How To Start Prepping: Top List Of Must Have Prepper Supplies

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how to make an emergency kit DIY emergency kit with a 5 gallon bucket hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m on my way to one of my friends house with one of my free buckets from the grocery store I want to help her get started with prepping and make an emergency supply kit in a 5 gallon bucket because she said to me I don’t have the
time or the money to get prepared or start prepping with all this Bug Out Gear and emergency supplies I said I bet you have
some of those things in your house you just need to get your emergency supplies gathered and store them in a 5 gallon bucket organized so I said I will come down with a 5 gallon bucket I will spend 5 or 10 minutes looking
around for emergency supplies you already have in your house and then I will make an emergency kit in a 5 gallon bucket for you with your emergency supplies you already have the challenge is on I’m making an emergency kit for one of my friends that doesn’t
think they can do it themselves I think they can and this is what we ended up with here are the basic supplies you need in your 5 gallon bucket emergency kit roll of paper towels Kleenex toilet paper napkins plastic utensils when you go to the store you know
you by big packs of napkins kleenex toilet paper and paper towels take one out immediately put it away in
emergency supplies use up the rest in your everyday life because if something happens you’re
gonna be super glad if you can go to your emergency cupboard and find another roll or two if there’s a real emergency we also found some cotton balls and I rubbed them with vaseline put them with a lighter for emergencies and she needs to get matches we didn’t find any matches we found different sizes of disposable bags
and she’s agreed to get some big black plastic ones we found a flashlights and batteries toilet paper tubes for stuffing in
things like lint for fire starters bar of soap a pen and paper that’s important to have
because if you need to write a note for somebody you need to
have the supplies to do that she was surprised to see how few
emergency food items she had we found some little cans of chili stew beans and Franks a can of fruit and a can of green beans and that
was basically it and hot chocolate and tea bag
you know what even if you like fresh things say you
like to eat fresh corn on the cob get a can of corn put it away in an
emergency you can still eat foods that are familiar to you stock up some food you can just pop open and eat if there’s a power outage if there’s
a blizzard if you get sick you need to be able to take care of
yourself and we got a sweat shirt and a pair of
warm socks for both of them and we made a list of things that she’s
promised to work on she realizes it isn’t very hard you do
have a lot of things on hand you just need to assemble them so we’ve got the list for things like
first aid kit more food matches water there’s no extra
water stored in that house a radio that winds up wet wipes the garbage cans a manual can opener flashlights candles and local maps so if your friends think
they can’t do it go over and give them a kick start get them going because after
we did this she decided you know what it is kind of important it’s kind of fun and
it isn’t that hard to do let me know what
you think about the start we got for my friend making a 5 gallon bucket emergency kit please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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