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How To Make Ark Survival Evolved Mind Wipe Tonic Recipe aka Amnesiac Soup

How To Make Ark Survival Evolved Mind Wipe Tonic Recipe  aka Amnesiac Soup

hey now goin on guys. this is a recipe for
mind wipe tonic. why would you want to use this recipe? well if you’re like me and you
put points in to things like oxygen which are becoming obsolete since they came out
with scuba gear. You kinda want to get those points back and put them into stuff more useful.
like carry weight, melee damage, or even your health, stamina. Whatever you want to do.
its a good way too get your points, stats, back to zero and your engrams back to zero.
you don’t lose your level. it save you from having to create a new character or whatnot
and regrinding to get your level back. so lets get right into it. heres the recipe.
you’re gonna need 24x cooked prime meat, 200x mejo berries, 72x narcotic, 72x stimulant,
20x rare mushrooms, 20x rare flower, 1x water skin. Or if you have the admin code access
you can use admin code 413. you’re gonna take all these ingredients put them in the cooking
pot. What you’re gonna end up with is a purple tonic that you simply just drink. It’ll wipe
out your engram points back zero and your stat points. Then you can put them back to
whatever you want. kinda a nifty little thing. hope this helps you out. got some time? be
sure to check me out on the ol’ Twitch at No Commercial Potential. Subscribed on youtube
and thanks for watching! have a good one!

30 thoughts on “How To Make Ark Survival Evolved Mind Wipe Tonic Recipe aka Amnesiac Soup”

  1. I'm thinking to make this in a pvp server and capture some victims. We got raided by some big tribes, but I hope there comes an recipe to lose all your stats and then It's totally gone

  2. This recipe pretty much never works. Everything says it cooks 1 minute. This is the 1 recipe that never seems to work right.

  3. What a helpful video! I got the recipe randomly off of an argentavis and wondered why the heck you would wanna wipe your memory. Your explanation made it much more clear. Thank you!

  4. So I have the recipe and it uses terms like "10 handfuls" and "18 dollops " is they're like a ratio or something for those terms

  5. Hey dude, you know anyone with extra dinos for donations? And a few extra platforms? Would help me and my friend out greatly, it's just really the two of us now.

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