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How to Survive in African Wilderness : How to Prepare for Survival in Africa

How to Survive in African Wilderness : How to Prepare for Survival in Africa

Jambo, that means hello and you’ll definitely
want to know that if you’re traveling to Africa. My name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert
Village. Today we’re going to talk about some things that you’ll want to know before traveling
to Africa and also how to survive in the African Wilderness. In this clip I just wanted to
touch on being prepared. Now I know that all of these clips are meant to prepare you but
it is fundamentally your responsibility to be as prepared as you possibly can for any
journey you’re going to take. But Africa is especially a special place, it’s different
kind of place and if you’ve never been there before you of course want to be prepared.
It depends what you’re taking with you as well. When I was there I was mountain biking
or rocking climbing so I had a lot of gear to take with me, not only what I was going
to wear and bring and sleep in and such, but also my mountain bike. So you want to be as
prepared as you possibly can. So my recommendation would be read as much as you possibly can,
get a book on Africa. A great one for surviving in the African Wilderness, highly recommended
it is called the Ultimate Field Guide for Survival in the African Bush Field. There’s
a copy of it here on your screen and it’s great, it talks about everything from the
physiology of survival, surviving in the African Outback to your natural reactions, being prepared,
about being anxious or afraid or frustrated because something isn’t working. Also important
things about finding food on hunting, trekking, all of the animals. All the gear you’ll need
to take, weapons that you can make, finding water, you name it it’s in this book. So it
also touches on dangerous animals that might be out there and what you’ll encounter and
how to take care of yourself as well. So as much as we’re trying to prepare you through
these clips, good idea get out there read as much as you possibly can.

3 thoughts on “How to Survive in African Wilderness : How to Prepare for Survival in Africa”

  1. African outback??? You are getting confused with Australia Love! Preparing for survival in Africa? What you might encounter? I am still pissing myself laughing, sweetpea!

    I somehow doubt you would last a week if you were left to face the real Africa with all the dangers she has to offer. Trapping your food! Have you ever done it?

    Please reply, I need a comedy to make my weekend!

  2. WTF!? what is wrong w you people!? why dont you make a video on how to survive the united states?! how to survive ignorant people like you. YOU should read, as much as YOU can. Let Malcom X slap you upside the head w some knowledge.

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