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How to survive a gunfight in a car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

How to survive a gunfight in a car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

100 thoughts on “How to survive a gunfight in a car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman”

  1. why are cars "bullet magnets"?

    Just because they draw attention because they're a natural cover? I mean you use the word "magnet" on a metallic object. Is that colloquial?

    Edit: After watching the whole video, I'm assuming you mean that it just attracts a lot of suppressed fire and has a propensity for secondary fragmentation, rounds bouncing off the body of the car, skipped rounds, etc.

    Cool vid, thanks for posting – subscribed.

  2. Ah? Should it be “keep driving” in the first place? Especially when you have a subject to protect inside the car. If your going direction was block completely and pin down, obviously it is a calculated ambush. Cross fire are expected. Enemies hiding behind solid cover expected. Unfriendly locals expected. Ied expected. Better focus on how to transport the vip subject away then return fire. Unless you are talking about being the prawns in the convey. That`s a sitting duck position, expendables.

  3. Those shooting stances look very similar to the Russian style of augmented stances in systema with weapon handling. Good video!!!

  4. That’s all very cool stuff but when does that ever happen to anybody where your in your car and all of a sudden there’s a gun fight and u gotta leave your car and u got your ar-15 or whatever u have and all that stuff hahahaha

  5. Do you think if someone coming to shot while you in your car is going to give you time respond and pull your gun then you are stupid.

  6. I thought the threat was at the 12 and then hes showing how to engage enemies to the 9 o clock from the side of the vehicle?

  7. The only thing I'd have to say is, your position and attitude is set by the ATTACKER, not you. You take the best position to take cover or provide superior fire against the person trying to shoot you, not so much on the strong points of the car alone. The thing to be remembered, always, in training schools and competition is that in the real world its not mere set up targets by a dynamic fighting enemy you have to fight against. Where is the attack coming from, where are they, what angle is the car to them, where are the enemies moving? You can remember the strong points of the car for maximum protection from fire, but this must always be in relation to the position and fire of the enemy. It could be a mistake to keep your mind welded to the position of the wheels, axles, motor, instead of the fire of the people trying to kill you.

  8. Just get away from that car. Hes already got the jump on you and his homies are already running flank on you.
    Shooting from underneath so his skipping rounds can peg you in the gourd.

    There you go. Hide behind the brake drum. The enemies are close!! You should be gone like the second you left that Social Security Check Sedan! I shot through 1970s cars with a mini 14 and that was through the bumpers! Metal bumpers. You won't be in an up armoured Suburban.

  9. 99% of the time with car gunfights, they'll be right in front of you and with glocs not long range ..what the hell

  10. Dude! Where’d y’all get my first car?!?! My grandma sold me that car man! Treated rite! 🤘👊💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Calls contact front then moves to the right side of the engine block. WTF. Shouldn't you be engaging from the boot using the whole car as cover?

  12. Why would you get out of an uparmored vehicle taking small arms unless they have RPG7 stay in the armor and wait for help

  13. These videos are great i love watching you, trex arms, garand thumb ect… but im confused shooting is fun and 3 gun is fun but whats the training and the equipment for? Whos your audience? Law enforcement or is this just for like if the shit hit the fan training type stuff??

  14. Este tipo, en su vida a estado en un enfrentamiento con armas largas de esos calibres, lo único en donde podrías protegerte es en la llanta de la parte donde se encuentre el motor, recomendándole te muevas de hay a una parte mas segura lo mas rápido posible, si te agarran adentro del auto y te rafaguean, no creo que salgas bien librado, a menos claro que este blindado del nivel 5 plus en adelante.

  15. Well explain sure stupid n ignorant people are always going to put negative comments . But that's life then again amazing for your video

  16. Good info and techniques aren't bad. Unfortunately there's not many people that roll around with an AR15 in their vehicle. Most are rolling with a hangun, due to firearms laws in their state. This is my first time checking this video and I haven't checked out other videos on this channel… Yet.

  17. You never know the caliber and the shooter every intention it is totally unpredictable in those situations most people go as it happens

  18. I subscribed and liked the video before it began just from the title 😂😭😭 Even if I find the info to be inaccurate, great content lol

  19. Bro this video came out in 2016 ware the other videos showing how to engage a car from angle behind the car while your in the car

  20. When u get in a gun fight ur not gonna be wearing ur ear plugs or ur safety glasses shoot the dam gun like u would in reality

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