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How To Not Die In The Cold – Cold Weather Prepping To Survive A Car Wreck

How To Not Die In The Cold – Cold Weather Prepping To Survive A Car Wreck

Stick with me as we talk about how to
stay safe during freezing weather. There’s a couple different places you
have to worry about frostbite in the extreme cold weather, mainly is your
fingers and toes your ears and your nose. We’re going to concentrate on
protecting those. I grew up in Northern Virginia, so I know something about snow.
The Potomac used to get kind of hammered. But it wasn’t until I moved to New
Hampshire that I had to deal with extreme cold and it’s kind of a
different animal. Some of these things I’m going to
talk about if you’re from like a border state you probably already know this.
If you’re from Canada “our friends from the great white north” probably do a lot
of this stuff. If your like me where your transplanted from the south to the
north, you don’t really know this stuff. So I’m
going to go over some basics and we’re going to talk about a couple tricks I
learned over the years. One of the first things were going to do is talk about
socks now I’ve got cotton socks on and cotton is pretty good because it’s very
warm but once it gets wet it really changes temperature and the cotton soaks
up the water. You have the other end of the spectrum which are wool socks and
wool socks aren’t as warm but they’re pretty good at repelling water they can
get damp and stay warm still. What you want to do is combine them you put the
wool sock over the cotton sock. Since it’s on the outer layer the wool is more
likely to get damp, and can resist that wetness where you’re trying to protect
the cotton and keep it dry to put it on the inside. It’s a smart idea to
double sock up but i’m going to take a step further and i’m gonna show you an
old rugby trick that we used to use. You see rugby’s played in the middle of the
winter too there’s no such thing as bad weather a
rugby game so you have to practice and play in the snow. Now cleats are really
thin and they’re not made for that kind of cold weather, so you can really damage
your toes and get frostbite if you don’t protect them. One of the tricks we used is the double
bag trick and i’ll show you it now. What you want to do is start with a grocery
bag. You know, you’ve been keeping these and recycling them, well now you get to
use them. This little bag will actually keep your
feet waterproof and really warm. Take these bags and put it over your sock.
What you want to do is you want to tie the ends along the outside of the foot.
You don’t want them on the inside you’ll trip over the knots. The knots run into
each other and you’ll fall down which happened all the time and rugby. So you
time on the outside and you want to do it kind of above the malleolus if you
can do it that’s that big bump on bone. So tie that,
and we’re good to go. If you really need to you can take a second bag and
double-bag it. That extra little layer will really help you tie that on.
Believe it or not you can put a shoe right over this and this, and it slides on really
easy. See it just slide right on. One thing I forgot to mention was
you also need to protect your ears and your nose and these things are great
these little neck things you can just put them and you can put it over your
eyes if you need to protect your face. I keep one of these as well with my
emergency jacket so I can protect. Your nose can go frostbite really
quick, as well as your ears. Especially if you’re going out to look at your car
work on it need to cover up. One last thing I forgot to mention is you can
spray your boots if they’re not proper winter boots. They sell this protective
coating you can spray directly on any kind of shoe creates one more water
barrier. Every year bodies are found in the spring thaw. In other words people
wreck their cars on these little roads and people don’t know where they went
off the road and they freeze to death and die. It is very real up here and there is no
joke. You have to prepare your car for the
emergency that if you run off a small road that you can at least survive a
little while hopefully some help finds you. Now you got
to remember when you’re talking about negative degree weather here, that if your car
slides off a road even if it’s you know a decently traveled road if you lose
your heat within about 10 to 20 minutes your car is freezing. In an hour it’s ice
cold. It doesn’t take long to be in real trouble real fast. You need to
prepare your car. So in the winter my girlfriend who lived in Minnesota
convinced me to start prepping my car. and I listened to her and as I talk to other
locals is no joke, they all prep their cars. Let me show you what I have my
trunks a little messy right now but I have all the stuff I need in here and I
kind of pulled it up so you can see it. The number one thing you need is a good
weather rate is sleeping bag. You want something that if you lose heat in your
car you can throw over your entire body and still be ok. I actually keep this
bag right behind the driver’s seat and i’m sorry the passenger seat on the
floor so if I were to wreck i could still reach over and grab the bag hopefully and even if i could get out of
my seat I could reach it. I also keep my heavy-duty jacket in the
same place this jacket sweater rated and of course I keep a hat and gloves inside
it so that really helps out a lot. Some other things that get you out of a
pinch. My girlfriend’s mother gave me this what it is is it is a strip of
plastic that you can throw under your tires when you can’t get traction and
this thing grips the ground grips your tires and can get you out of some real
bad jams. The other thing I found out you had to have was a shovel and it’s
horribly useful when you get your tire surrounded by snow to dig it out so you
keep a shovel in here as well. I also have some heat pads. so these things are like hand warmers
and foot warmers and I’ve got a large pack of them so I did have to spend the
night or two in a car because it wrecked, off the side of a road you can throw
those heat packs inside your sleeping bag and they keep you really warm. Also
have some rope and some tarps if you break your windshield you could at least rig something up to
maybe duct tape some tarp over it so the freezing wind doesn’t just cut right
into your car. You also should have some jumper cables just in case that’s
pretty standard stuff. A couple other things I forgot is I’ve got some bags
just put over your hands and feet. If you get cold very useful. I’ve got some
peanuts, this is if you were to spend multiple
days stuck somewhere at least have some food and the cans kind of useful if you
want to collect snow. This is kind of really you know a little overkill but I
feel more comfortable having some food in the car and that’s a really good for
calories. They are very dense. Remember if you’re freezing the and you’re shivering
like crazy you burn massive calories so you want some very dense food. Lastly I have an emergency flashlight
and a charger now this thing is a radio, flashlight, all kinds of little gadgets
on here and it also you can plug devices in and use the hand crank on the side
right here to charge it. So you spin it around and charge it up. You can
really count on batteries the cold weather your flashlight batteries will
probably be dead. This is why put a hand crank in here at
least I can crank if I need some light and I need to look under the hood or
something. Also it has a weather radio, pretty useful. I can try to link this or similar one in the description. iI you’ve never seen
these before they’re pretty good. Remember that living and icy weather is
no joke you really gotta be prepared it’s serious stuff. Take a little time
today and prep your car. Hopefully I taught you a little bit about how to keep
your toes from getting frostbitten too. Don’t forget if you haven’t subscribed
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20 thoughts on “How To Not Die In The Cold – Cold Weather Prepping To Survive A Car Wreck”

