! – [Man] You’re having trouble dying! – Where am I? Oh, I’m in the dark! I can’t see! Ah, I’m walking and I can’t see anything. Uh-oh, this is kinda not good. I don’t know what’s going on. Wait, wait. What, what? Ah, that’s where I came from, yeah. All right, let’s go down where I was. Almost done, not quite there. If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna
die doing something epic. Whoa! There’s water! Oh, my god! I was not expecting that. Gosh, are you serious? Why won’t it let me die? Wait, here we go. Brites, you’ve been so good to me. Today is the day that I say goodbye. Thanks for watching. (giggles) I have my inventory! – [Man] Yeah, so I was right! If you’re gonna do keepinventory true, you have to do a capital I, lowercase k. Otherwise it’s not gonna work. – Yep, cool. All right, I think this
is a good place to end it. We learned a lot today and
we got some stuff done. Leave your suggestions in the
comments below for what you want me to do in the next episode. And don’t forget to smash the
like button with your head. Thanks for watching, guys. Bye!

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