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How to light syberian long log fire – ENG SUBTITLES – Bushcraft and Survival

How to light syberian long log fire  – ENG SUBTITLES – Bushcraft and Survival

Long Log Syberian Fire – Nodia Today I will try to light a long log syberian fire called Nodia. As You can see here we have a lot of fallen trees. I think that one of these trees should be fine for my fire. If You want this to work the wood has to be as dry as possible I will make some chips to check if this is dry enough. Today is a very wet day but the wood is dry inside. It is dry to the touch. If You want to make sure that the wood is dry You can touch it with Your chick or lips. If it gets warm in few seconds it means that it is dry. If it stays cold, it means that it is wet. This spruce is long enough for the long log fire. I’m going to measure two pieces. And I’m going to chop them off. The bigger axe would be better but at the moment it’s all that I’ve got. I will try to save the dry chips from chopping – they will help to start the fire. One piece is ready. Know it’s time for the second one. The hardest part is done. Now I’m going to carve one log to create a flat surface. This way it will be easier to start a fire on that log. I will leave the second log as it is. So I have the flat surface. I will start a fire and then i will put some embers, birch bark, dry chips etc. But first I’m going to drive some stakes into the ground to secure the log. As You can see the surface is not smooth – this should help to get the fire going. I made these stakes from fresh, green wood so they will not burn so fast. I have a large amount of birch trees here. So I can get a lot of birch bark. I’m going to use these dry twigs – it is a great wood to start a fire in these conditions. Of the ground and vertical. I have collected some fire wood. I have a birch bark, dry spruce twigs. I will start a small fire near my logs and then transfer the burning material. That way it should be easier as it is very wet today. The weather slightly changed and now it’s raining and snowing. I have stared this fire as near as possible to my Nodia so it should be easy to transfer the coals. The fire is slowly growing and it is snowing a little bit. So now I’m going to put the dry stuff on top of the log. And I will ignite it with pieces from the small fire. This is a long process. I had to put the upper log on faster than I wanted to cause the wind was blowing off my burning twigs and bark. It is slowly burning up – it is ok in few spots but there are some sopts where it is not burning. And this is bad. This way the logs will not burn evenly and eventually it will not work. It is crucial to have it burning evenly on whole lenght. Now it looks better. It is burning quite evenly. There are two problems – the places that were burning in the begging now died and I have to reignite them. And the most important – the ends of nodia are not burning good enough. Usually these are the hardest to ignite. It looks like it is going to work. The wind is helping. So this is how it looks at the moment. As You can see it burns on whole lenght. It is a good option when You have a big axe. 800g head at least. The wood has to be dry – the kind of wood is not that important. I’m using spruce but it spits so it’s not the best option. This is something to consider if You want to spend a night using this fire. 100cm is the distance that You should be laying from the fire to get the warming effect. Anything further and it will not keep you warm. This should burn at least 8-10 hours without any maintenace. You can always and some stakes for safety. The preparation of this fire to that stage took me aobut 2 hours. Chopping the logs took some time and then there was the slow process of igniting the Nodia. So it took some time to prepare but what You get is a all night fire without the need to add any wood. The ends are burning quite nicely. All looks good. If Your are a skilled axe man than it will probably take You much less time than it took me. So it’s getting dark now. My Nodia is burning for 4 hours know. Without any moderation. And it is about half way through. So there is still few hours left in this fire. Just so you can see what is the diameter of the logs. It’s less than 20cm. If You want to do this your axe should be as sharp as Your knife. I wish I had thermo image camera. The wind is still helping. Even though the stakes were made from green wood they had burnt through. Is it a good survival option? If You don’t have a shelter, a sleeping bag. Right now it’s 0’C. And it is very warm by the fire. It’s burning for 6 hours now. So 6 hours of rest in survival situation is great. But You have to have tools – without tools it would extremely hard. Thansk for watching and see You next time.

13 thoughts on “How to light syberian long log fire – ENG SUBTITLES – Bushcraft and Survival”

  1. I watched the video using the English subtitles. Informative video. I do like the two log long fire. It may not be the best option for all circumstances but it is definitely a good fire lay to know and understand. For when you need a maintenance free fire that will last for a long duration, this fire lay is one of the best. Great job on the video.

  2. Nice video, i live in a rather warm place (southern Spain) but i live 32 km from the Sierranevada Range highest peak Mulhacen mount 3492 m high, so in winter i am near snow and cold woods. I have to try this kind of fire. Thank you very much for the video

  3. Excellent.

    Maybe 3 logs, fill the space between the two bottom with material, light and after burning well, place log 3 to nestle in the gap between the two? No stakes needed. Dropping the third in might be tricky.

  4. I like how he lit a seperate fire to use as ignition rather than waste matches, lighter fuel

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