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How to make a SURVIVAL BUNKER in Minecraft!

How to make a SURVIVAL BUNKER in Minecraft!

100 thoughts on “How to make a SURVIVAL BUNKER in Minecraft!”

  1. So uhh, I know people are going to call me stupid for asking this, but does the “bread maker” red stone contraption recycle its bonemeal or will I have to refill the dispensers when it runs out?

  2. Not sure if its me but i dit everything like you did but nothing is working is that because I suck or is that because I’m on ps4 instead of pc

  3. Fuck u i was trying to build this for 4 hrs straight the only thing that worked was the entrance im unsubbing ur such a fucking faggot asshole i never want to see u upload again every one of the contraption fails ur so bad i hate u so much fuck u

  4. Anyone know how to do part 8:16 in Minecraft 1.14 because they aren't connecting to each other… or does not work in Minecraft PE? Plz someone answer 🙁

  5. Oli:- we need to clear out a little bit of space

    proceeds to mine the whole world with his hands

  6. When he started working in the bread dispenser was he speaking enchanting table?

    Not hating just didn’t understand😂😂

  7. The bread maker doesnt work on xbox. I followed his instructions 5 times to make sure I had it all right. And the redstone still doesnt want to work with me.

  8. So, I have some issues with the chicken farm and bread maker. The dispenser in the chicken farm won't shoot out eggs, even though it's getting an input. The sticky piston under the dirt in the bread maker also won't retract for some reason. I have copied the redstone exactly for both, so I don't know what the issue is. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  9. my auto furncae didnt work the first time but when i added another redstone torch beside the other redstone torch it worked suddenly

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I built this is my cousins realm and he's super impressed. I also added my own extra rooms.

  11. I'm having trouble with the chicken one.
    I built everything they way u said, but the dispenser that dispenses the eggs won't dispense!

  12. I think there’s something wrong with my game, because any of the contraptions involving hoppers (which is basically all of them) aren’t working. I tried to use a hopper to see if that’s the problem and it is. I just don’t know how to fix it so the hoppers transfer the items into the chest instead of holding onto them.

  13. I finally finished it 2 hours later. How do you build so quickly? Also, I think the wheat farm doesn’t work anymore, because I copied your instructions exactly and the piston still doesn’t retract quickly to let the water destroy the wheat.

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