How to survive a wildfire if you don’t have time to evacuate

these fires are happening so quickly and burning so rapidly some people have had limited time to escape if in fact you’re in a situation where you are trapped by fire there are some steps that you can take if there are roadways and you’re able to escape do so evacuate early so if you’re not able to evacuate take a look at those areas around your community where you could safely put yourself in your family and survive the fire such as big large baseball field a football field a golf course that giant parking lot that you can pull your vehicle in to stay in your vehicle and let the fire pass by you if you have to take shelter in your home close all the windows and doors keep the lights on in the house so that we know someone’s there take wet towels and place them under the door jambs so that there’s no space for fire to enter your home fill some of your tubs with emergency water bringing in anything flammable around your house your kids toys that are outside door mats firewood patrol your home and put out any fires that might be starting red flag warnings should be treated as seriously as a hurricane or tornado warning ready set go ready for wildfire org all sorts of information there on how you can prepare your home and property getting set making sure you have that evacuation plan with your family that way when you are asked to go you can go quickly pay attention this summer don’t get complacent and everybody stay safe you

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