24 thoughts on “How to Store Water | Survival Skills”

  1. you can't just recycle it. Where are you going to get the water if you're going to drink your own urine?

  2. Bottom line: basically improvise with whatever you have on you at the moment… most likely ending up using your own clothes to soak up and store the water.

  3. dont ever do that. thats a myth. urine is not sterile (it always has lots of germs), and it will cause harm if ingested.

  4. You better stay home with your Perrier then. Myself, I'll eat grubs, and I'll certainly drink water from a t-shirt.

  5. When I saw the title of this page I said to myself "if he sese condom im going to punch him in his freaking eye balls"

  6. If you put bee wax on fabric it waterproofs it. I'm sure finding bee wax in the wild would be extremely difficult, but there might be other natural ways to seal in water and make a cask. Maybe clay or mud?

  7. About time someone makes a decent vid like this. I have been trying to push this concept for some time now. I filmed one myself but the card was damaged. Need to finish my vid soon!

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