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How to Survive in African Wilderness : How to Avoid Unsafe Water & Food in Africa

How to Survive in African Wilderness : How to Avoid Unsafe Water & Food in Africa

Jambo, that means hello and you’ll definitely
want to know that if you’re traveling to Africa. My name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert
Village. Today we’re going to talk about some things you’ll want to know before traveling
to Africa and also how to survive in the African Wilderness. In this clip now let’s talk about
food and water. Very important water, especially if you’re in the African Wilderness. Now,
a lot of the wilderness is not that far from many of the towns and it is my suggestion
or recommendation if you can take bottled water with you. Now bottled water is not as
easily accessible as you might think so, of course it might not always be possible to
take. So you also may want to boil your water, but a good thing to keep in mind to have with
you and to take with you would be iodine tablets. Because as I said bottled water isn’t always
available in more of the remote places and you might not always be able to boil it as
well very easily. So if you ever taken these before they don’t taste very good, but they
definitely will keep your water safe for drinking. So iodine tablets a definite necessity to
take for safe drinking water. There is various lakes and rivers around that you can boil
water but you do want to be safe. With the regards of food in Africa there’s a various
change in diet especially if you’re from North America for instance. In Africa you experience
a lot of beef, so if you’re good at hunting you can capture some of the animals if you
do so desire. But there’s a lot of beef, a lot of rice, a lot of matoke which is fried
bananas. So when you get into the plantation you’ll see a lot of predominately bananas
and pineapples. So you can really survive off of a lot of fruit, but meat is one of
their staples, as I said beef a very large staple and also rice as well. Other things
that they do eat in Africa, I’ve been to bug eating ceremonies where they drum up bugs
from the ground and they literally catch bugs and they eat them as well. So if that’s something
you might want to experience, well you might want to try it. Also don’t forget about fishing,
look at these children here they’re using a simple stick and a string, a good old fashion
way of fishing and some people even try to catch fish in the various methods you can
see here using certain types of nets. So you can be creative if you can make something
yourself there you can try to do that as well, it is challenging at time but you can try
your hand at that but just be careful you want to make sure it’s cooked very, very well
because of course anything especially the fish does come from the water and you don’t
want to get anything like Malaria.

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