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How to Store Freeze Dried Food to Last Longer- Food Storage Tips Tricks Hacks

How to Store Freeze Dried Food to Last Longer- Food Storage Tips Tricks Hacks

How to Store Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals so they Last Longer freeze dried meals storage tips how to use food storage buckets how long can food last Dehydrated Meals Prepping Cooking hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am checking out my emergency survival bunker supplies to see how things fared over the winter I thought I would show you how I store freeze dried foods to make them last longer what I have in my Mountain House bucket I opened it up to make sure
everything was still fresh and I have 20 different packets of freeze dried food in here Mountain House Backpackers Pantry Alpine Aire I have another whole layer down here more freeze dried meals how to store them so they will last and I have 2 cans emergency lights emergency stove one can I have strike anywhere matches and a candle and I can stick the candle in I just punched around it with a church key can opener top and bottom then light the candle for emergency light I have another can for heating the water on top to pour into any bag of freeze dried meal mountain house meal just add hot water to the pouch that you want I always try to make sure that the whole bucket is useful I have a knife I put one in every bucket I just put a piece of cardboard over it as a knife sheath to keep it safe in here and a spoon to make it a whole lot easier to eat my emergency survival food simply putting food away isn’t convenient if you don’t have any way to
prepare it or eat it one tip make sure you use a candle that is not
scented if you use candle to heat your food you don’t want your food to end up smelling like vanilla don’t want to contaminate your emergency survival long term food storage freeze dried food bags are all still soft everything looks good put them away for another year get some 5 gallon buckets fill them with emergency survival freeze dried food entrees like Mountain House last up to 25 years put some gamma lids on the 5 gallon buckets so they are easy to open and reseal label what you put in the 5 gallon buckets of emergency food when you get ready to use your emergency survival food you are ready to go you have food water utensils stock up while things you need are readily available please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. great idea with the cookware, I should add some to my stashes. you should make longer videos about something, you are easy to listen to and seem to have an interesting view on things from your book videos, I'd love to hear more from AG, who IS she? πŸ˜‰

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