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How to Survive Back to School with No Friends

How to Survive Back to School with No Friends

I Would look so cool. So we’re gonna keep playing with it. Oh, that’s why I couldn’t have a pixie, but I’d be like Hello my people want to keep us interested for short, but I’m doing wow I’m doing you keep away for all my people that we love a hard-working father I’m gonna be doing it the whole entire back-to-school season because not everyone can afford school supplies and I also gave away some other things like vinyls and so on and all you have to do is Be following a nice term at Jesse page. I’d like to think I posted quality. Honestly some quality meat content I put some weird stuff on there. Thank you for supporting my beams. It means a lot Listen, if someone will support your content the good and the trashy I’m doing several giveaway. If you follow on Twitter, it’s basically just me tweeting about big hair of six and people had attracted Bands, I enjoy and someone too. We love that too. It’s really cute. Also, yeah, though I’ve been like a little bit of okay like me cursing once every three months is like maybe Risque, it’s Jesse page. We’re talking about okay progress and I’m doing you several would agree to subscribe in YouTube. I Hope that made you feel awkward and pressure to subscribe that made me feel awkward, but I can in the best way Okay, if you would like for me to do a separate video on bullying and if you would really appreciate that and you’re just looking Forward to more mental health related videos that are related to back to school. Please give this a thumbs up. It’s supported It’d be really appreciated and let’s get started. This videos always some things I learned from my own personal experience because I really isolated myself in high school but I don’t want it to be all about my I want it to be about you guys and hoping you cuz I care about you all I’m a hard-working father that loves but I’m just gonna like give a quick premise and just vaguely talk about So, okay, you know that movie perks people wallflower bitch her ego Wallflower well That was me to a new extent because there were a lot of factors And probably one of the biggest ones was that like like ever since I was two years old I was getting tested for various things and people weren’t really sure my parents were kind of worried because like when they talk That also created quite a bit of social anxiousness which I realized was so frequent that it was social anxiety at the time and Basically, all of these things together I felt the need to isolate myself and it was like survival mode for me Which was not good for me so bad for me because I did isolate myself. It was so hard for me I was in my own bubble and I I didn’t know so much of the world because I was so scared of even talking on the phone with people and Anyways, I was not bullied in high school or middle school. There were a few little instances, but I wouldn’t say And depending what’s going through that I really do send you like all the love in the world My brother who ever was severely bullied and seeing what he went through. Especially it’s like a super shy person That just was so incredibly terrified all the time or social interaction and especially that type of social interaction I went into flight mode and I just isolated myself from everyone and that caused for me to Essentially have no friends so middle school in high school I had very few friends that I really identified with and everyone else that I was mute Yeah, I talked and then I went to a public high school and I had very few friends there I had enough where I felt at least like decently comfortable And then when I moved schools I had to move because my brother again was being bullied and it was really hard My brother and I going to such different schools cuz they were both very far so I switched to the school that he was going to And this which was really hard for me and I didn’t identify with anyone there And honestly, I basically went through the majority of high school with no friends ironic jazz hands I use comedy as a coping mechanism No, for real, I take things seriously and I want to take my experiences and to tell all of you what I wish I make you feel included because I was so sad and terrified for the future and Pessimistic and I hated myself. I hated myself so much I definitely still deal with insecurities everyone does but I think that was my lowest point for my self-esteem And yeah, I hope this helps you out made back to school videos over the years and the past two years I’ve decided I’m gonna make these back to school videos even deeper and more helpful And I’m going to make involve mental health related. Is that something I am incredibly passionate about? I’m currently studying psychology in college. I’ve never talked about that my grandma’s always Fascinated it’s always something to talk about on my channel and I was like, let’s do it in relation to school So you just saw like nerdy ask Jessie. I don’t like to show her too much of my videos. Okay. I love you all and Let’s get into it First thing I’m going to be talking about are online friends Probably one of the things that got me through like all of high school was the fact that I had YouTube I know it’s gonna sound incredibly cliche, but I’m just being honest. It really did help me I felt hurt It wasn’t the fall workout. That made me feel heard It was the fact that I had a separate place to talk cuz they always only did clubs because my friends did them all through middle school in high school and when I isolated myself And didn’t have friends I never talked because I had no one to talk to and you don’t have to start YouTube obviously but I would say definitely finding an online group chat and so on I Happen to have like the nicest people ever like genuinely and so I don’t know you guys are all Nice and have little group chats together and you guys will have different group chats. Like hey, I want to have a group chat That’s for people that are LGBT in questioning. I’m like seeing some of you guys organize that and that makes my heart so