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How to survive a gunfight in a car Part 2 | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

How to survive a gunfight in a car Part 2 | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

alright guys Rob we’re back out at T1G
we’re going to cover a short video of prepping inside the vehicle and shooting
from inside and then exfilling the vehicle so the setup on the inside of
the vehicle is pretty important depending on where you guys are
operating at if you want to have a towel or something similar over top of the
weapon to conceal it as I hold up as I put on the seatbelt I don’t want to put
my arm through because I don’t want to have to fight the seatbelt when I get
out of it so we buckle the seat belt put your arm over top of it and this
basically sets it up we’re not really going to get into the the whys and the
ifs and the what-ifs and all of that stuff just because tactics are just like
politics and religion there’s many ways to do it and you don’t want to discuss
it in a bar all right? Alright guys, taking it from the top here you notice
we started from inside of a vehicle seatbelt was on we had the rifle up that
way as I came over and grabbed the pistol grip with my right hand at the
same time I was getting rid of the seat belt I was unlatching the seat belt with
my left hand came up short stock to over the shoulder engaged the target to the
right and then I transitioned to the target to the left if you know it’s on
the target to the left after I got done creating a hole with my round I punched
my barrel through the glass that’s because there’s not an exact science of
what happens to your bullet when it hits a medium so in order to clear that
medium once I had that hole by the bullet punch the barrel through I could
still see my red dot on target engage come off target open the door
shot from the V inside of the A post in the door and started working my way
back now naturally there’d be other people in the vehicle firing and getting
out and from here we would do our SOP of bounding away thanks for watching and
leave any comments

68 thoughts on “How to survive a gunfight in a car Part 2 | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman”

  1. I've been watching these videos for a few months and I have to ask: do you train civilians, or just Military guys? I ask because I find this information fascinating and would love to learn more, but some of these techniques and drills you guys do seem above what most people would consider as skills for self defense.

    anyways keep the videos coming. I learn alot more practical stuff from these simple 2-5 min videos than I do the 10-15 min videos that are 80% ego driven.

  2. Is there a noticable difference between a Flash Hider vs. Muzzle break (Lantac Dragon) from shooting inside the vehicle? Of course, more particles and flash.. but is it enough choose one over the other?

  3. I noticed you held the muzzle against the windshield when shooting your first round at each target– taken into consideration you're using a rifle and it has a long barrel; If firing with a handgun should muzzle be pressed against the windshield as was done with rifle?

  4. Does this also apply for handguns ? I've heared handgun bullets may deflect substantially while passing through the windshield.

    Also is there a lot of glass fragementation inside the car while shooting ? And could these glass fragments blind or injure the shooter if they got in his eyes ? I ask this because most LEO's do not wear eyeprotection (and earprotection) while on patrol.

  5. I've been taught, when leaving the vehicle, that both feet should hit the ground at the same time. Wasn't told why. I assume it has something to do with the vehicle possibly still being in motion. Thoughts?

  6. Just found your channel. Awesome content! I love the no-nonsense approach to things. Seems very effective.

  7. Little extra tip there, watch the right foot go out, pushing the door out fully, and bracing it to stop it from swinging back on him as he exits. If I had a dollar for every time Ive seen someone get their gear and straps hung up on a vehicle door swinging back on them as they tried to exit, id be a rich man…. Very fine technique there Rob, thumbs up!

  8. I think this is a great video, in fact I love it, added it to my site,; keep up the great video's Gentleman;

  9. Is it possible to be this effective with a carbine as the driver, or would you recommend the driver start out with a pistol and transition later?

    Love watching car shooting vids as most of us can't afford to go out and trash a windshield even occasionally.

  10. ROB stated there are a million ways to do this but I really like his method much  more than most. Great channel and GOD BLESS!

  11. I'm a huge believer in the buffet style of training. Don't settle for just one way, take something useful from everything. Like Bruce Lee said: "It doesn't matter where it's from if it works."

  12. As a new subscriber, I must say that I'm delighted to see a new (to me) YouTube channel with legitimate content. No ego's and no rhetoric, "just the facts man". It goes to show that good training mirrors one another when it's performed by actual professionals.

    Your videos help to remind me of the drills that get pushed aside or forgotten during my personal quest to 'train until I can no longer get it wrong'. Unfortunately, I will not be dragging a car out to the Arizona desert, so I must reserve that aspect of training for some other time. Or perhpas until I can think of a safe and proper method to do so.

    Keep up the good work my friends.

  13. Rob what is that two man carry statue thing on the hood? Ive seen it in a couple of your videos now…

  14. What are your opinions of the sequence of getting out with a vehicle full of passengers. I'm talking max capacity occupancy. I would assume the front occupants would be the muscle to ensure the rest get out fast. What's your take. I speak on a perspective that I would have to protect my family (kids in the back)

    My compliments on how you held that door open with your foot. I always put myself in the scenario at the worst possible outcome so I would personally know my adrenaline would have forced me to ninja kick the door and maybe hit me back with the intensity in which I had opened it.

  15. Excellent instruction, thanks. One question though, when kneeling from behind cover, when leaning out to the right shouldn't your right knee be down to maximize the use of cover?

  16. i'm algerian n i took part in a military training and i can assure u that this is very very useful thank u but i got a question tho, how do u open the door, which hand do u use ? thnks

  17. Watch the 3 soldiers gunned down at a Jordan checkpoint video to compare and contrast a safe range environment vs real world no shit ambush while in a vehicle

  18. Thanks for the video. I’m surprised I didn’t see a long thread of comments from range nazis complaining about shooting distance from steel targets.

  19. Too much being straight up for me. He sat straight up in the car instead of ducking down a little, and slanting to the side or something. He also stood up instead of being more in a squat once he was outside of the car. But that's just me. I believe in being extremely defensive while also still being real offensive

  20. I'd like to see something about the physics of shooting from a moving car at a moving and stationary targets. I can't find anything on youtube about this.

  21. Okay, there is an exact science of how a projectile acts when striking or passing through media, physics. However, there are so many variables that prediction, especially on the fly, is impossible. I'll stop being pedantic and shut up now. My bad.

  22. Quick question- for the right target, is the reason you didn’t jam the muzzle into the hole because then you’d have to remove it to engage the left target or is there another reason?

  23. Never had a chance to shoot through a windshield so I must ask.. At the distance you were from your targets will the glass have any effect on your accuracy?

  24. It would be more realistic if you strapped a little Tanerite on the targets to "simulate" the suicide vest that goes off when you hit that second virgin seeker running at the vehicle.
    "You okay, HEY!, You okay?" -TC
    " Am I dead?…You good?…I can hear bells ringing!" -Me

  25. It looked like he only focuses on the front of the car and avoids talking about behind the car. What if your in an ambush after parking your car and you are taken from behind? I mean we all know he is avoiding the back to also avoid having police breath down his neck. I couldnt type anymore without sounding edgy.

  26. That seatbelt tip is bad; if the attack is started by bad guys crashing into your car, you might not even be able to shoot since the crash whipping you around would incapacitate you.

  27. I have a question maybe for another video and that is if you are in four door vehicle, should the front people exit first or the rear passengers? It occurred to me that if front and rear doors open simultaneously, on one side or both, that the person in front would bump their butt into the read door if they were trying to move back. And this could leave them vulnerable to a frontal assault. Of course fire from the sides or rear could change the response. A very short, but well done video.

  28. I don't think you would survive in this streets. MX
    Get surprised and sprayed more than 100 xs
    The dea Kia didn't stand a chance

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