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How to Store Food Outdoors | Survival Skills

How to Store Food Outdoors | Survival Skills

So now we have food. We have fish and we have eggs. We probably could eat them all right now. However, if we had a cache of food, if we
hiked in with food, if you’re backpacking with food, and you’re not carrying it on you,
you’re going to sleep for the night, you want to store it in some manner that is going to
keep critters from eating it. The ideal way to do it would be to hang it. And to hang it, you’re going to need something
to hang it with. I just happened to find this handy rope right
here, where we were making our shelter. And I’m sure it was used for hanging food. So if you’re going to have some food to hang,
if you had a stuff sack, you can put it in the stuff sack. Throw this rope up and over something that’s
a nice, tall limb, and pull it up on one side. When you are hanging food, you want your rope
to be out, not hanging next to the tree like this where something could climb up to the
tree and eat it. But say a limb was sticking out. And some of these limbs are . . . like there’s
a limb over there that’s sticking way out. You want it about maybe 10 to 12 feet out
on a limb, and throw it over, pull it up. How do you get it up over there? It’s really difficult to get this rope to
go up in the air. So you could tie a stick onto it. You could tie a rock onto it, and throw the
rope with the rock up over. This rope is really a pretty heavy rope to
get up in the air. A piece of cordage would be probably more
ideal. Parachute cord, something like that. So when you get your rope over, you’re going
to haul your food up. You don’t want it all the way up to the limb,
because then things can walk down on the limb and eat it. Obviously squirrels can go up and down the
cord. They’re the only thing you really have to
contend with. Squirrels and birds. But if you do have it hanging up, it’s going
to keep the mice away for the most part, the raccoons, the bears. Even though those things can climb, they’re
going to be dissuaded from getting it if it is hanging high up in the air. If there are no limbs between trees, you can
tie a rope off to one tree, run it over to another tree, and tie it off to a second tree. Say, that tree over there. And if you have your rope hanging between
two trees, you can throw a second cord over the rope or hang your bag right off of this. So you can tie between two trees, or you can
go over a limb. Another possibility is to make a dip in the
rope, throw this over a limb, and then pull it up that way. So a variety of methods to hang food. Hanging food is going to be the ideal way
to store it.

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  1. Large predator can smell it, and well you can become a meal to, and from this post this would not be a bad idea. So keep your food close my friend lol… Some one's really from the city.

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  3. Funny, he just happens to find a piece of rope… hahaa That's real survival alright…Probably doesn't camp anywhere but his backyard..

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