100 thoughts on “How To Survive A Fall Through Frozen Ice”

  1. The real problem is a current, even if the body of water is frozen it has a flow, it won't stop so dipping all the way under might be it in some cases. My dad told me how his friend way back when he lived in Canada still, died from being pulled away from the hole by the current of the lake.

  2. All of this is really clever and but if this ever happens to me I will not remember all of those steps.

  3. My dad fell through ice once and couldn't find the hole he fell through so he had to break a new one and got out. He was 12 on a frozen lake with his two cousins and had to walk two miles back to his house

  4. dunno why they don't teach us about this in school here in minnesota…after all, we have over 10,000 lakes and many people visit them in the winter

  5. This reminds me of a pe teacher in my old high school here in Sweden. He was skating on frozen ice but never came back. They found his shoes on land outside the ice. They never found him 🙁 he wasn't my teacher but I had seen him a few times.

  6. I never figure why I would ever wanna be on ice knowing its risk.. but now that I know I always want to escape crowded public places especially in school holidays and I would always prefer a natural option.. a non-commercial, quiet frozen lake would be tempting enough for me to get a pair of skating shoes and work on them.

    Just never be on ice without life jacket and a phone that is kept above shoulder level especially if area has good coverage. Need to check on climate condition to ensure ice thickness reliability too.

  7. I have just watched escape room and trying to figure out ways to survive in case that happens to me. What if you get stuck under tho like the current pulls you under the ice and moves you

  8. Thats not true that your muscles shut downs due to cold after 10minutes
    You should see wim hoffman the ice man theory or what the documentry of channel" yes theory " about iceman wim hof

  9. Great advice. Now if only I'll have my wits about me when I do fall through a frozen lake and remember all these steps…..

  10. Ok so you have just learnt that. Right now go to a frozen lake and jump in through a hole. Right Ok so now remember the video whilst you are experiencing the shock of the frozen water and whilst looking up trying to find the hole you came through. Hmmmm thought so.

  11. Lucky my state dont usually snow hasn't snowed in a few years and its not cold enough to freeze the waters in the nearby woods

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