How To Find Water In The Wild- Must Have Survival Skills

how to find water in the wild hiking bug out survival tips how to find and purify water hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out backpacking
with my son and we stumbled upon a dried-up creek
bed and I remember one of my favorite methods for finding water when you’re out of doors in the
wilderness so whether it’s an emergency a bug out situation or you’re just camping it’s a good thing to know how to find
water so you can take care of yourself you follow the creek bed down to a
lower spot because a lot of the times the water will pool up in a lower spot then you can dig down where there’s a
little pool and more water will flow in you’ll be able to use your water
purifier or some kind of a container to collect
water and then you have a fresh water to use whether you’re camping or bugging out I followed the Creek downstream and I found where it was springing up right here then I looked
right over here and it is already collecting into a pool so I
got my little folding Gerber shovel and I’m gonna dig this deeper its gonna fill out more with water I can
collect in a container use my use my First Need XLE Elite water purifier and I will have fresh water Now that I have my water I’m gonna take this bottle and I’m in a
cover with a bandana to keep at the surface junk and I’m gonna fill it up down in my little water supply then I am going to hook up the purifier to the dirty water filter it through my First Need XLE Water filter and I’m
gonna have fresh clean drinking if you have a favorite tool that you take when
you’re bugging out your backpacking or camping leave me a comment down below tell me
what it is and how you use it Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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