9 thoughts on “How to Photograph Wildlife in the City | Urban Wildlife Photography”

  1. You have definitely taken some beautiful photos! As a photographer who is also a bird-lover and animal-lover, I have to point a couple of things out to you: Please don't encourage people to use flash when photographing wildlife. It can temporarily blind them and affects their ability to hunt and defend themselves. Also, it is best not to publish locations of rare or nesting birds on social media. Ultimately, unethical photographers and people who bait and flush birds will learn about the sightings this way. Best to be discreet with locations. Also, please don't publish locations of owls. They need rest in the daytime. I suggest you look up @MelissaGroo (MelissaGroo.com) to learn about ethical photography (and to see some amazing shots!)

  2. If you use one such as 400mm and a person on a bike is on the picture and you can see their face. How can you manage to stop them for their permission? You just need a few seconds to see the picture first. After all, they are not always cycling towards you. They may well come from one side or the other and then they are already moving away from you when you have taken the picture.

  3. Sam thinks you can only take unoriginal photos in the New Forest? Not true, you just have to work a bit harder for them than you do with those tame, barely wild, London park deer. I know where I'd rather be!

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