warm Thank you Just thank you for helping each other out like as a father that makes me proud So yeah If you you know or even just you guys will create group chats if you guys all like the same artists like the same band Like I’ve seen you guys some panic at the disco ones together even just like Jesse Page ones It’s so nice And if you have a bad day at school, you can talk about it with other people that maybe you’re struggling as well sometimes It’s hard to remember that other people are struggling too and it’s not that other people’s struggles validate your struggles and you want other people to struggle But it’s knowing that other people Are struggling but still getting up every morning and are living their best life that are trying and the ther whole poll That is what’s important some of the list a few ways to make all my friends especially if you’re a little shy like me in the thought intimidates you number one is to Find people with similar interests. You can go to Twitter Instagram as well. You can find people with similar interests by an accounts Human DM accounts, you don’t even have to be a fan of cat yourself I’ll just see it’s like LGBT supportive teens like running Instagram accounts And I’m sure they would love to hear DMS about your own stories and so on and that’s a really good way to make online Friends and Club Penguin, you know rest in peace, no makes me so email Wow, I had some great dates on there. I don’t go on any dates now Because why I made a single joke the first minute of the video That I have realized you can make online friends Make sure if you are making online friends make sure that you were doing it in a safe environment I care about you or some forums that probably are linked to some people that don’t have the right intentions and argument they say they are so just always be cautious always be cautious but there’s a difference between being cautious like totally just cancelling the idea of internet friends because I think as long as the situation’s good and Everyone’s being safe and they’re protecting themselves and it’s legitimate. Then it can be one of the most incredible beautiful things Yeah, okay. That was like very soft Jessie. I mean, I’m already soft But like that was like the most wholesome you could make a whole loaf of bread. It’s so cool. Okay self-love So when you don’t really identify with anyone else at your school and when you do feel isolated, it’s hard to love yourself But it’s so hard Like I said, it was the hardest point cuz you’re wondering why can’t I live like these people what’s so easy for other people? Why isn’t easy for me you have to realize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses There’s some things you can control there’s some things you can’t control one thing You have to always remember is to never give up and lose. Hope I Definitely had a few moments where I felt myself losing hope and I never thought I would ever find my voice And I thought I would just live my whole life following everyone else’s footsteps I hate think if I hadn’t started YouTube I would have just even no I’m getting emotional bad Anyways, self-love is incredibly important, especially if you’re going through this It’s kind of great because it’s a reminder of like it makes you feel like I don’t To have physical friends in school to be a whole legitimate badass human. I am great on my own. Yeah I don’t need that some ways that I engaged in self-love. I followed my passions when I didn’t have friends in high school That is what I freakin thrive. That’s what I learned to shred an electric guitar It’s something I’m really proud of and passionate about I’ve been playing for 13 years I’m looking at my guitar and I’m like my baby but finding a passion that is such a great form of self-love Another thing is just taking time to get to know your family cuz when it comes down to it, you know It’s really hard to keep in touch with friends from school, especially from high school after you graduate So you want to make sure you know, obviously quality over quantity If you do find people you do feel Comfortable with and that you identify with 3 is if you are beating yourself up in your head constantly Because you don’t have rights because it can be more prevalent if that’s what you’re going through You can definitely get help and you deserve it hundred percent To talk to someone, you know if it’s a school counselor for the best thing about me just kind of being Alone in high school was I didn’t give a crap about what people thought about me as much that was like my form of self-love And I think for a while I took the not being friends with any one thing and I turned it into Self-hatred and I’m gonna just stipple everything about myself and I’m like, no, I don’t have anyone making fun of me. This is cool It’s kind of cool that it’s just me So I’m gonna find some cool interests that other people might think are weird as hell and I’m gonna love it Like that’s when I felt like intense anime like really came through I want to Anime Expo this year and it was like the best weekend of my life gloves If you love electric guitar or you sing. Yeah, that’s so cool That’s so cool proud If you don’t find anyone that you identify with at school, you know You can join a band or maybe find kids that are older than you were younger than you that also have the same interests joining clubs is a really good way to Go with similar interests there even like so many different And so on you identify your religion is so on if that’s something that ever even makes you feel a little isolated or maybe that’s one side of yourself that you haven’t really fully embraced because it’s coming from other people that also identify that way then that’s a really cool way to just get more comfortable with your identity and also to make Friends if you don’t have friends in school. Yeah for me I personally Never talked about this a lot. Am I gonna do it? Yeah, you know what screw it this year? I really wanted to talk about this essentially I was raised Jewish and my family’s Jewish and I didn’t have friends in school So I took up key broo I can read Hebrew I love