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How to make Ayahuasca in Green Hell story mode

How to make Ayahuasca in Green Hell story mode

okay hope everyone’s doing well welcome
to this cooking show how to make ayahuasca this is a wonderful recipe
that is used for amnesia but I seem to have lost my um recipe book and it is in
my other abandoned town so we need to go to my abandoned camp but first I’m gonna
take whatever the heck this thing is except I have no room in the backpack of
course hmm fine then hey it worked okay good that
can go because it’s spoiled probably eat one of these okay and off to my camp
what is my weapons I want this one number two please obviously you have to be careful of
spiders oops otherwise you can get poisons and that
is obviously not a very good thing ah look it we have some unknown fruit here
very good I am needing lots of stuff like that okay I don’t know why I decided to leave my
abandoned camp way over here or why I left my recipe booklet there huh or why
everything else is scaring me in here good grief hello your lovely snail maybe
I’ll come back and eat you had another point any time I don’t want any spider it’s now raining – which is very nice
maybe this coconut lying around guys I don’t get bitten by any spiders I don’t
care uh no nut ah yes eat that ah
good that gives some fats very good I’m not gonna die due to not having fat in
my diet what a lovely day it is okay what Jaguar is around here so this
may not bode very well for me oh shoot
oh it’s not a Jaguar it’s just a snorting Pig thing God you scared the
heck out of me dum-dum yes I should have known that’s not really much of a growl
is it that’s more like a snorting stupid pigs piggy-wiggy needs to be less grunty okay I have a leech it seems see looks like I’m I only have one leash
there we go it’s gone goodbye get out of here eat some mushrooms give
much carbohydrates but it’s better than nothing at least okay and here we are at
the tribe village place thingy on why I instinctively went to turn a flashlight
on I guess because it’s dark there’s no flashlight in this game it’s a map
yes what’s left of it so you press em to look at the map lambda 2 doesn’t ring a
bell yeah I don’t know where that would be I
don’t know what lambda 2 is because I have to kind of find that where am i
right now though that’s here I’m at 46 West 26 south so 46 wait wait
46 26 okay yeah so 46 26 so that is right here so that’s this thing right
there I guess okay you can put the map away thank you I’ve burned pages
probably important this is for religious rituals and healing ceremonies of the
Yahveh haka sorry Jabberwocky tribe can’t go without the hallucinogenic brew
color i you of Alaska which means Liana of the souls in Quechua it’s also made
out of fire more specifically banisteriopsis caapi which contains
harmine and harmaline these how substances alone have hallucinogenic
properties but to access the full power of Alaska other ingredients are added
another fine dip lotteries in cabaret aradhna
and with an equal amount of equally high amount of psychedelics leaves of the
psychotria viridis shrub and several other species characteristic of South
America there is no one determined no one determined recipe which is why both
the proportions and the use ingredients have chosen individually by each omen
for the same reason the effect of the mixer can vary dramatically it details
not with sounding the basis of brews always a Bennis drops as caapi vine
has we clean something by pounding with wooden mallets until thin fibers from a
implant material acquired this way I didn’t put in small cauldron of water
and boiled over fire okay this is a lot to be reading here man let’s see here
normally takes a day ceremony taking less all night only to be taken to the
presence of shaman who also serves as a guide usually last several hours amazing
visions and stuff cool complete transformation and they tend to use this
he acquire technology become a new better human being very nice some people
suffer from nightmares or even hellish visions mysteries of nature into a
trance which allows them to contact the spirits of their ancestors and magical
beings okay very nice vomiting and diarrhea are both important elements of
the spear Moni Oh delightful imagine just like ah yes now go child and have
your diarrhea in the diarrhea pot right over there please while everyone’s
watching it’s important for the ceremony mmm medicinal effect it’s what they have
I guess okay help clean the body of many dangerous parasites I guess that’s true okay so it’s a religious ritual worth it
it conserves medicinal use PTSD huh huh okay so suffering from treatment
resistant depression anxiety and trauma of PTSD
I’ll take experience amnesia it push the traumatic memories in subconscious and
aren’t able to recall them okay so this thing helps that it has it’s a neuro
plasticity of the brain and a process of neurogenesis whoa neurogenesis sorry
it’s true that members of the Java wakka who take that ayahuasca give a good
spirits calmness and stability and are better at social directions excellent
memory and concentration okay very nice um that took a very long time to read
and now I am going to need food and sleep and you know stuff and things
okay so I have a small stick which is pointless I guess cuz we even named okay
I can sleep in the hammock Oh a bone knife let me take that yes yeah we got a
few banana leaves here don’t know how much that’s really gonna count but now I
have the dryer as well so the drying rack maybe I should sleep until morning
I don’t know I don’t know if I can oh okay so there’s this hot thing just
like sitting here so I need a small fire under this hmm I guess what’s this okay
so fine help check lambda2 location making drinking ayahuasca to restore
your memory thing I read all this last time for 626
45:26 house patients with amnesia is a safe of a bla so I have to click the
connect collect the ingredients and put them inside super fine going on thickest
trees in the jungle okay so strips are fine going on
thickest trees in the jungle oh and then this thing oh okay I already have some
of this with me so I guess that’s helpful
psychiatry yeah I can’t put that in there yet alright then guess I have to
wait a little bit mushrooms
oh these mushrooms give sanity very good I guess
then out of trees which means I can get some actual bananas let’s eat a banana
actually what’s all my stuff at okay so this is giving nothing but carbs which
is pointless when I have so much okay cage trap got the spider very lovely I
don’t like your traffic goes up clearly I don’t have space for them
is there anything what do I need I need I need fat and water what’s making that
noise there’s nothing I can drink water have it no because I can’t drink water
out of that so I’m probably gonna die of thirst
Oh I heard a tribal guy can I just drink this dirty water I
should be fine right 21 hydration I did get parasites oh it’s
fine I can go get those red mushrooms or
whatever it is maybe I should have held on to those I just hope I don’t die now darn it go wrong tree trunk oh yeah it’s
just fat that I need now those parasites are gonna mess me up pretty bad too
I don’t take care of it I sure don’t know exactly what the parasites do ah
look more mushrooms good don’t kind of worry
about it not that much anyway the only minus one each side okay so the
lambda2 location is over here so all I have to do is go east a little bit until
I’m at 4126 oh my god
darn you know I thought the camp was safe that sucks clearly I was very wrong what do I need them because I have to go
all the way back there which was fine I could let’s take that long to get there
it’s just that I am not doing very well for food and stuff okay so I’m gonna
take one of those things with me but these lilies and stuff I’m gonna toss
over here I’ll keep one of these this thing destroy it Oh destroy confirm yes
goodbye eat okay maybe I should also take one of these
with me just in case cuz I’m gonna I’m gonna
need a few things okay take your spear it would be really nice if there were
