How To Make A Round Tower #2 in ARK Survival Evolved

hello, my name is Fresonis and welcome
back to ARK Survival Evolved in this video I gonna show you how to do the base of a round tower in a different method then I show in my first tutorial first
serial we didn’t need any extra cents foundations on the inside but they
changed something on PC and i cant make around 200 like dis like you see in the
distance without my autumn edit I want to share this with you guys and I hope
it helps you to build also round towers cuz they are awesome so let’s go as you
can see I already built a platform oh here we go to build the base of a single
will sour and also doubled our so you know the difference and I hope it helps
you guys as I mentioned in this material when you
go counter-clockwise always have the light call of section pointing towards
you and a dog collar section of Defense Fund ocean pointing away from you as you
can see over you eat it changes so no it will set up wrong let’s do it wrong and
you will see the difference goes out to all will be entitled be out
and about so we don’t want it so let’s keep thinking when I said here are gonna
go counter-clockwise so light section over the fence one nation needs to
pointing towards me as I dunno and you’ll see the difference and also as you can see when a player
wall here you will see the difference between the wall on defense foundation
in a while on a normal foundation you have to carefully so when you place it
on the fence foundation you will always notice to see a piece of offense
motivation and otherwise she will almost not so keep that in mind building lines perfectly restored with a
single malt hour and the first ports I always check with my wall so so far no problem yet but normally
now built in my other tutorials will demolish dish stone foundation bill the most distal foundation and so
on let’s do it the old way so I can show
you guys what I mean but as you can see Dave change something
and defense foundations lognormal foundations I hate it but you have to
live with it I guess so we have to demolish it back and start all over with
a different method it’s correct the problem is now we can demolish the stone
foundations anymore so and as you can see it won’t snap because its steps on
the outside of the stone foundation to sleep here so what we will do you use
different methods have to place extra fans foundations on the inside of the
walls of the tower so you don’t see them on the outside block the ports where the foundation to
a mistake know if I’m correct it’s a bit tricky as
always to get him to snap but there it is correct and we need to
do the same here so first place one point I feel like I’m dancing around on this
platform to find the correct way to see if you can see with me feel many dollars
also help out of subscribers building their toes but not always so easy on the inside I hope you guys don’t have ground foundations all the way up and
then placed a normal foundation back but we can’t do that anymore so I wanted to
do a different way it normally would but it’s only in the
inside so I don’t mind the hardest work with me have to try don’t give up and I don’t know how it’s
on the Xbox day tainted also otherwise you can use
my first tutorial don’t need all those extra fans so it’s complete and contesting so let’s do it so as you
can see the Eclipse platform again now we’re gonna build a base of this tower
same side inside especially small though will
collapse I know it’s ugly but you need to keep them in sight supposed to be doing as you can see this is the base of a big
dollar a big toe like dad it’s quite easy let’s see what happen 2012 White
Tower it works but I’m sure it doesn’t work for the single malt our whole bit
built on quickly and well demonstrated so I’ll be right back and welcome back
you can see the whole base of a single tower again and if you remove the
intersections it might we’ll all chill dough so let’s test it out section of the toe is now down so don’t
removed extra fans foundation she placed inside at our cost this will happen you
don’t wanna lose you because you want to flirt nice area inside of you just have
to live with it does extra more decorations guys I hope this helps you build sell
like this will like it though there or whatever kind of those you love and good
luck building and I will see you next time just 100 no no no no no go go go

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