you drew and I got poppets But I went to Israel and got experience the culture and it’s something that was really cool for me And I mean obviously not everyone that’s watching this is gonna be Jewish but like just in example You could do church camp. You can join an LGBT youth group. You can join Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout I found it telling other wholesome people as we got older and older the people that like really stuck with Girl Scouts It was more and more about charity and because more about charity work That’s why I like I like to do money a lot of my videos and stuff Honestly, a lot of that comes from like my girl-scout roots Bought of us from eating Girl Scouts But we loved it, which I don’t know why they made fun of us like we’d Stoke cookies have you tried a Samoa a Finn mint a frozen Thin Mint my king or Another thing don’t tell yourself. You’re never gonna have friends if someone comes by and you really get along with them It can be really scary after you haven’t been friends with anyone to open up to people it can be so terrified But you deserve that and it’s really hard to you know Trust people and so on but you can tell people what you want as you start to feel more comfortable and it’s something to celebrate Yay, boof. It’s getting so dark outside Like my soul, no just kidding. I’m a bright and happy beam, but it looks so like spooky It’s like I’m telling like a weird bedtime story and that is my ratatouille is an underrated movie Okay, anyways set goals for yourself daily, even if it’s just saying hi to one person Another thing is if you really do issues just opening up to people gonna have people that you’re just friendly with I had some people in school that like I would just have casual talk with and I wouldn’t even really consider them my friends We didn’t know a lot about each other But that was definitely like a first step for me before I was able to actually open up to people and be proud of yourself For even being able to do that, that’s really cool Another thing is I would you might have a work at lunch I would eat my food and do my homework at the same time and then what I got to go home I would like go on my one direction some words actually and like as the closet of girl would definitely read some weird gay stuff and like I was what I did and it was good for my mental health It was like a way of self-love and other people when they went home they had work in their schoolwork But I always got it done actually during my school day. That was another thing It’s a little tip while I was lighting. I was so dark imagine and then when the clocks right? I would like literally like an anime villain like a cartoon villain Do not be embarrassed when your parents hug you or Drop you off for school because your parents love you and that’s a sign of love and that’s something to be appreciative Your parents are the ones taking the helper with you and that one random person looking past you that is literally going to judge you For hugging your parent Loser, they’re the loser Appreciating your parents is not lame. Okay, it’s so not like it’s not I promise especially if you’re appreciating your dad. I Promise you he bore watching you as much as it seems in your head? And in fact what helped me was just thinking just assuming no one was watching me and not in a bad way At first I was assuming no one was watching me and like me no one cares about me But isn’t like no everyone’s focused on themselves in their own confidence and I’m gonna focus I’m being confident in my own skin for myself Focusing my energy more than that really hoped So now we go to events and we’re rainbow crowds in public like I promised you was a possibility It takes so much time baby steps not having anyone you identify with or that you Really feel friendly with in school does not mean you’re never gonna find those people ever there Humans in the world and dogs dogs are so nice and supportive and just beings that will make you feel nice Oh my god. I look so creepy with this lady Okay, that’s stop with the maniacal operator. Don’t let other people’s interests Influence your other people’s interests don’t have to be yours And if you have an interest that is unique to yourself, and it’s not conventional That’s freaking gritty and trust me as an adult kids sometimes in high scores mean about that stuff But it was definitely not like cool that I really play electric guitar Surprisingly weak electric guitar so cool. Why was that not cool? Anyways, no one really really cared if I was like But now like as an adult people think it’s so cool But even if people are like yeah that’s dope. Like especially a girl playing electric guitar But even if people like it as an adult like didn’t approve of it I would still frickin play it and slay it I didn’t mean to make that rhyme telling jokes to yourself and making yourself laugh is the best that’s a Jessi page If you don’t have an audience make yourself laugh, it’s so fun. I love having witty banter in my head Okay, that was a silly one ahead of throne there Come over that. Yeah, but it really benefits, you know Upsides and downsides to everything and sometimes you can control the situation and that’s okay I believe that if you just keep spreading love and positivity in this world It will come back to you and when people were like really mean to me I just wanted to become a negative person and let it consume me But instead I just I didn’t hate those people and I just kept trying to be the most positive person I could be for myself And it’s not selfish to do that. You’re not selfish for taking time for yourself Amount of friends you have visit to find him as a person It really doesn’t I really believed it didn’t matter followers who have on social medias are also definitely especially presence to be appreciative for good food and dogs and great YouTube videos and there are so many beautiful things in the world and if there’s no one in your school that you identify with Your accounts in a ton of your posts I stand you all and obscene future Wha-ha-ha. Okay, actually really like the maniacal laughing. It makes me feel cool