  1. If your toes become very cold, and you are in a position to do so, take your shoes and socks off and sit cross legged, putting your feet up your, hopefully wool or insulated, pants legs, with the toes right behind the bent knee. This is a good way to warm your feet. At the same time try to warm and dry your, most likely damp socks, by putting them under your clothes against the warmest parts of your body, armpits, crotch or belly area. Repeat when necessary.

  2. Nah bro. Get yourself proper winter waterproof boots. A good pair of wool socks and a oair of liners.

    Danner makes good quality waterproof boots, they're pricey but worth every penny.

  3. oops, you may be right, but a tarp over your car will leak air much more than closed doors and windows do … unless you are able to wrap the tarp that tightly … very tightly. Also … years past, I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I slept in a 7×7 Canvas tent with everything closed up and still woke up the next morning.

    ANYWAY, you brought up a valid thought that I didn't even think of … that air flow does have to be considered.

  4. DUH ….. im no expert ! but when he said plasic bags . I said to my self now thats really stupid. What if your stranded and have to walk a ways . Maybe keep 5 pair of mixed socks .

  5. Make sure you replace those hand warmers more often than you think. Check the dates and do tests on them, I've found that they lose potency very quickly at the end of their life

  6. Blanket, shovel, and light were pretty common even amongst people who otherwise have nothing to do with prepping in Austria.
    The blanket was mainly if you´re caught in a traffic jam in winter and the shovel was to clear your parking lot (and sometimes to defend it after you dug it out). However, today people just keep their engine running and use their smartphone as a light source (IMHO super unreliable)

  7. Bottles of water are ok unless they freeze. I used to carry emergency candles and a 10 penny can I could use to melt snow for water plus it adds heat into the car.

  8. i live in iowa n i have been survived through some fatal weather conditions if you would like to hear from somebody who was actually been through the joy of trying to stay warm when there is no way to even imagine then send me klinker start following my channel and get more subscribers and my channel I'll start doing videos like this.

  9. Great information. I'm traveling around the USA in my 25 foot class A Winnebago Warrior motorhome with my little dog Tinkerbell making videos

  10. Relying on people to read your corrections in the comment section is irresponsible. Take this video down, edit it so it doesn't get people hurt when you put it back up

  11. In surviving something always think two moves ahead. If I am eating how I'm i going to eat the next meal. If I'm building a shelter how long will I stay here and where will the next shelter be. If I'm starting a fire or have one burning how much wood do I have for tomorrow

  12. Does your emergency flashlight, radio…still work? It would appear that this item has been discontinued by Snap-on because it had such poor ratings. Please don’t depend on that to help you during an emergency- get several backups of simular products. I am still looking for something simular that will work for me here in Michigan- but there are so many that it is mind boggling! Guess I should search YouTube to see if there are any recommendations or reviews.

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