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How to Make a Burn Bowl | Survival Skills

How to Make a Burn Bowl | Survival Skills

If you had a pot it would be easy to cook. If you have a nice campfire, a nice cooking
fire, sometimes you might find yourself without a pot. If you don’t have a pot you’re going to need
to improvise and make a bowl. The bowl that I’ve made right here, or I’m
making, is called a burn bowl. It’s made by taking pieces of coal, putting
them in the bowl, blowing on them until you get a fire. And what’s going to happen, and what you can
see is happening, is that that’s slowly going to burn out the bottom of the bowl. This could take a while, so you can get one
or two burn bowls going. It’s nice to have a couple bowls. I have a second bowl that’s sitting right
up behind me. And you have one bowl that’s filled with water. You can dip your hot rock in it and it’ll
clean it off. Then take that rock and put it in another
bowl, and instead of drinking charcoal-y water you’ll drink clean water. So this is a good way to get things boiling
and a way to make a nice bowl. Now once you get your charcoal in your bowl
and it starts to burn away the bottom, and I’m just going to dump this out to show you,
you’re going to want to scrape the bottom away. And if you can see, all that freshly burned
area is scraping out. I’m scraping it right now with an antler. You can use a rock. You can use a stick. Most of this bowl was scraped with a stick,
but I’m using this antler right now just to get the last few pieces of ash out of the
bottom. So our bowl is going to get deeper, and rounder,
and nicer. At the very end you can take a rock or sand,
put sand in the bottom, and then take a piece of deer hide or a piece of your shirt and
rub it with the sand in the bottom. That’s sort of like sandpaper and you can
sand it out to a pretty smooth surface. On this one I used pumice, so I used a volcanic
rock to sand it out. So, you can get a nice bowl that will give
you the ability to eat, store water, cook with water, and that’s kind of what it looks
like in the process. And that’s a little bit further along in the

65 thoughts on “How to Make a Burn Bowl | Survival Skills”

  1. its survival.. you cant buy a pan in the middle of nowhere in the forest when your trying to survive from the wilderness -_-

  2. Leaving some charcoal powder in the bottom means that if you put toxin filled water into the bowl the charcoal will absorb it and you can drink the purified water.

  3. Post a video of you doing it and also over the next few days, the water really needs to pass through a charcoal filter rather than just poured in to a bowl of charcoal. You will make yourself ill if you actually do what you're saying.

  4. sorry guys, i'm french and i don't understand all the video.But it looks like very interesting.
    What is the purpose of the burn bowl?

  5. Reminds me of what I learned while reading one of the Clan of the Cave Bear books. Great job on the video

  6. OMG THAT WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTH DAY 😀 And is it the charcoal that makes the hole in the bowl or is it the stone and "sand paper" that makes the bowl? please answer me 😀

  7. Step 1. Buy coal at the store
    Step 2. Buy an axe or tool to cut the wood like that at the store

    How the hell is this crap about survival?! Steps 1 and 2 require store bought shit.

  8. Great video, the one thing you left out that I would like to know, is how long it took you to make those bowls. It would help to know if it took all day or just a couple of hours. Thanks for the video.

  9. Great video! From the looks of your commenters you need to make another video about how to make tools that you can cut logs with in the wilderness. God help these people if shtf.

  10. The way your place was lined with pine needles to keep bugs from infesting your place was a neat idea. I have made one of these bowls when was a kid, thanks for the reminder. If you use your brain and figure out how things are constructed you will be set instead of wanting.

  11. How does one get the big piece of wood to make the bowl though? That looks like it was cut from a log. In a survival situation, that would mean that you'd have to cut a tree down and then cut a piece of the log off, then cut it in half. Now you'd have to do that with a hand axe most likely as you wouldn't have time to make a good one, but even then, the energy expenditure to do that would be HUGE.

  12. It's not just a matter of having a tool to cut the logs with, it's the energy expenditure. In a survival situation, if you don't have food readily available, the last thing you want to be doing is using up a bunch of calories cutting down a tree. Having a bowl would be very important for being able to boil water for purification purposes, so you want the easiest-to-make bowls.

  13. I need to make one of these next outing. If you're near a creek you can just submerge the bowl and toss some sand in their to smooth it out and clean it at the same time

  14. Or you know you could just take a pot with you it's really not that heavy and for you who is going to say omg you are a spoiled brat who gets every thing no not really every year me my grand dad and brother go to this place called femunds marka in norway and we walk 15 kilometers to a cabin and we stay there for a week with only the food we carried and fish

  15. I don't think people got the point. Everyone knows its easier to carry a pot with you, but your not always lucky you might be in a plane crash or be shipwrecked maybe your car broke down in the middle of no where or you might loose your kit and you have no pot to cook with then what are you going to do? 

  16. This is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing…wow…if I get caught somewhere unexpected, then I can do this….great idea.

  17. What's the best way to get the bowl started? Should I dig it out with a edge stone first to hold the charcoal?

  18. Very good idea!!! I would like to see a non survivalist try to cook with just these though! LOL, that would be funny!!! People are so lazy, stupid, and spoiled figuring that out would hurt their brains! But that gives people like us a fighting chance, huh…

  19. Really good information, every bit of knowledge a person can gain from survival videos the better off everyone will be for when we all need to use the things we learn, keep up the good work. I have a channel that I'm working on, its under Harry survivalist.. check it out sometime

  20. could you please make a similar video with out a precut perfect log like that one…. like a rounded log like what you'd find in the wild… or show how to make that log without killing yourself doing it. that would be amazing plz do it…. love this video though.

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  22. Nice bowl! However in a survival situation you may have to make the bowl from a round, uncut log and burn a suitable section off to work with using coals or placing the section you want to cut off in the fire.

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