some coconuts dropping from the trees but no absolutely not a single coconut
wants to drop for me I have very heavy footsteps snake I’m just gonna leave it
alone me Father I assume it’s the Liana but I
have to put in there that’s what sad isn’t okay whatever back to eating the random
mushrooms and I find on the floor it’s always wonderful
oh god what now I have a rash see see you to look at something that’s right
not there not there okay so I have a rash there I guess I don’t know the only
thing I guess you can do no I can’t do anything with that
okay nevermind I can’t do anything no just harvest it shot my coconut ball on
the floor at least get a little bit of water this way first I know rashes go away on their own
so it’s you know kind of fine macro element blah blah blah oh I have more
stuff in here that I didn’t know about okay nice so this is psychotria so
ayahuasca brew we know that now I guess rash naturally fall off by the body over
time yeah I think this is what the what the lilies can be good for but otherwise
it doesn’t really matter much thank you hugging this wall until I find
that camp area oh and this thing unknown fruit there we go there’s another thing I don’t really
know what exactly it does but you know whatever okay
since the water I think just gives parasites and really caring it’s not
that big a deal oh I’ll just eat these red mushrooms
I’ve just got now we’re good don’t eat this i contrast i need that see easy easy oh you stupid ugly yeah that freak the
freak out of me okay where did the spider bite me just like yeah just like
okay put the tobacco dressing on it I guess beaver should go away soon all right it’s the snorting things it’s
fine it’s just a sound of them that freaks
you out ah more tobacco maybe I should got some calm down
I don’t need this thing squealing at me more mushrooms I’ll help when I drink more dirty water
over here there’s this time I have to not get no
not let myself get attacked by the stupid Tiger Chang boy tonight not okay
fine you know what whatever okay eight eight
drink the dirty water oh I was actually fine from that now I have parasites
that’s what these red Marshalls for some map or at least what’s left of it okay now I find this and it’s fine okay so I
guess I can’t do anything with that yet banana I’m gonna Lucy my fill of bananas this is a really good place for a
carbohydrate but not so much for much of anything else
spider okay and now I got sat sleepy time again
did that saving time so I can’t say if here I have to get all the way back to
my page before I can save or can make the save location here let’s do that and
now there’s all this blah blah blah so I can try yeah yeah and I’m through to
blah blah blah okay oops no if there was one small fire oh
now we can make the stone ring – okay so let’s get this oops
small fire at least in the location over here there needs to go BAM I can put
these things in here hello oh good gracious but really difficult to
actually click on those things I’m gonna have to wait until it’s not raining
though obviously you can’t really start firing the rain very easily
and but I wonder can I put those small fire okay so I can’t actually do
anything with it yet that’s just a rock that appeared out of
thin air and fell but what I do want – oh I have leeches great okay let’s go to
the leeches okay where is my no where is it this okay I need to make that hunt
shelter just so I can have a place to save here still not ideal at least I can
save and I’ll be fine it’s really all matters so this is gonna give me a log
isn’t it oh just Longstaff oh come on really yeah I agree with you this time I
agree with you this time friend Oh another stone very good okay let’s put
the two stones no craft craft this and this make ax okay I didn’t tell you to do anything
God what’s wrong with you yeah it turns into logs these trees here if I’m not mistaken ah
there see there’s a banister OPS’s fine okay good
Solis is not too far away for me I want to go too far away but I do want to get
all of this mushrooms and everything and coconuts would be nice and I thought
coconuts are gonna be like the main staple of food in this game but no there’s like none I’ve got one coconut
so far okay stick yeah those are sticks not long six can I please move over
there you need three of these long sticks I just want to be able to save
that’s all make sure I can save and then if I get eaten by a tiger or something
Jaguar I should say I don’t like you calling him a tiger look if I get
attacked I’ll be fine okay and there’s one more
long stick up over here this as long as the Jaguars not around da da and then I just need a rope and
palm leaves of course grab this and let’s start chopping down some trees so
sad oh come on pick them up gonna pick up one more for sure I know that six at
a time I’m still gonna need seven more don’t worry we’re actually gonna make
the brew very very soon okay as soon as I can say if I can finally
make the boot or I’m gonna have to wait for the rain to go away
of course because why not also I should reset this trap I don’t know why I
didn’t yet a coconut oh my god it’s amazing isn’t it shoot uh all my stuff is being going bad well
harvest this harvest this okay let me quickly jump my coconut bowls
over here I’ll forget where I dropped that one oh shoot
the other oh that’s right here good okay oh good I guess have three to bring back slide I hope they got lots more water
soup and all that something Sam let’s just pull this out into the open a
little bit drink drink drink what do we got we’re doing fine I guess
I should eat the coconut flash though good gives lots of fats and I need two
more palm leaves just two I’m not sure what well that’s different but then there – why not look at all
these random fruits and stuff finally ok let’s save the game save here yes please ok mmm
now that we would say the game let’s drink my waters and let’s start this
fire ok I’m not gonna wait any longer for this we don’t need to let’s just
start the fire and we’re good oh I can’t cuz I don’t have enough
energy sleep first I got the hammock would probably be better for
sleeping them but whatever we’re never raining again very soon
of course it is can I sleep longer wait out the rain oh wait wait a sec there’s
mushrooms over there I know I just saved I still want to be very careful about
the tigers jaguars tiger oh let’s open the snake attack something sad okay what else oh I got for food
before a boy ever mind its boiled at least my proteins are doing fine so it
doesn’t really matter okay how to make the ayahuasca brew you make it by
starting a fire on a very special ritual pot you have to say son of a every time
except the actual word and then you have to make sure that you put this
junko in there oh wait what no no no wait I also insert okay what so I just
oh I thought I actually act I thought I actually have to put the stuff in there
not just kill him to insert it but you know whatever okay delicious green food hey what are you doing here hey wait
iíll tribal what am I supposed to follow him hello hi hi kid this is cool hey let’s wait silly sound a little bit
again I’ve am trying to take screenshots I can’t run very fast hey kid where are you where where am I
don’t ask me I don’t know was it not even allowing me oh it wasn’t allowing
me to take screenshots there because I was holding shift trying to run up on
him stupid Steam used to have better
screenshot capability where even if you’re holding buttons you can still
take screenshots that can help oh I didn’t go far enough
okay hold to reply kid kid yeah hello do you got here yes by boat yeah
where are you that’s probably not so good first
content is always difficult they’re extremely weary I don’t remember
anything right now technically very interesting you have
like a coconut shell covering your crying chat wait what it it’s not always
wait what what’s going on that’s not what I
clicked on parents may be unknown error occurred try again later
mm-hmm okay so that’s probably why it’s probably somehow broken or something I
guess or it’s just not working right because I’m streaming no never mind it’s
