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How To Fight A Bear – EPIC HOW TO

How To Fight A Bear – EPIC HOW TO

bears are one of the most dangerous members of the animal kingdom weighing on average of around 1,100 pounds bears can maim and kill with ruthless efficiency one strike from a bears clock and take down an adult deer or like ten baby deer and we’re going to show you how to fight one yeah we’re crazy like that this is epic how to fight a bear awesome first off it’s probably not a good idea to fight a bear in fact it’s a really really bad idea so please don’t go out and fight a bear that being said here’s how as crazy as it sounds to fight a bear some people have actually done it as far back as the 20th century from the 1950s to the 80s professional wrestler leaves like Georgia Championship Wrestling World Wrestling Alliance maple leaf wrestling and Stampede Wrestling had bear versus human wrestling matches welcome everybody to the bear wrestling championships here in Toronto wrestlers like the destroyer Tracy smothers and rowdy roddy piper tried unsuccessfully to hold a bear down frame three-second pinfall on April 2nd 1975 during the halftime of an ABA basketball game Victorville wrestling bear quickly defeated Chet Coppock UFC fighter khabib nurmagomedov but this word even wrestled a bear cub when he was just 9 years old and Russia despite the Bears being declawed and D tooth the Bears did serious damage to their opponents those who dared to wrestle a bear ended up with stitches broken ankles even just holy shit sometimes man would prevail against bear Olympic wrestler Geoffrey M Hunt in Olympic canoer Mike Herbert are two of the only men to have ever defeated a bear in a fight that we know of how did they do it well in an interview Herbert said he just picked the bear up and plopped him down the bear didn’t like being on his back and that’s great advice if you’re as freaky strong and mentally tough as Herbert he once caught a 65 pound catfish by sticking his hand in the water jamming a hand through its gills and putting it onto the boat oh that not enough for you how about this one time he wrestled a deer to the ground then killed him in ate its brain tongue heart and liver seriously that really happened but do you have any chance to be to bear if you’re not some insane lunatic probably not your best option is to avoid a fight all together when you’re not fighting bears it’s important to remember some basic bear safety rules so you don’t stumble across a bear unprepared which would be almost any time you stumble across a bear keep any items that have a strong odor like deodorant food or soap hanging at least 10 feet off the ground or in a bear-proof container change your clothes frequently Bears have a very strong sense of smell and they can pick up on any sweat or food stains store your clothes in the same bear-proof container you put your other smelly items in also stay in a group bears will be more afraid of you and less likely to approach if they’re outnumbered it’s like a survival thing or you know they’re just socially awkward but if worse comes to worse and you find yourself mono laid bare oh here’s what you need to know before the fight even begins you need to scare the bear trick it into thinking that you’re bigger and stronger than you really are stand up as tall as you can spread your arms out wide if you’re wearing a jacket take it off and wave it around scream loudly and if there’s anything around that makes noise like a metal pan grab it and bang on if the bear is even slightly afraid of you it just might give you the edge you need to win many survival experts also recommend bear spray it can be super effective at warding off aggressive bears at close distances but it’s also known to piss them off major and you always run the risk of bear spraying your pasty but to Matt it’s not good more often than not the bear is going to get the best of you and the only thing you can do is get the hell out of Dodge but you can’t run running wave will trigger a bear’s natural predator instincts and it will chase your ass down bears can run up to 40 miles an hour so unless you got a hitting moped in your pants there’s no escape instead of running you want to walk away quickly making sure you keep your eyes on the bear at all times if that fails played and drop to the ground and spread your legs this will make it harder for the bear to turn you over onto your stomach cover the back of your neck with your hands and hide your face between your elbows this will protect vital areas of your body hopefully the bear will get tired and bored and just leave you alone like your high school girlfriend once you’re in a fight with the bear you got to remember that the number-one rule is don’t get hit seriously whatever you do do not get hit by a bear in a recent study at Montana University graduate students found that bears are capable of rolling a seven hundred pound metal dumpster around like a beach ball you can only imagine what a bear could do to your friggin face once the fight begins avoid looking the bear directly in the eye bears react strongly to eye contact the bear will perceive you as a threat and it will lash out and defend it with its full strength the bear is really trying its hardest to kill you you have no chance of walking out alive but you still need to keep your eye on the bear at all times if you turn your back on it it will immediately sense weakness and go for the kill bears have several weak points on their bodies that you can exploit their nose head eyes and chest are all vulnerable areas and like humans it really hurts a male bear when you kick it in the balls so don’t be afraid to go below the belt and get him in his dirty bear Nats speaking of fighting dirty you’re gonna want to use every advantage possible guns help and so do bazookas but not everyone has those but if you’re fighting bare hand and throw dirt in the Bears eyes use any large sticks and rocks you find his weapons and use your teeth to bite the Bears neck it’s a bear it was never a fair fight to begin with you’re gonna want to fight the bear on a hill or other steep terrain bears have short stubby legs in the incline prevents the bear from standing fully upright limiting the Bears power a punches are almost useless against a bear their bodies are just too thick for you to do any damage plus a punch will expose your arms for the bear to grab and Maul instead you’re gonna want to throw kicks a strong straight front kick like the one cops use to bust open doors works best avoid standing directly in front of the bear instead attack it from the side bears neck muscles and jaw structure don’t allow them to easily turn their heads limiting their line of sight and making it harder for them to hit you that’s a good thing your game plan should be to strike and dodge slowly pushing the bear up the hill before delivering the finishing blow a swift kick to its hind leg or top of its neck that will hopefully incapacitate it if all else fails and you’re getting your frail human ass handed to you by a friggin bear do like 26 year old Montana and chase dellwo did rear back your arm like so and shove it down the Bears mouth hole Chase said I remembered an article that my grandmother gave me a long time ago that said large animals have bad gag reflexes so I shove my arm right down his throat awesome sure it seems counterintuitive that you’re doing half of the bears job for it by inserting yourself into its bear mouth but dire situations call for insane measures if you’re as fortunate is chase you’re gonna trigger that gag reflex totes leave that bear out and it’s gonna retreat back to its bear cave to existentially ruminate on what the hell just happened and you’re gonna make the local paper cool hey if you’re still watching this that means you’re alive congratulations you fought a bear and you won if that wasn’t hard enough for you I maybe try fighting two bears at once I don’t know do what you want not your father yet so how do your mom for me wink this has been epic out to let us know what top if you guys think we should break down next in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe you

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  1. Just don't go outside it's not hard order a treadmill so you don't get fat if a bear goes into your house call animal control

  2. U fkn tard plebs don't know sht about anything. I'll beat the fk out a bear, bear knuckle boxing style, knock it on the chin and it's head whips

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