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  1. yeah you would, its amongst rocks commonly everywehrre, and if theres not obsidian chert is common too. any malleable rock can be used.

  2. technically since the point of it was to show what you can do in case you don't have a knife it wouldn't make much difference if he showing the same thing while sitting on a toilet or what ever, as long as he still shows how and what to do in case you need a sharp thingy and don't have one.

  3. make a video how to make glasses. what if it's the apocalypse and i break my glasses? how would i see to survive?

  4. It's very easy.
    1. Mine for Iron
    2. Make a bucket. (Requires 3 Iron bars)
    3. Put the lava in the bucket.
    4. Drop the lava on the surface, make sure the water touches the lava.
    5. ???
    6. Profit

  5. Where do you expect to find obsidian, at the grocery store ?!

    These are VERY readily-available materials in the wild. If you don't have large obsidian deposits in your area you will have either chirt or flint, to which the same process applies.

  6. ok mr.no imagination… what if you had nothing to start off with and you was in the middle of the woods and there was no obsidian or chert or flint

  7. You have a really good point, in this video the crap is just sitting on the ground next to him.

    What kind of wood to use, how to know it's the wood you want, what places to look to more likely find obsidian/flint/stone. This video may as well have been shot in a grocery store as everything is in arms reach.

  8. @Bq Apple @SMGJohn Heat up dried up resin from trees and mix it together with charcoal; It will make for a very strong glue.

  9. This is like the Olduwan stone tool design, the first stone tools made by a hominid species (homo habilis). They used these little flakes for cutting meat from bone, cutting up tubers to make them easier to eat, and so forth. A simple design, but very useful.

  10. You're so silly, everyone knows you just need 2 sticks 3 cobblestone and a crafting table to make a stone tool!

  11. Sorry but I think that the camera was in a bad position. I couldn't see very much so I didn't get so much out of this video. But except for that was it a OK video.

  12. You don't need an antler, just a harder rock than the rock or obsidian you are sharpening. Yes, many rocks are sharpenable, quartz, chert, jasper, obsidian and others. There are many more places that don't have obsidian than do, but you should be able to at least find some kind of chert, jasper or quartzite in a dry creek bed or around a river or lake.
    You are not trying to make a projectile point or spear point (flintknapping takes much practice and experience to master). You just need to knock a flake off (a specific type) of a rock. If you use the right type of rock there will always be a portion of the flake that will be sharp enough to butcher an animal and other cutting needs. You may need many of these flakes, depending on the chore you are using it for. Most of the time it is easier and works just as good to just use the flake with your fingers. Hafting a small flake can be more work than it is worth. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

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