fine here let me take a quick look appearance what excuse me ah there we go
okay yeah that doesn’t make any sense let’s
change it to that here try a test test does it show it’s not changing it well that’s why no wait never mind I
don’t know I don’t know what’s going on I can’t do anything to change it right
now what the Frick I can’t I can’t change the chat color that’s annoying
but if I if I launch was launched mean do that yeah see that’s that’s garbage
um message background opacity let’s put it like 20 no no think that’s helping
sorry I’m missing I’m missing what you’re saying cuz it’s not showing me
right you vomited every day what what do you mean I vomited every day what are
you talking about I can’t see anything on here
me trying to figure this out yeah I don’t know um fine let’s do the
minecraft set okay that’s even more gross I don’t like it why is it all white you should be able to change that let’s
do that let’s try that maybe that’ll work all
right just don’t like Africa let’s pour a bucket of black color on monitor what
are you talking about what bucket a black color
are you just saying random stuff to test anyway oh it’s Mia touch touch Mia wait
I don’t know there was stuff over there okay she’s gone anyways it yeah there
was stuff I could touch what do you know they produce tethered aids brought their
diseases here with them many drives worked out and the rest moved even
deeper into the gym I really went on and on about holding
his ancestors screaming being decimated until they received a gift from Joe and
me okay at the zoo I got a bunch of butt
picks and getting a bunch of butt picks here okay I guess I have to touch me
again right touch trying to touch me the game is being disrespectful won’t let me
touch me yes we share a secret oh hi a female tribal cool says you
don’t see very many in this game it seems where’s Mia more famous good picture
these guys are all posing where’s Mia I assume I have to find oh there she is hi
Mia one second I’ll be with you but okay I thought Mia I just wanna make her
disappear that’s what you want o gift I got a gift take yeah wait I’m here you called me in the middle of the night yes I map tribal village GPS and my
watch tribe evokes the village recently I found the tribal village though not
sure why no rather small just a few us there has to be another way the man on
the map it’s half bird but there’s a location mark on it lambda2 not sure
what it is do you no I don’t think so can you get there yeah time again you’re breaking up oh yeah yeah
what oh fuck that is dead battery’s dead okay well now it’s just charging so it’s
fine it just charges based on body heat I guess so that’s nice I like how all my
stuff here is completely filled now from from that so I’m actually quite pleased
with that and I’m going to save now I don’t want to save over this one though
because I can do that every time oh yeah does that mean you’re – no I already
told you okay will do interesting over and out
new dialog unlocked oh okay so I can just talk to her like whenever I need
sound restraint Rock coverage ever um I drank I yeah before you called drank
ayahuasca you help you remember our first days here you went to the village
what my boat yeah and you did take part in the ritual doesn’t change anything
oh just come back to me please let’s leave the past behind I’m trying to but
I need to know what happened yeah okay it’s it’s saying you know new dialog
unlocked and all this stuff so I guess I can just like you keep talking about all
that stuff Charlie involved probably help well okay
mmm-hmm that rock the kid ran right through it was real one of these
drawings mean mission help me me should be able to help me translate them so 46
West 24 South so that should be fine finally contact me batters dead during
the day can use the Sun to charge it okay so it to be a solar okay well that
makes more sense in body heat ayahuasca showed me my memories but I still can’t
remember what happened saw me in the tribal village our first days should I
do this again yes of course you should do it again let’s go let’s make more
Oscar right now it doesn’t matter that that part is um gone we can we can
always make more why every freaking time stop it God okay so let’s go let’s go up here let’s
see that tribal rock or whatever what’s up they’re not double sound from game
really all right so let’s go that’s rock here let’s see yeah not much I can do
about it I’ll switch here for a half second ending go back maybe that’ll sort
of reset it a little bit I don’t know hopefully that reset it fruits very good
no it’s still the same oh very good no it’s all the same well there’s nothing I can freakin do
about it then frakkin peace crap I don’t understand default done now we go back and let’s
put it to think it’s this does that fix it hopefully now okay it’s just this
rock here so rocker hey Mia I didn’t mention this earlier but I saw a rock
covered with tribal paintings now it’s gone as if it never existed what do you
mean gone it disappeared Jake you’re not making
any sense when did you last sleep I found a way through over and out Jack okay so I have to get to lambda2 now um
actually I did find help check lambda2 location so I don’t know where help is
but I need to go where east right I need to go that direction so maybe I
shouldn’t go through there at least not right now not for the story anyway go and play some survival stuff at some
point okay let’s let’s check the map again map the ie ie okay so I need to go
to 4126
4126 and I should be fine right okay more bird bodies this is just the snorting things I think
it’s just a snorting things yeah okay I freaking out think it was a Jaguar
again so for it 4126 for coupons prevent their six is my goal destination whatever you want to call it I keep checking the map instead of the
this the closer okay stop it stop squealing okay just want to make sure that wasn’t
Jaguar up there all right now 42:26 42:26 so just a little bit more east and
I should be fine so maybe up there maybe 42:25 swing now he’s not going to help
them so I need to go further that way oh is this is this a location oh okay
well I’m very close how do I get up there um yeah grappling hook I’ve almost
reached the lambda location but I can’t get there I mean there’s a way up but
the ropes have been cut well here do some climbing gear I’m not having much
luck I’ll let you know if I find anything
okay so grappling hook I assume I have to find a grappling hook then I can’t
just make one can’t just you know make a rope or something like that
hey yeah about this village I found abandoned but I found a few burned items
that couldn’t belong to the tribe these came from outside the jungle it looks
like are you certain we haven’t been here before the tribe fears our world
but they would never burn our things they know we are not the enemy that’s
fine you don’t think that there’s someone
else here do you I don’t know but I don’t like any of this
be careful if you see anyone yeah is there anything else that you could tell
me about my accident honey I know as little as you do I was I was running
from something I I don’t know how to help you just do
whatever it takes to survive okay your memories might come back on their
own you’re right over and out it’s good thing this right here has probably a long range long enough range
anyway that I can talk to her from I don’t know how far away we are but now
obviously far enough that what the Frick was that sound it was horrifying thought I was gonna die good god these
creatures they need to calm their heads Wow oh come on just stupid shoot
well that made sense what the frickin whatever nothing a little bandage can’t
fix bringing leeches while I’m at it oh god yeah Jake you really screwed
yourself up there didn’t you this is all about how kids allow that
spoiled probably a bad idea to eat that now I take a look and see what I
actually need for stuff water water stuff that’s what I um need to find eat
those will expire in two days don’t know when those expire or this rather doesn’t
matter craft I can craft something with this apparently not actually I don’t