100 thoughts on “How to Survive Back to School with No Friends”

  1. I have friends (A whole 1 best friend wow look at me so popular) and the rest of the people in my class hate me! (Yay!) My best friend, however, is not in my class. So this video is really going to help me. Thanks dad! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  2. So basically i used to be in the perfect class with all my friends i got really close to and now our classes got switched up and all of them are together and i have no friends in my new class and i have a terrible teacher and my friends always come up to me and tell me all about how much fun they're having😔

    Edit:Things are getting a little bit better but i still wish i was in the other class🙂

  3. i had the idea that like if in school you are alone at lunch or break or anything you could go online and find someone going through the same things as you so at break and lunch you could just like text or face time them so none of you are alone, Im not really alone at break or lunch because I have some friends in other form classes but during class whenever we get to choose where we sit or pair up or anything like that I never have anyone to be with because I had a best friend that I came up from primary school with but then recently she decided that she has found a new group of friends in my class so now she sits with them all the time and I had to sit alone today on the first day of school and I heated people giggling and whispering my name to their friends because I was alone because my best friend left me so I have to go through secondary alone during class and I'm really bad at making friends because I really like weird stuff like blood and gore and all that stuff and most people in my class don't like that or even want to be my friend ,

    thanks bestie you really are a awesome person for ditching me the second you've found someone new :') okay thanks for letting me rant jessie

  4. Senior year has been so lonely so far for me. In previous grades I always envisioned my senior year to be perfect and fun, like going out with friends, being invited to parties and just overall enjoying senior life. but this year has been absolutely depressing so far and i hate to say that. Everyone's moved on or made new friends. Everyone's personalities have changed and arent like they use to be. No one has time for anything anymore because they have to study or theyre either just bored with me. It's like nothing is the same anymore and everything has just become one big blob if that makes any sense ;///

  5. I'm a freshman this year, I've only been at this school one day but I'm already scared I won't make any friends. I know, I know, I'll probably find somebody in the 500 others of my class…but it's intimidating, y'know? This video is really reassuring, just in case I stay a loner. Thanks.

  6. hello i have decided to go back to public school next year and one of the reasons i left was the toxic people. (gotta love american high school, amirite?) so i'll still have friends just not at my school.

