HOW TO: Make An End Portal Anywhere! [Vanilla Survival] [Works in 1.7]

What’s up Juiceheads, my name is Dul, and
this is another Minecraft tutorial. This time we’re going to learn how to make an end portal
in vanilla survival Minecraft! Um, once again, one of those things that not
a lot of people know that you can do, but, you can. Um, I didn’t know until recently,
um, someone tipped me off to it. So, here we go. We’re gonna–obviously, y’know,
you can’t get end portal blocks in vanilla Minecraft. I don’t know how to do that if
you can, um, so that’s not what this tutorial is about, it’s about making the portal itself!
Which you can actually do with melon blocks! Now um, I’m assuming that this is just some
kind of Easter egg put in by Mojang, but… yeah! So uh, you wanna start out by laying
out this 3×3 floor here. Obviously um, in the vanilla… spawned… end portal, there’s
no floor block necessary, it’s just the outside, but you will need the floor in this case. Um, and then… you just fill… the outside
up! Go like that! And we’ll put the… next block in, are we ready? We ready? Moment of
truth! Annnnnd… go! And there we go! So…! That’s–that’s uhhh
how you make an end portal! In vanilla Minecraft! Please make sure to leave this a like, and
maybe a favorite if this helped you out, if you learned something new! Um, hopefully I
will be back with more videos, more tutorials, more whatever… very soon! Thanks for watching guys! Bye!

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