know why you’d have the option of crafters you can’t actually make it with
that okay let’s figure out where I am 43:26 where else can I go I guess I’m
just supposed to go frigging explore you know somewhere there’s another grappling
hook location over here – I think this here is the Oasis area grappling hook
that I just came from there’s two cave locations there 43:26 where am I 53:20
shit okay so I’m I am right here right now so mayor should go back to the camp
and go back to my place or just kind of leave alright wanna know good stop which which way am I going I shouldn’t
be just running off some random direction I’m going west all right so
that’s fine just to take you back to the camp I think I see yeah I see it in the
distance yeah can you all right so here we are back at the camp we’re fine we’re
safe I’m gonna quickly say it again just in case so I don’t know again I need to
go hunting that’s what I need you need to go hunting I need to get some meat
stop put that away if the Jaguar pops up in my face again
I’ll I’ll hug him hey iguana iguana I have a song coconut fall whoo
I am coconut rich poke at ya oh my god really what what is going on with you oh
my god thank you stupid coconut a second 3 2 1 oh shoot
well I hit him but they really do anything for these blushing soup – two
parasites and they give 10 mg very good so blue mushrooms are good very very
good I thought I could kill that thing okay
let’s craft with you we found they’re never gonna find the
one that has a spear none though let’s just round them they’ve dropped somewhere nope as soon as you make any
movement they just freak out oh I want to run away screaming can I wash myself in dirty water
I can stingray oh shoot there’s no space and backpack where where does he go
okay let’s harvest something I guess instead fast engrish um well the meat
nah know what happened to the meat the meat just like
frickin vanished there’s crabs coming this way though so one second here
three two one creep crab crabby bad no space I’m back back so where does it go
it just oh my god so it just vanishes because there’s no space in my backpack
great Wow have annoying why does this thing keep moving around all over the
place stop you’re annoying bannister Optus I
don’t think you can do anything else with this with this banister ops just
scraps so whatever you throw in the garbage stingrays no gone to hey don’t eat no
space good grief what do you want armadillo hay harvest
ooh oh I don’t like the sound it’s so terrible
oh so where do I get another stone plate from I don’t have a stone blade I only
have the bone knife weird what I get from him though I got just some
armadillo meat okay that’s fine that’s good another unknown that things are quite
nice all right this cave scorpion so I can go that way again
another time I’m gonna quickly go back to my camp oh so I can save you know I
guess prepare get a little bit more ready mm-hmm
maybe I should make a bow as well I guess with the pho you have to keep
arrows around though which means a bit less carry space bag space coconut would
you look at that got another freaking coconut man it’s amazing
let’s drink and harvest pretty much our last a what what do you
how can it not be any space her coconut shell maybe we should just chop one of those
things all right okay you know what eat one of these okay any one of those and
put one of those in there stick no bones okay there’s no bones I don’t care let’s
go see if there’s another of giving up here as well to make an obsidian sphere
myself be a little bit more protection no but there is a one of those lizards
here what the called caiman lizard I can throw my spear at it and find out
but he is not here oh there is did I even get it No oh there we go got him okay sorry buddy
got a harvest you where did the meat go way over here okay came in lizard meat
raw that’s the only thing you get from is just one piece okay let’s drop this
put this in here I need to go make a new fire or to leech also right okay no Sam
get out of here leeches you don’t come on okay let’s wash myself all right okay
I can make some more mud because I have that one piece of campfire ash here as
well you’ll do that in a little bit those
there put the Obsidian oh that’s right I only have one piece okay that’s fine
well I had more but I do not what about in here I have more charcoal so I can
toss a bundle but there um tons of freaking feathers which I don’t think is
even necessary anymore what do these things do again I don’t remember probably doesn’t matter okay I’m gonna
need more storage boxes because those things actually have like barely any
space this backhoe over there others up with the stingrays ting here also so
know what else to do with it on with the charcoal and can’t buy a sh oops okay now for food these are going
to expire in 16 hours everything looks fine let’s do a quick save here since
I’m here hey scarecrow how are you doing
hope you’ve been well of course this guy’s going to attend something for no
reason I want to see what else don’t look I don’t care nothing unknown
involving stuff hey check lambda to explore the jungle to find grappling
hook right that’s what I need to do now I don’t know where I’m gonna find that
but I need to find it blades is that 23 crafting is only a 16 god I need to get
better crafting the middle school ran out
are you watching in class or are you I’m like time is it no it’s probably lunch
for you that would make sense it’s noon mm-hmm as long as you’re not watching in
class because your teacher probably won’t appreciate that well that’s right I can make the dryer
to go way so let’s go laughs right yeah that of it makes sense maybe I can put
it I don’t know oh wait what put it there where excuse me I won’t try that
again come on game yeah okay fine let’s just go put it up in this like flat area
up here I guess because why not not the but aa bunch of long sticks great I just
want to say hi you gotta go okay have a good one enjoy the rest of your day at
school thanks for stopping by and say hi and you chop down some more trees I’m
down Jase you’re fine why do they fall in like such weird rude
ways to to longer sticks excuse me can I please get over there may be unknown
fruit oh that’s right okay I had dropped out there who’s very confused for such
as why there was something on fruit there BAM whoops oh okay
need two more pieces but there’s so frigging dark you can’t see crap and
look two more pieces of Longstaff very nice there’s even a third one they’re
useful okay bunch of small sticks oh come on No okay
that’s harvest this one I guess right I’m gonna need a freaking crept in a
rope actually it’s only five so four more
total and I’ll be good I’m already dirty again god what am I
done to get so dirty I think Jake is just a dirty boy okay good more rope
Liana still nope sitting in here oops
okay ah bone needle oh great so I have to harvest that one bone that I have
make foam needles with that sucks I hope harvesting it makes bone needles
okay it only made to shoot so I need to go get a third one I can’t even use it I
need to go third thing should we find ourself the night to do this I guess hey
banana oh okay I can’t let’s just eat the pan out of
them all good on carbs what is that something went running by
here don’t know why I can barely see it I just need a bone that’s all I need it leave enough space I’m gonna have space
if I do find anything so this crap was taken up on MySpace yeah let’s go back
I’ll make the fire and just cook a bunch of stuff for now just so I can get rid
of inventory space and then later when I do end up finding something and hunting
it then I can make the fit finish making the dryer
food drive come on yeah Sam can barely see it okay but make a fire I’m gonna
have to give it some more sticks again there and I will put a shelter over the
fire this time don’t worry I was kind of dumb not to before oops oh right here oh
my being there before me I chopped it down oh okay
let’s see if I can put my fire right there so right bamboo dryer but I don’t
have bamboo yet it’s a stone ring stone ring can go there and then I just need a