  7. i just realized that i literally didn't have any friends until 6th grade, and even then, they were horrible friends. but i never gave any fucks about not having friends and at least i have friends now lol

  8. Daddddddd!!!! I have a question, and I have been thinking it for a while, I figured out I was pansexual about 4 months ago, and came out to my parents a couple weeks ago because my mom ended up figuring out and asking me, so I had to tell my parents. Does that mean I am not a real gay person? Because I came out too early? I never wanted to come out to them at that time but my mom asked me and I couldn’t lie to her. Does this mean I was faking it?

  9. Ok i'm only writing this because I have always loved to relate to other people and know i'm not the only one in the same situation so hopefully at least one person will relate to me! 

    Last year (2018-2019), I was completely new, and after a week made about 2 friends, then about 3 weeks later I made 8. Fast forward a couple of months, a lot of drama happens and I unfortunately get roped into it and now a group of 6 people hate me. Well, they bully me. Then the school ends and I learn that NONE of my friends are coming back to my school. Each of them are leaving. This really got me sad over the summer and I got really anxious of my new class because the only people who WERE 100% coming back were 9 people. The group of bullies and 3 other people I barely knew. And didn't like.

    So now I'm in school (2nd day so far) and are sitting alone in the corner, from being very friendly and making a bunch of friends, being open, to now being a complete loner. The new people are complete jerks and all they focus on is looks and what type of "sleepover" they'll have tonight. Also a lot of vsco girls/guys. Never used to be like that last year thankfully. Not my type. It's unfortunate that I'm alone all of a sudden this year and my teacher has gotten mad at me because usually I will sneak out of class whenever we group up for a small game or whatever and stay in the bathroom. I hate lunch, i'm forced to sit on a table of people I don't know/don't like and it's completely awkward. I usually will casually walk to the bathroom, act normal, and then once i get into the bathroom, have a quiet meltdown. Most people who came into my grade, came into my grade with a group of people and are not open to anyone else joining in. Anyways, if you're new, then I suggest to NOT make enemies because those people would definitely be helpful next year with your group projects, etc.

    100% will be leaving my school if I get a refund even if it only is the first couple of days. I know I'm not the right fit for the school anymore.. I'm in a private montessori school. Wish me luck!

  10. I just started my freshmen year, only a few days passed, but I already feel lonely. I have a few friends in my class but usually they are with their other friends and I just don't fit in their little group… Plus I'm struggling to make friends because I'm very shy and anxious… Also the amount of homework and tests is pretty big… I just hope that time will fix this in some way…
    Maybe someone wants to be my friend?

  11. Thxs for this video I litterly have no friends since all of them unfriended me. It’s really tough at lunch time since I have to walk alone pretend to “I have friends to hang out with” but I don’t and i have to avoid everyone I know or the popular kids since I feel like if they see me they’re gonna make fun of me. I can talk in class with a couple people but they hang out with other people. I try sooo hard to make friends but I guess everyone has already “partnered up” leaving me to hang out by myself. I know what it feels to be rejected and broken and have fake friends. Ever since then I’m just really depressed sometimes but I don’t show it. I guess I had no choice to come here to this video.

  12. since me and all my middle school peeps moved from our middle school to High school unfortunately my friend group went to a different high school and.. i now have no friends i’m usually alone i eat alone and it’s pretty sad even if i get just one friend it’ll make me feel a little better i should talk to people but.. i literally can’t talk to people so #loner4ever yayy even if i just get one friend idk if it’s going to happen but if i look at this way i have more opportunity’s for a solo person and doing thing i would like to do more then just doing the things the friends want to do i’m all good being alone i know a few friend people groups have laughed at me but it’s fine i’m always alone i do know people around my school i guess i don’t need anyone

  13. People literally come up to me and say, "I don't like you" and I'm like "Ok what do you want me to do about that?" Like I give a rat's ass if anyone liked me. If you like me, that's cool! If you don't like me… that's cool too! 🙃

  14. Im not gonna lie I don't have any friends I try to make friends but my first friend that I met ditched me ( I go to a all girls school) and now im lonely I try to she just bosses me around 🙁 any advice?

