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jake Presents: Top 5 Ways To Survive Prison! *unnecessary shouting like freaking herobrine * Hello there! My name is Matt. And today, I’m teaching you, How to survive Prison! :DDDD So, A while back, My cousin Rob He was arrested, and set to jail (thats just the same thing) And, He wrote me saying It was freely not that hard surviving prison. So you might be wondering, how i got sent to prison. the first place. Well, it’s a long story.. It happend uh.. at 6 AM the other day. *babbling* *dinosaur warcry* *officer walking by* Sir, what are you doing over there, running around naked? this is disgusting Matt: I’m not naked, I’m wearing abs 😛 Thats, not a clothing thing, Sir. you’re liter– *gasp so hard my window broke* YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS, YOU IDIOT! YOU’RE NOT WEARING CLOTHES EITHER! Officer: I’m wearing clothes. Matt: YOU JUST, YOU JUST PAINTED YOUR STOMACH BLUE. Officer: I did not paint my stomach blue! Matt: Yes you did, Yes you did! YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT I SEE *pronunciation on “say” is wrong* Officer: No, You cant tell me what I– EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Officer: What are you doing yelling me like that! Goodness Gracious, Kid! Oh my god. Turn around. You are under arrest. Matt: My name is Matt! Matt Kid! *argument so hard it started a world war* Officer: I WASN’T HIRED FOR THIS! Goodness Gracious, Kid. Put on some clothes. Doesn’t your mother teach you anything? (my mom isnt a teacher neither i go to her school) I dont have a mother ;-; God, That explains everything. You have no mother? What, are you gonna tell me you have no gift card next? But i do have a gift card. I also have a McDonald’s Gift Card 😀 Officer: Really, a McDonald’s Gift Card? Well now, definitely not helping you. You’re under arrest. Awwwwww. *awesome rock music you should listen to 1* Step 1! 😀 First, You must be the Toughest, and Strongest guy in the prison! All you have to do is lift weights like me! Watch me do this! *grunting* *Godzillla attacking so many people* *awesome rock music you should listen to 2* Step 2! well because those weights Were OBVIOUSLY rigged, lets move on to step 2 Beating up the strongest person in da prison *^* To show how strong I really am HEY YOU Wat are chu doing messing up mah quiet time YOU lOOK UGLY Are you calling meh ugly .-. YES I AM Tough guy: Do you not know who I am??? matt] No I don’t know who you are. Oh wait yes I do.!!!You’re that ugly person. You think you can call me out like that in front of everyone in here????? but………theres no one in here besides us…o-o Thats still not cool dude okay. honestly, you u not know who i am? im joel, the greatest bully in all of roblox high school. *SMACK SMACK* DO U THINK THATS COOL
????? AGHHAGAHGHAGHAGHAGA NO PLEASE DONT NONONONONONONONONNNONONONO [rock and roll music plays 3] steppppp threeeeeeee *cry it out* well he may be da toughest guy in da prison, D; but chu can still try to become friends with the prison guards and people who work dere ;D liek watch meh, HEY DERE MISTER SECURITY GUARD ;D hey prisoner wat chu want Iwanna be ur frrrrrriiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd ;DD i mean alright, i could use some more friend. yah wanna grab some pizza sometime or??? Uhm sure. wait da prison sells pizza? 0-0


  1. I can get out easy you just go Down the Gerin thin go up the next lader then go to the side then you see a little gap then Karol down

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