bunch of these big stones which I was collecting as I knew I would need a ton
of these twelve of them don’t think I have twelve
but there’s lots around here so I’ll have enough I will have more than enough in total I’m freakin dirty again
oh you get dirty by picking things up interesting okay I assume just being
more dirty just kind of increases the chance of getting parasites when you eat
with very hands I was doing this all the time not that no this is good this is what I
need oh look at that right beside okay one final one look
perfect oh good okay oh now I can make a campfire oh goody
this seems a little bit pointless now find my John wanted attention yeah yeah
yeah whatever it’s fine so this yeah that’s that’s a little bit
pointless now isn’t it since I already have this oh shoot I wasn’t I didn’t
make sure I can actually put the shelter over top of this which I should have
done can I do that darn it
how do you how do you rotate like this what okay well I can I can put it here but
now I have to destroy this and I don’t think I can can I ah okay yeah some
materials will be lost really okay whatever it’s just a bunch
of stone it’s some will be lost holy Frick I lost like eight of the big
stones from hitting the width of that doesn’t make any sense all this food
here’s gonna dry up I should have loved stupid of me I should have made sure I
could do what I needed before sure I should have made sure I could put the
shelter there before just doing that oh shoot parasites okay eat this eat one of these all good
let’s get some logs I don’t think there’s any logs already lying around so
I need to chop them down six long sticks great I think there’s
lots up here hey look all these mushrooms just respawn as soon as I
leave hey I’m not gonna complain that gives me
more energy and stuff okay long sticks where are you
that’s one there should be one more because of this yes two three four all
right okay I don’t know if there’s any more they’re not but I can come back not come on you oh my god Jake one more
long stick there we go rope of course we go find six more rope check it out okay waters starting to run a little low
hydration I should call it oh but the rain the rain washes you too
oh that’s nice that’s very nice quite real that’s that quite nice nice small
little attention to detail there rope rope I needed like one more rope oh there we go more very good
and then I’m not sure if it’s banana leaves or whatever
Liara Liara is here hoarsely ours here where else would she be friggin hiding
on some spaceships ridiculous doesn’t make any sense was this leave poop on your leech get
that on my face it’s probably gonna be palm leaves it’s not it’s not gonna be M
Oh God oh okay myself don’t walk on your creations palm leaves yep now this is
gonna be the pain in the arse some things you need
oh look another big stone good so I lost all my other crap I don’t know chop chop
down those trees though you know like I’ll chop these ones down cuz I don’t
really care there’s small little thing oh shoot that
didn’t give me the pond lose I need it huh yes it do okay very good but I’m gonna need so many more than
this gonna take a total four trips and then
Sun and that’s with full and hey that’s with your hands being full of the leaves
I can probably chop you down hello I’m leaves okay good thing there’s some more big
stuff over there to our big rock or whatever I know it’s getting hard to see I just I
need to make something so I can cook some of the food otherwise it’s gonna go
bad when having all this meat is totally useless okay should be still tons of leaves
lying around so it seems to go in completely different directions every
time I try to come back to my leaves leaf piles on leaf calmly calmly calmly
okay oh that’s five more
oh good 6i she’s gonna need two more that looks like two more long sticks –
you’ve got to be kidding me get out okay I need two more palm leaves as long as this guy will actually move
go where I need him to go no that’s a dry leaf whatever take it out I don’t
care good for making fires later on and I’m
not going back let’s just one leave ridiculous shut this down there and
there oh I know not yes please those are very good for facts I know I know you’re gonna need to rest
after this aren’t you it’s two more long steps and we can
finally built the fire and stuff from that I’ll have to worry about water
putting it out geez this is like it takes a long time to get all the
materials needed even if you have them all readily out here disposal long stick
there’s one I do not have another lying around great okay good thank God give it it’s all I need I can build the stupid
fire and everything will be fine I think okay small shelter created very
good let’s save the game quickly just so I can make sure I’m fine now I can
finally be able to flippin nap campfire well ice I could build a campfire
I guess cuz that’ll just take basically all this right I think I don’t know
whatever let’s do that I need more sticks or regular sticks there should be lots lying around hey
there’s one keyboard on the stock so I’m just going on flying off to the side very nice
put that down you don’t need it god this guy’s gonna have to sleep I picked these up and just put them
through very good okay six more here’s one can’t put it
through there though sadly he’s just gonna end up passing out one of these
these expire in three in three hours it’s it’s been that friggin long I mean
in the game it’s been so long I can this meats gonna spoil ya State how many more
I need four more I think four more big stones and I should be able to finish
building this and then all will be fine yes there’s two right there here’s one other Oh come on
oh my god get in there – oh look a coconut how nice I need one one more big stop please
that would be close by ah very good thank God okay put that on
she put it on the fire thank you
jeez he doesn’t have enough energy to make the fire well all this meat is
garbage then maybe most likely okay let’s see yeah I saw already some
of the most of the meat there is already garbage well I’m gonna have to go hunt
anyway so whatever not like it matters much okay the very lease I can put one
piece of meat on there wonderful I can put the crab on there though
that’s good can you cook that No so you probably
have to put this into a stew I would assume so grab one of these put on there
I could put this into it yeah there you go
drive it like it does nothing but rain and get in in this place right there put
this in there oh wait what oh cool this gives protein energy carbs and hydration
of course always very good glad this came and lizard meat don’t eat that
because that should help a little bit more protein and nuts of course or start
fats okay protein energy a little bit of cooking
very good huh okay so the unknown nuts you can’t even make a soup or anything
with it interesting well they’re still very very good for eating does it give
you so much Pat oh what that gets food poisoning you know what why would you
want that fine whatever just pick the coconut flash coconut flesh gives you energy so I can
make maggots too because that’s you know delicious oh shoot I need to I need to go find
another coconut so that I can make a coconut bid on and hopefully I think
using a bid on coconut it on didn’t bid on I don’t know – ah sir you can carry
soup around in it I think which is quite nice hydrates fats and energy energy propane I can’t even like reach reach in there I
shouldn’t put that so far huh oh it was corked come on what’s wrong with you oh
my god okay do I have anything in here no so let’s take a look I just needed
hydration and I’ll be fine I should go get a bit in so that I can carry some
soup around with me maybe make some fish I can make some fish soup I would
probably be very very useful and healthy delicious I could make snail soup or just cook the
snail on the top I shouldn’t have drank all of those now I have no water
whatever put it in the cup over here you put it in here and it’s fine
using yourself yo now you put it on there so cook a bunch of kooks you put