  15. A few months ago school was over and summer break had started and I was so excited to finally be on break. I was excited to have fun with my 2 friends during summer, I had so many plans but after a few days I checked my phone to see that my BEST FRIEND texted me that she decided that we're no longer friends. I was heartbroken…School starts tomorrow and I have 1 friend left, no one else in my class is probably willing to be friends. (Yay) I still have no clue what I did wrong in our friendship…

  16. I used to have a whole group of friends each one left me one by one, I made new friends but I feel like I’m not meant to be there, so I kinda just sit by myself. I don’t mind sitting by myself, but I get really up set when I see other people with there friends and it’s just no the same anymore. Can someone please help me on some advice, if you can that would be great 🙂

  17. I’m watching this because the only good friend I had I had to cut off because she was toxic but now I just feel lonely so I literally can’t win but yolo

  18. Okay I'm not sure if I'm ugly, weird, stupid, mean or too nice…I'm pretty sure people genuinely are uninterested in befriending me, and I don't know why…its like I'm on a different level completely. Im not sure what to do because people seem so mad when I try to talk to

  19. am i the only person that think there’s smthn wrong w them. i mean i talk to people in class. guys do the eye thing, and in the hallways. but no friends, literally none. i have three friends who one I never hang out w we never talk lol my friend who i hang out w sometimes and my older friend who is always busy bc her mom is an asshole and never lets her hang out w me and always says no. that’s literally it. i have school in the bathroom, and i like it but when i tell people they say it’s depressing. but i have this trauma that’s happening to me and i just wanna tell someone but not my parents bc they’ll lame me for it. idk what to do, and no matter how amazing internet relationships are, a human connection is what I need.

  20. My best friend in the whole wide world is an online friend everything about us is the same I feel like I’m looking in the mirror well not really cause we don’t look the same but we like the same things feel the same way about people

  21. i flunked a grade and my two bestfriend went to high school & they only make plans with them two not me so they left me and i have no friends at school and next week i start school and will see other kids that saw me last year .. and idk what to do ..

  22. I don't like classes bc no one wants to sit next to me lunch is the worst part to me cuz I always sit alone no one talks to me I try reaching up to them they'd just leave me there and I still don't know if its smth in me or what

  23. It's hard to be a loner in highschool when you don't have friends and the feeling that nobody wants to talk to you.
    Sad truth FAM : (

  24. I thought changing schools was a solution but it only gkt worse for me now i cry day and night i miss my friends :'(

  25. Can we just start a conversation about this topic in the reply section of this comment?

    I need someone to talk to.

  26. I really don’t know what to do cause my friend isn’t here today. I would tell the internet my story but I seriously can’t be bothered typing it up as I don’t think anyone is going through the same thing..

  27. Ill try to talk it out with my bully because fighting MIGHT drag them away but I don’t feel good about it in the End, plus I don’t want to get in trouble.. but I know to hang out with my REAL Friends! My Friend Sophie I have known for 15 Years I Love Her, and I feel it’s hard to believe that Jessie wasn’t that popular back then, because if you went to my school then I would want to be cool just like you Jessie! and I know it is hard to know that other people are going thorough something but I know that Everybody is, so I try to be nice to everybody as long as they will not try to Hurt me or hurt anybody that I love, You REALLY help me out Jessie not just because because you entertain me, but because your Kind, Sweet, and Most of All your Videos Really Teach me something!