snail in soup BAM has heard a rockfall ridiculous thank let’s give a save cuz I seem to
actually be doing pretty well right now put that down you ding-dong no yes
actually sleep so I’ll sleep a little bit and then I’ll
go a venture out I’ll find a coconut okay that’s my main goal right now is
just to find a simple coconut get all this stuff we’re doing fine yeah more
mushrooms there everything’s good always good to be fill up on these sticks and
everything I should build a storage at some point so I can have more than just
what’s in my inventory okay so time to find a coconut
I find coconut and then I can make a bit on pretty sure anyway should kill the
snake as well oh no not yes please thank you very much Pham goodbye
harvest rattlesnake I just go find one of those hogs and
kill one of them too so I can get some meat and bones those bones are gonna be
very very useful right now I need bones to make that drying rack it’s also good
for making better weapons and stuff I did just save as well so everything
should be fine oh now let’s just take these turnout won’t actually eat them
yes anything later when I need a little bit eat a few of these get the energy I like then I know not the felt if wise oh
thank you very good get some fat from that
Oh Frick oh my god I just killed the Jaguar one freakin hit pirates that crap
my god Wow hopefully I have enough space to carry
all the meat and everything back got two bones and raw meat oh my Wow I have you
made armor for myself yet Wow yes as long as you hit the Jaguar in the
head you’re fine kill the thing right away like I shouldn’t be bothering me
for quite a while now that’s for darn sure
– Jaguar me I could go see if I could kill one of the hogs as well are they
don’t you dare don’t you dare what are you doing it’s like slowly flying away also what did this unknown proof – again what’s more I’m known for it think those
ones also remove parasites which is nice no no no no no no that’s fine
snake there spider there good grief just don’t touch anything Wow shoot of course it gave me persons lucky with the first two here we go okay
getting very very dark again can’t even see let’s head back I’ll sleep I should
not have left the fire going either that’s a horrible stupid idea how was a
fire during the fire spine okay let’s cook the Jaguar meat actually let’s
let’s cook one of them okay and the other I’m gonna go dry it let’s eat this
yes a that removes parasites that fruit which is kind of nice probably make a
good stew with that as well but now since I have enough bones I can go finish building my drying rack enjoy the fruit oh look green coat that
give it thank you another one even better
don’t attack your you need that good oh sweet okay let’s put this on Eric you
put the fruit no hang us not put maggots can you dry the maggots Oh ridiculous
but there do you take a very long time though that’s the only unfortunate thing
but the benefit being then I think they last longer then even cooked stuff so
it’s actually still very helpful let’s pour this on the fire yep probably don’t need to eat that check
where I meet yet no I do not think these strength days okay now I can craft with
this I should be able to craft this anyway ah coconut bit on yep very good
okay well six hats on hydration cannot attend Oh where is my ah there this put up there
and I think let’s see does it fit in the keys out on there right it’s got 10 out
of 40 so you can you can store a lot of water
in there which is actually very very nice so now I can basically just leave
these bowls of water on there permanently I can just fill them with
the bit in let’s put on enough what okay sure
so that has a bunch of unsafe wander in there now yeah whatever mm-hmm I could
carry two but I don’t think it matters one of these on the floor feathers
feathers go here I’ll put the bone over here with the campfire hash and the bone
needle with the bone okay what else can I make especially
we’re regarding mud there’s another um mud charcoal furnace so I need three
that’s it honestly three mud bricks for that what
okay is this the um but before you do that is that how you start making like
smelting stuff let’s see here what shall i mud fire sidewall fire sighs well I
don’t know what that means my window wall storage box month mixer okay all I have in here is a much shower
so can’t make a frickin water collector but I guess it doesn’t matter much
anymore okay much charcoal furnace let’s build this then can I put it can
actually put it right here what okay sure let’s try it that’s right no it doesn’t really work
that way do it lying whatever like a motor here so just my bricks sounds disgusting hey whatever one more I’m getting dirty
picking up the mud what’s sad um so I assume I don’t know it wasn’t one way to
put in there this know this what yeah I guess so
okay putting putting like one piece of charcoal in there is actually probably
better than anything else um I should make an obscene ax
I don’t know if I want to make an obsidian actually I just make a few more
stone axes or something instead for now so I’m definitely gonna need but I wanna
I want to get my um my whatever it is the crafting up before I start making
more and more important things I guess saya has 53 and ants okay don’t your abilities just have 59 okay
so I put the 59 one there the to durability one let’s go I’ll chop
something with it I guess where it is a piece of charcoal let’s grab one and I
can also go make more meat oh I can’t put the charcoal in there
oh the this this is this is literally just forgiving making charcoal I think don’t know if that’s really worth the
amount of sticks that it takes put in here whatever you can literally always get
more I don’t know what the smelting thing is
because you can make a smelting furnace thing fire sidewall yeah okay
pointless right now mm-hmm I’ll just go chop down with something so I can get
some more shit yes seriously yes seriously okay put that down I should start making
storage as well but I think it’s more important that I that’s yeah I’m going
to come up in the in the survival pit of this I need to go and I need to explore
and find a grappling hook I don’t know where you’re gonna find a grappling hook but I assume at one of the random camps
or something located around here as you make a better skier so give me or
a second sphere they’re not better but second just in case having more Spears
as always good I should also I should go fishing so I
can cook up some well I guess maybe not it’s not that important I have all these
fruits and everything so I should be fine oh you need mud-brick for that now too there’s tool to create ember how nice
okay let’s instead one second here so let’s put this here put that in there I
just want to add all the water to here rattlesnake meat cooked very good
cooking plus one I forgot I put that on there so I’m very
happy it didn’t burn all these things this is the last a little while
I have hydration in here though so all should be good I think let’s just get
rid of this bleach I will quickly wash myself make one more
spear this spear is always good so let’s take this what is this spear at 24-hour
durability okay so craft I don’t have another thing let’s make an obsidian
spear some might as well there we go so this
one has durability of 33 which isn’t very good but it should be more damaging
I guess I’ll save take a quick coffee break and off we go to find us something what
time is it it is 316 okay so it’ll be morning very
soon which is good I can always eat these mushrooms as I find them mmm just
a regain energy and stop now before we go let’s take a quick look at the map
because there’s another grappling-hook location over here there’s a lambda2
location but i need a grappling hook to get there so I should probably I’m gonna
go down that way over in this area I think oh geez
the mouse is off-center some reason but over that area for you guys that area
there should be the bamboo area there should be like a bamboo bed somewhere up
over here or something because this this here should be the fishing pier I think
somewhere in there maybe I’m wrong maybe it’s closer to over here or something
but that should be that area I don’t know where I should go so so I’m gonna go why am I going now don’t
get bitten please yes I’m going to Nora let’s follow this river a little bit so
follow this river it should take me where that camp is
which is actually interesting this is a better way to get there
just follow this river instead of the way I went before hugging the wall and
everything I think that was a long way around though it was the way that I knew never mind that’s not even really a
river this is right yeah a bit of for him anyway so now I should be somewhere
here I guess I don’t know let’s just be careful of sounds mushrooms always like taking these
mushrooms really good for energy okay so here’s
the camp oh shoot what just bit me what what just what just attacked me anyway I
should be fine it’s not very large amount of venom so I don’t know I guess
I can waste a bandage on it I don’t know what what what can attack
you in the water clearly you should be very clear for
running through water it’s not very safe Frank thank you I’m gonna go that way
I’m gonna go fellow where I started going before where you kind of follow
the kid and everything that’s actually look yeah just before the accident you
called me in the middle of the night what happened come on
you were scared what happened don’t worry about me I need to know if
everything’s all right okay hey hey you’re right it was just a dumb question
okay I’m just worried I know I seem to care about each other quite quite a bit
and I have two spiders oh isn’t it wonderful well catch and cook the
freaking spiders sure why not I’m not doing good for water already Wow drink I’m doing a little better for water now mmm I was gonna say maybe I should go
sleep but I don’t know I did just save so I should be fine don’t think it’s
gonna be too big of a deal I can find more mushrooms like this I’ll be fine I
won’t need to sleep for a little while come on get up there you’re gonna waste
energy jumping around good god ridiculous Oh ha ha more mushrooms hey I wasn’t gonna go through that other
cave and I forgot I wanted to go home before doing that and now I’m going this
way instead of that way well whatever doesn’t matter I guess the
point is as long as I’m exploring somewhere and I’m not just sitting in my
camp this is story mode not survival mode so I need to actually do something
oh god mushrooms you know you eat the mushrooms please so all I need is these
things hey they’ll give me a tiny little bit
sustained for a bit longer I like to know what are you doing I like that
these mushrooms restore sanded me as well it’s also kind of helpful
can you please oh my god sorry really huh you’re like stuck there oh my god
what is wrong with you Jake fine oh my god well that was a huge waste of all my
energy good job darn it what are these trees I like
chocolate holy crap you just need to get a little
bit of energy somehow maybe I’m already out of water
Wow how can you run out of water so quickly and I’m gonna pass out very soon maybe I should just sit here I’ll sit
here and pass out sleep yep I’m just dirty whatever I have enough energy to
keep going for a little bit longer maybe the woods if there’s that time there’s
some house or something you can mint most area farm I don’t know something
around here this some buildings or structures ooh do I have a worm I have
this not aware I might open to the side yeah leeches have it
leach as I can do but I’m not that big a deal I’m clearly going the wrong way ouch until I find a spot I’m just gonna keep
passing out anthill okay bones yes good well those are useful
okay let’s figure out where I am I was at 50 and 23 so should be theirs is 50
23 okay so I’m over here so there’s like a little bit more north or whatever that
sort of direction I don’t know what I’ll come across but yeah okay it’s just I think your dialog
unlocked oh I found a road hey this might sound weird but I found a road I
know where those must have come through here recently I’m gonna check it out hopefully hopefully it’ll be some good
news but you know it might not be very good
news especially if I’m gonna pass out on the way there that’s up ok banana I can
eat those a little bit of carbs you’d think carb carb stuff carbohydrate
stuff would give you energy because that’s what carbs do in real life
body uses it for energy oh but this year is the fishing pier so that’s nice I
found something the time later which is very very good I can come here and I can
sleep a little bit Mia found the dark for the looks man yes
I’m all by myself stay strong yeah I’ll tell honeyBun I
know love you they don’t say love you very much well
they second freaking sleep there’s me a few good things around here like the
water filter should be like right there that thing Hey oh that’s cool some
random bag lying around that’s neat I’d like that I’d like that very much
I’m a second pair okay water filter four prong spear oh shoot with no space
and backpack where it go into the abyss of course but I found the water filter
so that’s useful at least pipe it on fit in here no shit no I guess not just the
filters dirty water excuse me for a second I just have to how are you
feeling it’s been a days is everything okay probably just tired
let’s get some rest no I do not remember do
okay forget we promised we’d go back after all we spend
in our hotel room and really do much yeah yeah don’t give up
stay focused everything will be fine you’ll see why is she being so like
pessimistic about everything don’t understand that shouldn’t shouldn’t Jake
be the one being all pessimistic because Jake is one that’s you know he doesn’t
know where anyone or anything is about poor it
what’s about porch please click I found a boat but it’s damaged well I found a
boat but it’s damaged and it won’t flow looks like someone did it on purpose
great oh no some loser jerk person thing chimes no they I don’t know let’s keep
it that way I shouldn’t be here anyway doctor fella
not too big it would be okay to be here fast never see oh my god I have so much
freaking food in here now look at this ridiculous oh shoot this fruit spoiled okey I what is that well that’s a bird
what that’s a freaking bird but the bird is like it’s stuck with its wings spread
apart that’s kind of fun oh and of course it flew away you’re gonna come
back no oh oh you can see also across the way there’s a group of tribesmen something tells me I should probably be
very careful about being Oh oh good I can save the game ah I
remember that now they have them they have these calendar things lying around
in different parts of the map and you can save your game at the calendars and
then stabbed them to death also but you can save your game at the calendars so
that you don’t have to go and they make some sort of thing shelter or whatever
okay so since I saved oh wait what do we got okay I don’t know if there’s any real
safe way to travel across the way but since I just saved it should be fine so
I’m just gonna go and swim across and hopefully not going by piranhas so the
nice thing about this is I can collect bamboo I can make some boots and all
that good stuff it’s gonna be like very impossible for me to bring back bamboo
to where I am gonna make a bamboo beer craft yes so I can make a bamboo spear
but apparently I can do other stuff with this as well but nothing with a bone so
I don’t know like I I have no clue what all you can do with the with a single
piece of bamboo what if I put two pieces together no can’t do anything with that
no probably put yeah so if I put a few of these No
so that makes a four-pronged bamboo spear just keep that there that makes a
bamboo bow I don’t know what else you could do it still here yes of course why
I don’t know what I can do with bamboo I’m just gonna go out this way there’s
other structures I can find but I can craft later on top of it up here yeah
over here yeah stone maybe I’ll take a stone if I
can put a stone with one of the bamboo spears or something
ah a bow how nice okay let’s get rid of this spear I’ll put this bow in here
actually let’s put the bow wait a boat trap okay weird but sure hey coconuts