    So I hope you have time to Read this, But probably NOT because I am a YEAR Late! 😂😅

  28. about a day ago i lost all my friends over some stupid drama they have stoped talking to me and blamed for very thing so i am friendless and i don’t like to make new friends so i am just alone now xd but this really helped i can survive now : D

  29. I'm watching this video bc I ticked all the boxes of being a good friend it just that I got kicked out. Sometimes it's not u it's other people

  30. All people who like to be alone but don’t wanna be seen as a loner should become ‘friends’ where they just don’t speak to eachother but sit together and that

  31. I have mild social anxiety nobody really talks to me unless they need to or ask me some odd question. A couple of days ago someone told me they’ve never heard me talk before. Then later that week someone asked me if I was just being weird or embarrassing. That kind of offended me but I said nothing which caused that person to point out that I said nothing so they just assumed that I meant to say no. Also during PE when we have to get in groups in like almost activity it sucks. People will invite me to their group if I’m lucky, if not I might need to be added if there isn’t enough people. If the teacher picks random groups sometimes people in the group don’t like me and it ends up being really awkward. And during lunch I would just do homework or read because I don’t have anyone to eat lunch with. It really sucks.

  32. At our school we can't use our phone or make homework in the breaks, we have to socialize, they really love to torture People with social anxiety

  33. If anyone wants to do a groupchat on Instagram we can talk about lgbt about shows or movies you like or just someone to talk to about anything follow and dm me on adrieche_ (I kinda need friends right now because I’m new at a school and I’m kinda lonely)

  34. Anybody feel alone add me on instagram @itsdayeli_ I barely have anybody on there so I’ll 100% respond back btw I’m a girl and 14

  35. I have friends it just that im going to high school and im scared that they will all leave me and move on the different people. Fml

  36. I have a group of friends that were fake so I became friends with 2 other people and one of them talks to my ex and she knows I tell her not to and she lies to me and she’s dating him she’s stupid and I’m hella pissed and now I have nobody at all like I don’t know what to do I’ve never been alone and your probably like I’ve been lonely my whole life I’m sorry for that but I’ve never it’s new for me I can’t even😭

  37. The fact that I do actually hear people laugh and talk about me behind my back really makes it hard to walk past people without thinking they’re laughing at me

  38. Recess is the worst time of day to me because three of my friends are always talking about the stupid alligator puppet that one of them has and it's always making jokes with it and screaming but none of of the jokes are funny so I go over to my other friends but they are playing murder mystery so I go to the slides and stay in there but then someone tells the teacher that I was in there and makes a teacher make me go out so I have nothing to do and the teacher is always staring at me for some reason no matter what I do and I want to skip school some days just so I have to stay in for recess to catch up on missing work

  39. I do two things
    1. If i wanna hang out with people i go play football with them i made most of my friends at this new school
    2. Before i made friends i used to go to the library and finish my studying or come with a book although I’m not the type of person to read or study alot i still get my studies done and I don’t look like a weirdo looking at everyone and their friends

  40. Im glad that Jessie was okay in school but when i am alone or sit alone at school people would laugh at me so it’s probably me i guess it’s just hard being in high school for me it’s like hell

  41. I go to school. My best friend has her own group of friends which I don’t want to interfere with her friends. Next year I’m going to a new school so I will have people to hang out with! Nobody in my grade likes me because of false rumours. People say to me “ go find someone to play with”. And to top it all off my teacher says I have friends. But I don’t. You see, I call a friend someone you can hang out with. And whenever I get to hang out with someone, they leave me out. I have online friends but I rarely talk about this. I would kind of call this bullying. Thanks for reading my story.

  42. i hate my life so much. i also don't have any friends and the thing is, i am going on that schooltrip for a week to a country i don't know, with people that i'm not friends with. i'm freaking out right now… it's just going to be the worst week of my life😞

  43. I had a great life at my school until one of my "best friend" for 4 years she started to being rude to me and saying hurt feel things to me AND if I am sad or mad at her she starts to act like someone hurt her feelings but SHE HURT MY FELLING so ya I am moving schools because she is steeling my friends and that people just hate me and like my fake friend but I tell them what she has done but she saids to them lies about me so ya but this helped me a lot thanks for this

  44. I’ve had no friends since 2nd grade, back when I was a kid and didn’t know I was gay, I threw a little tea party

    No one showed up

  45. I have a feeling that my friends are quite fake, they'll talk to me if I talk to them but I don't think I can trust them with my feelings because they get brushed off so quickly. Am I just overreacting? Im conflicted.

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