oh very good BAM drink see how I’m doing with stuff
yeah okay also it looks to be a torch there 8:8 and I’ll drop these on the floor I
don’t think I need very many okay
but that okay so I got four of those 19 hours for that they just expire in two
days what about that coconut back there sure I’m getting close to not being out
to carry enough well what’s this that’s a bamboo smoker quite nice long bamboo
stick let’s see if I can put a rock with it no we can’t do anything with that I
don’t know what you can do with a bamboo stick let’s let’s do this that’s harvest
one of these because you can make bamboo around these things bamboo stick and the
long bamboo stick huh okay so I can clearly do something with like two of
those I put a rock in here now for the rock go I know what’s yelling at me over there it’s harvest one more maybe we can put
four of these together okay so you give a three of them and then two rope okay I
don’t know what else you can do with it that so three of these and then two rope
and that does something other spoil bananas um I don’t know what else you
can have to it I should take a look at the mouth so
over there that that must be the fishing here up here I found some sort of
Phillips thingy that new math location over here okay so there’s a cave oh okay I see you Scorpio be careful those calves I don’t know
what’s in here I don’t think there ever was a cave
before Oh new dialog unlocked okay there’s some water here I don’t think
this place had a cave and I found a campsite yeah I found the campsite in
the cave looks abandoned I think the owner isn’t coming back might be able to
learn a thing or two from the way the shelter was built that’s great that was
great okay but where is I only know where that oh oh is this the campsite
this is a campsite medium bamboo shelter oh that’s so cool
save game sure yeah let’s save the game here um actually let’s let’s do a quick
sleep first here’s it’s dark get some light candy
bar a notebook ooh I cannot read that reveal to working at
the boats the majority are sleep one standing guard and changing of the guard
okay so these are different times before sunrise that took both boats went
upstream returned crates drugs i dosed off when did they go to sleep changing
of the guard look you went to the jungle your pretend
again only one standing guard guard change they don’t give a darn about
being on time okay oops someone was watching the docs from here found some
broken binoculars in the cartels patrol schedule cartel cartel I don’t know the
competition maybe or maybe a journalist looking for a story journalist had to be
crazy to come out here and again maybe I’m not one to talk we ended up here too
I guess right I know I know I’m in the jungle right over might as well so let’s go this guy must
have been a pretty comfortable sleeping in here with scorpions delightful sounds
like fun time I’m gonna bawl empty okay now okay so this is back at the entrance tonight I can’t just like deconstruct
this and take it with me because it wouldn’t make much sense but you know it’s like pack it up straps in my back
take with me back to my camp and I’m good oh ok so there’s nothing really
over there there’s a snake in a cave also probably comfortable I’m just going
to ignore them so I don’t really want to deal with that we’re ok I see you loser
ain’t gonna get me well gentle grappling hook but at least
I have found a couple new things new areas and stuff okay what clothes that mister smale okay
I don’t need you just let’s just store the mist first now stupid horse now
never had a chance nothing on the tree well one of that group of tribals is
still here yes I don’t know if something I really want to find out I just go this
way oh come on what are you doing what are you doing okay Frank one nice thing
actually maybe I should go over to that side because if I can find a turtle turtles are quite nice it’s very sad
because you have to you know harvest the fourth thing I am so sorry mr. turtle
but I have to do this what oh boy a poison dart frog let’s unless maybe not
harvest I’m really I’m not even gonna touch it no I feel really kind of bad
about that so you know sorry turtle but Tom you know
yeah it’s destroy these yeah eleven hours left for the meet here so I might
as well use it take the turtle meat what is that another poison dart frog okay so
don’t touch these actually I wonder I guess I I just I just saved I don’t know
if I should be you know what I know I know where to find them I know where to
find them if you can actually use them for anything okay let’s just leave okay
there’s a tortoise shell here this can hold a total of 25 hydration so it’s
much better than then coconut shells so if I could find the second turtle shell
just hurt turtle sorry but I can find a second turtle that actually be very good
to take back to camp with me I wonder if you can make like poison darts with the
poison dart frogs don’t know if it works that way you can do something with the
stinger though of a stingray so that’s a thing
hi capybara go away there’s an over there I don’t see any looks like the tribals are gone just
sounds good don’t really help anything right now this doesn’t seem like very
good water how’s that another poison dart frog man okay well there’s a frog
there so I’m gonna I’m gonna try something hard save your safe then I’m
gonna go pick up and see what happens might as well write that away okay oh you can’t just pick it up and it’s
totally fine okay well that’s harvess it was a gift
it just gives meat no oh one of the unknown not spoiled darn it one day one
day this one will last for four more hours so it’s eat it this one is garbage
now we’re didn’t me to even go oh it’s right there okay is it safe to eat that
even once it’s cooked yes we’ll find out okay harvest fish bone okay so I guess
there’s nothing else really left around here I think I’m taking kind of
everything that I can get it might be a little bit of stuff if I go this way but
I don’t think I’m not unless things have change I don’t think it’s very much of
anything over here besides a bunch of different plants and stuff so might be some coconuts but different
probably about it and these mushrooms of course since I
give energy – while you eat them okay what’s that oh nothing
had a bit of a blue tinge on it oh that was something more oh I remember these
big trees like that ones there they’re supposed to have to have something else
you can get around it that you need to make a fishing rod or something with I
think wow they’re Brazil not those things it was weird it every single
Brazil nut I grabbed before when when that update first came out you could
actually fish for things and get these every single one that I grabbed upon
harvesting they were spoiled every single one let’s see if they’re still spoiled no
look at that I can actually eat it ah very good so that gives a holy crap
35 fats carbohydrates and protein nice very very nice okay it should also be
possible for me to get what is it heart of palm around here I don’t think
there’s any more I don’t think those trays are around right now okay I’ve
been showing for two and a half hours so I’m gonna go save I can speak and not to
lose what I’m trying to say so I’m gonna go save and I’ll continue this another
time maybe next week or maybe more this week I don’t know we’ll see
let’s just go save for now so got quite a few things being in this area so very
nice put that away you don’t need to stab
everything just because you’re trying to save and stuff I’ve followed it seven
times ridiculous okay so it’s quit there hello
okay game just froze everything one sec well that’s gonna take a little bit of a
while I think to quit itself don’t never my interested okay so anyway you think
you’re all so much for watching hope you all enjoyed this is pretty fun I can’t
wait till we find some more stuff find a grappling hook and stuff that’ll be fun
don’t know where we’re gonna find that though but anyway we’ll see you all
again very soon have a wonderful day bye bye and God bless

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